X-Men: Days of Future Past comes out next year, and I have the blueprint for a perfect adaptation that will please hardcore comic book fans and casual moviegoers alike. What is it? Read on to find out.

1. I know shes Jennifer Lawrence but...
Congrats to the new star of Hollywood, not only has Jennifer Lawrence won an Oscar for best actrees, she is now the star of a huge franchise in The Hunger Games, but what i don't want is Jennifer to be the focus, What i'm saying is i don't want Mystique to be a major character just because Lawrence is playing her, if Mystique is a major character, so be it. But dont make her the main character because of star power. Let's not pull a Storm ok?

2. Comic Book Costumes Kick Ass
Ok so since Bryan Singer's first X-Men film, comic book movies have taken more practial looking costumes, Nolan's Dark Knight films are a huge example. But since last years Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man, audiences have seen that comic book suits are awesome, so why can't we have Wolverine in a yellow and blue suit? Heck i'd take the brown and yellow suit at this stage. Enough with the Leather suits!

3. Use CGI if need be
CGI has become Hollywood's best friend over the last 10 years, but for some reason Hollywood uses CGI for setting instead of giving us characters like the comics. While I understand X-Men First Class was an origin story (kinda) now we have a sequel and we can have characters like Beast do something, so instead of making Beast look weird jumping around why not use CGI on Beast and make him look authentic?

4. Can the First Class actually be in it?
While I would have rather had Matthew Vaughn return to helm the sequel, i am happy Singer is his replacement. But, Singer over the years of X-Films has forgotten the point of the X-Men.. Youth. Yes, we're glad to have Hugh Jackman back, but we'd also like to see the torch passed in the present day timeline to the younger generation in a genuine way. Whether that's an appearance by a New Mutants squad at the end setting up a continuation of the franchise, or simply Kitty, Iceman and Colossus (if he ends up in the film) stepping up in a big way, its time for the first class and the master class to step aside for a new, younger class.

5. Bring The Humor
What is this new rule in CBM's that only one guy can be funny? I mean in Avengers Iron Man was the funny guy, in TDKR Alfred gave us a chuckle, In TASM Captain Stacy was pretty funny. Why can't we have everyone be funny? while i don't want a comedy X-Men movie, i think we should let every character have a moment of happiness instead of a sad Mutant movie.

6. Sentinels...
The Sentinels are the face of mutant hatred. With Peter Dinklege being casted in the film i have a feeling he will be playing the man who creates the Sentinels. In Bryan Singer's inaugural X-Men movie, the Sentinels appeared in an early draft but were cut, apparently for budgetary reasons. They were also planned for X2, but were excised with only the barest traces left: a mention of Project Wideawake on a computer screen, and sketches for them in the extras of the DVD. In the third movie, X-Men: The Last Stand, we saw a Sentinel on the screen for the first time, but it was merely a Danger Room simulation with only a head visible.

7. Cameo does not equal Story
Since it was announced that Bryan Singer was returning to the X-Men franchise and adapting "Days of Future Past," we've been inundated with welcomed news of returning cast members from both the original trilogy and the X-Men: First Class movie. But with eleven returning actors confirmed, along with debuts from Peter Dinklage and Omar Sy, it leads some to worry that this stage may not be able to hold them all. While i do not doubt Bryan Singer, considering he gave us the fantastic X2 which has 2x the actors in this film, i have my worrys but i have faith... Don't [frick] this up please.

8. Make Time Travel Simple and Easy to Understand
Ok, so general audiences are not really that smart. I have met people who think Batman and Spider-Man are owned by the same company, so they don't exactly know much. X:DOFP has taken a huge risk, making older memebers of the new cast return can really and will really confuse some audience members, so please Singer and Co. Make the time travel simple to understand dont make it some Inception style movie.

9. Don't Mix Classic Story Lines
X-Men: The Last Stand nearly killed the franchise. They had so very many good ideas, so many great stories to pull from - some real classics. You had elements of stories from Joss Whedon, and Chris Claremont, and characters fans desperately wanted to see. And it was all crammed together in one disjointed movie. X-Men: Origins: Wolverine went a step further and so dramatically altered a character that they forgot the guy known as "the merc with the mouth" needed... you know, a mouth. When you try to please everyone, you wind up pleasing no one. X-Men: First Class saved you. Don't pay them back by making things too convoluted.

10. Bring Cyclops back
I think this is pretty much a given. X:DOFP is trying to alter the X-Men universe, this being that X3 never happened (Thank God) so if they decide to bring some characters who bit the dust in X3 like Jean Grey, Charles Xavier, Cyclops, Rogue (was cured) and i'm sure i'm forgetting heaps more. If you bring those characters back give them something to do. Give Cyclops a job, make him the leader don't [frick] around with the source material, make Cyclops likable make him a leader.

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X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Was Partially Written In Claudia Schiffer's Hospital Room Due To Rushed Production

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