AQUAMAN AND THE LOST KINGDOM International Trailer Features [SPOILER]'s Death, Karshon, And Dr. Shin's Return

AQUAMAN AND THE LOST KINGDOM International Trailer Features [SPOILER]'s Death, Karshon, And Dr. Shin's Return

AQUAMAN AND THE LOST KINGDOM TV Spots Give Us A (Brief) New Look At Amber Heard As Mera
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AQUAMAN AND THE LOST KINGDOM TV Spots Give Us A (Brief) New Look At Amber Heard As Mera

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MisterDoctor217 - 8/24/2022, 10:14 PM
Nice, very colorful.

Also OT: I’m watching Green Lantern 2011, and the suit didn’t look that bad ! It actually looked cool. I find it Funny everyone complained about it and made fun, when now all they do in Superhero movies is CGI the suit lol
How the turntables 🌝
Nightmare - 8/24/2022, 10:17 PM

Manta suit looks fantastic.
dracula - 8/24/2022, 10:20 PM
Looks great

Now if only they would get rid of that turd in the wind
dracula - 8/24/2022, 10:24 PM
Two big DC movies on the way

One for sure taking a major hit because of an actor snyder cast

Another potentially taking a hit because of an actor snyder cast, and worst part is the first film was a hit and she is all that gets in the way of a repeat
Forthas - 8/24/2022, 10:37 PM
The visuals on the new Dune Awakening teaser trailer is insane.

I think Warner Brothers should continue the Snyder cut in a similar cinematic style and have it primarily on the streaming service.
TheJester187 - 8/24/2022, 10:50 PM
Can’t wait ! This is keeping dc on the thread of this cbm shit. And of course Batman 2 and Joker 2. But man this is gonna be huge and beautiful visually. Sad about Superman and where this universe is and has gone. Who know what the future holds.
RitoRevolto - 8/25/2022, 12:57 AM
@HAUSMAN01 - .......DELETE THIS lol.
MyCoolYoung - 8/24/2022, 11:25 PM
Ways to improve upon the first movie:

Give Yahya more to do
StSteven - 8/24/2022, 11:29 PM
So… now that Marvel has introduced its undersea kingdom and will be(presumably) exploring it in the new BP movie (which, let’s be honest, unless it’s complete shite is going to break BO records) so WBD wants to create some distance between the two. Likewise, I think that both studios recognize that they have overlapping properties and are looking for creative ways to differentiate them. With that in mind, I’m really digging the Aztec approach that Marvel is doing with Namor. Let Arthur have the Trench. Personally I’ve always liked the tiki torch hot and sweaty sensuality of South American culture, so bring it on.
MrDandy - 8/24/2022, 11:31 PM
The production design was easily the best thing in Aquaman and looks great hear too (if concept art is anything to go by).
hue66 - 8/25/2022, 3:52 AM
Aquaman to me was too much on the unrealistic side. Sea breathing humans obviously is unreal but underwater light shows, explosions and sea battles? Even persons swimming without moving their feet. Drum playing octopus? Its like Star Wars in the ocean. Something tells me Namor will be more believable as it can be for something as unreal as an underwater world. Even merpersons riding a whale to their destination in the BP trailer seemed more believable than persons without fins swimming at over a hundred miles an hour. Was pleasantly surprised at first viewing of Aquaman but found it silly and unwatchable after
kirbyfan - 8/25/2022, 11:54 AM
ABSOLUTELY LOVED AQUAMAN, It's one of DC's best movies! The fantastic world created was great and more like THE COMICS SOURCE MATERIAL than many of the superhero movies being made! Can't wait to see this fantastic fantasy world again!
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