EDITORIAL: The Dark Knight and Patrick Bateman Theory

As we know, Christian Bale has played both of these characters. Both characters with a rich diverse history as they are portrayed. My theory in mind is that, did Bale created Batman as an image of his previous character Patrick Bateman as seen in American Psycho? Read on.

The Dark Knight / Bruce Wayne and Patrick Bateman are the same character.

The Dark Knight Trilogy has been a tremendous effort by Nolan not only leaving a mark on the fans and on media in total. A great element that is known from the trilogy throughout is the evolution of the character Bruce Wayne himself. A Theory which no one knows the true form of his evolved states from his diluted past. In theory another character that has been brought onto again by actor Christian Bale. This character is Patrick Bateman another well known character played by Christian Bale. In theory what I have proved so, is that Bruce Wayne himself has evolved to be a form of Patrick Bateman throughout The Dark Knight Trilogy. Through each and every single movie especially shown in rises his true nature towards being Batman is channeled as how Patrick Bateman's true nature was of a temporary psychotic nature. Christian Bale managed to find Patrick Bateman once again within the mind of Bruce Wayne himself. Patrick Bateman a wealthy business man who leads a secret life as a killer and Bruce Wayne a derived billionaire with a dark past who leads his life towards Batman. Both of these characters have crossed over into the dark side. They both have their hidden secrets and different lives they lead.

In the last Nolan film of the trilogy The Dark Knight Rises you can see how much Bruce Wayne himself was attached to his own alter ego seen in his Batman suit. Especially in The Dark Knight. The gruff and gritty Batman voice Christian Bale has created. The sometimes deeply psychotic outbursts as seen in the integration scene between The Joker as he violently attacked him from the beginning to the end. To The Dark Knight Rises as I have mentioned when he managed to somehow transfer the personality into Bruce Wayne himself. Patrick Bateman shares some of this very distinct traits in whole. Patrick Bateman the dark serial killer is a derived ego similar to Batman's own vigilantism. In theory, Bruce Wayne portrayed by Christian Bale is another alternate version of Patrick Bateman. Not because of the same actor, but because of the dense personality and issues shown within the characters.

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