"Rampage" Jackson Will Be Rocking The Hawk As B.A Baracus!

"Rampage" Jackson Will Be Rocking The Hawk As B.A Baracus!

The latest set pic from the upcoming A-Team movie features Quinton "Rampage" Jackson sporting the B.A Mohawk we all know and love...

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By MarkCassidy - Oct 12, 2009 09:10 AM EST
Filed Under: Action
Source: udirt.com

Pretty cool looking...throw in some gold chains and your laughing!
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ASSASSIN666 - 10/12/2009, 9:10 AM
This news is old, and I hope Dana White never takes him back in UFC.
GUNSMITH - 10/12/2009, 9:11 AM
ASSASSIN666 - 10/12/2009, 9:14 AM
P.S- What kind of moron walks away from the profession that made him. Rampage isn't a very marketable kind of guy, what the hell was he thinking? Did he actually think the A-Team was going to bring him fame and fortune? F**king sell out!
LEEE777 - 10/12/2009, 9:21 AM
Man @ ROR @ Great picture! I actually had doubts about him, though not seen him act i deff can see him as BA!!

JaySchluffy - 10/12/2009, 9:32 AM
He looks like a fat Mr T in that picture
dancingmonkey08 - 10/12/2009, 9:38 AM
Get some nuts, arrggghhh!

thwhtGuardian - 10/12/2009, 10:00 AM
ASSASSIN666, no offense to UFC, but it's not like he's got much a carreer there either. He would have had like what, three or four more years if he was lucky...and then what? It's not like other professional sports where you see alot of retired pros doing commentary on tv. He's just trying to find a job that'll last. And he has a better chance with movies than ufc, in hollywood he has a slim chance to create a sustainable profession...his future with ufc has a zero percent chance of lasting his whole life.

I hope this movie turns out to be better than the other tv show remakes.
DeathWalker - 10/12/2009, 10:07 AM
njfuzzy - 10/12/2009, 10:12 AM
I would have just cast Mr. T in the role.
Bijous - 10/12/2009, 10:41 AM
@teabag: ROTFL!!!
Bijous - 10/12/2009, 10:42 AM
Did anyone hear Jackson's recent comments about fantasizing about hitting a guy so hard that his skull caves in allowing him to pull out the guy's brain? Psycho...
SkunkApe1 - 10/12/2009, 11:03 AM
On Ultimate Fighter Challenege "The heavywieghts", he is funny as hell !

His team isn't doing well though.
THEHAWK - 10/12/2009, 11:06 AM
Somebody say my name? How is Rampage Jackson going to be rocking me?
CorndogBurglar - 10/12/2009, 11:16 AM
yeah, cuz this movie would suck without the mohawk...
DrDon - 10/12/2009, 11:31 AM
This movie will bomb.
Macksimus - 10/12/2009, 12:32 PM

He'll be back in the UFC eventually. He's just taking a leave of absence.

This happens all the time with fighters.
DDD - 10/12/2009, 12:39 PM
Man, this is the best they could find to play BA?
Wasn't there a real actor available at all!
I just don't see him pulling this off! The rest of
the cast is OK but Rampage is an unknown quantity!
theeambassador - 10/12/2009, 12:49 PM
@corndogburglar, yep they found the missing piece of the pie, now it's only a matter of time of when CAN we pay to see this...
SHHH - 10/12/2009, 1:40 PM
just give him a chance he might surprise.
shibazz - 10/12/2009, 2:21 PM
Obviously some of you Candy-Azz JimBrones havent figured out that working on a movie set is much more fun than getting your face pounded in in a ring.
bw - 10/12/2009, 2:50 PM
looks fake to me. just saw previous pics of the movier where he wa still bald like in real life. prostethic?
Betty - 10/12/2009, 3:47 PM
It can't be hard to play BA. My ass can play BA. My ass can also play Face Man and the ladies love Face Man.
thwhtGuardian - 10/12/2009, 4:49 PM
betty while the jury may be out on whether or not the ladies love your ass, the judge did decree that the sight of your ass on film constituted as a crime against humanity. No offense, it's just the law, you understand how it is.
Betty - 10/12/2009, 6:35 PM
My ass can play Murdock so it's CRAZY! It is unaware of the LAW.
WalterJosephKovaks - 10/12/2009, 7:19 PM
Yeah, I only sent this pic in to the editor like 2 weeks ago. LOL
Joe6Pack74 - 10/12/2009, 9:44 PM
Man with a new BA somebody has to update the Mr.T. ate my balls site...
lilej2 - 10/12/2009, 10:01 PM
man everybody's a douche, see what i mean, he looks so close to T (without the chains) and you're all still bashing him for what?
KeepItReal - 10/12/2009, 10:57 PM
"see what i mean, he looks so close to T (without the chains) and you're all still bashing him for what?"

why? cuz he black so he looks like Mr. T? He looks more like Mr. T buff sister. Doesnt matter if he has the chains or not he is just not Baracus. BA was mean, scary,hard, tough. This guy doesnt even look like he can scare the bunny off my slippers. Its like Pee Wee Herman trying to be Punisher. Its just not him.

That picture looks like he is say: "pull over" from eddie murphy raw. hahaha!
XmutantX - 10/13/2009, 6:36 AM
apparently u hav neva seen rampage fight....especially back in pride...he is 1 bamf!...but he is all so really nutty...watch him on TUF...dont diss him cus he acts goofy 4 a picture...its not the movie...jesus even Mr T himself acts funny...ever see him when he was on late night with conan??? THAT LAUGH!
~nuff said
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