Top Ten Most Accurate Live Action Superhero Costumes

The stories might not have met our expectations, but the costumes sure did!

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With all the talk about movie costumes lately, I wondered which are the most accurate? Not the most popular. Not the coolest. The most accurate to the comics at the time they came out. Well, why not make a list!

Though there have been many movies and TV shows that successfully update and adapt their character’s costumes to fit the story (i.e. Iron Man and Batman), those aren’t making my list.

My criteria are simple:

1) Stay as accurate to the mainstream source material as possible.
2) Translate well on screen.
3) There must be a person wearing the costume at some point; 100% CGI doesn’t count.
4) I'm only looking at heroes; not villains.
5) Impresses the hell out of me when I see it.

10) The Phantom

Campy and corny as all hell, but I still want this damn suit!

- Biggest inaccuracy I noticed: Silk screen skull on torso

9) Captain America

Sure this movie never made it to theaters. Sure I had to hunt the DVD down on Ebay. Sure many people gave it bad reviews. But I still flipped out seeing Cap in his full Red, White and Blue glory for the first time.

- Biggest inaccuracy I noticed: No scales on the shirt

8) Ghost Rider

Leather, check. Spikes, check. Flaming Skull, check. Motorcycle. . . could have been better.

- Biggest inaccuracy I noticed: No spikes on his belt or boots (which is debatable since GR wore several outfits)

7) The Flash (TV series)

This is one of my personal favorites. He looks like he jumped right out of a comic book.

- Biggest inaccuracy I noticed: Nose covering on the mask

6) V (V for Vendetta)

I never thought I'd see a hero that could freak me out more than clowns do. I was wrong.

5) Spider-Man

Though I’m not a fan of the movies overall, there’s nothing quite like seeing Spidey slinging webs through Manhattan.

- Biggest inaccuracy I noticed: Webbing pattern is a raised, silvery material. Also, no web shooters. Sure, it worked for the movie, but it wasn't in mainstream Spidey comics.

4) Hellboy

This whole get up could have gone wrong in so many ways: makeup, prosthetics, a big stone hand. . but it did just the opposite.

3) The Rocketeer

As much as I loved Donner’s Superman, The Rocketeer made me believe a man could fly.

2) Rorschach (Watchmen)

In theory it’s a simple costume: a trench coat, fedora and purple pants. But it’s all about the mask. And this one delivered flawlessly.

1) Superman (Christopher Reeve)

Whoever says spandex can’t be taken seriously needs to watch this movie ASAP.

That's where my list stands. I don't think I forgot one, but I'm sorry if one slipped my mind. If yours goes a little different, feel free to post it below. Remember, if we're going to try comparing lists, you should follow similar criteria. How much you like the costume has nothing to do with it; it's all about the accuracy.

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