What Do The First AQUAMAN Reactions Tell Us About Warner Bros.' Latest DC Comics Movie?

Last night, the social media reactions for Aquaman finally surfaced but what exactly do they tell us about James Wan's DC Comics adaptation? We break them down here and dissect all the biggest details...

Aquaman is now just weeks away from hitting theaters and you can feel the excitement building. While the hype has been dampened somewhat by Justice League, it appears as if James Wan's standalone "origin" story focusing on Arthur Curry is going to set the DC Extended Universe on the right track. 

Following the release of those Twitter reactions (the reviews are still a few weeks away), we're now taking a deep dive into them to try and figure out what exactly they tell us about Aquaman.

It goes without saying that there are no spoilers below as Warner Bros. has issued a strict embargo but there's a lot of very interesting intel here, most of which definitely sheds some light on what does and does not work in the movie.

So, to take a look, click on the "View List" button below.

Jason Momoa Steals The Show

When Jason Momoa was cast as Aquaman, there was a lot of concern among fans that we'd end up getting "Conan the Barbarian Underwater." Well, he proved himself inJustice League and the overall consensus is that he steals the show in this solo outing. 

No one has a bad thing to say about the actor and it sounds like he's every bit as likeable as Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman, something which bodes well for his future as the new King of Atlantis. While Momoa has already made a name for himself elsewhere, don't be surprised if it's this movie which makes him a star because it sounds like he'll be walking away from Aquaman as a real winner. 


...But There Aren't Many Mentions Of Amber Heard

Aside from one or two mentions of her chemistry with Momoa, there are pretty much no mentions of Amber Heard throughout these social media reactions. Is that cause for concern?

Not necessarily but as she is Aquaman's female lead and supposedly a pivotal part of this adventure, you'd think critics would have had something to say about what sort of performance she delivers and whether or not they would like to see more of Mera down the line.

Heard has a pretty spotty track record, so here's hoping Zack Snyder made the right casting decision.


It's The Most Marvel-Like DC Movie To Date

I suppose this was inevitable but there are plenty of comparisons to the Marvel Cinematic Universe throughout these reactions. As expected, Aquaman is the most Marvel-like DC Comics movie to date but given the success Marvel Studios has found, is that really such a bad thing? 

Sure, this is a departure from the somewhat dark and dreary tone set by movies like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad but that wasn't really working out for Warner Bros. so a course correction of sorts is completely understandable and exactly what this movie has always been billed as. Expect the Marvel comparisons to continue with Shazman!


It Has Some Flaws

While what the issues might be isn't 100% clear, a number of critics are quick to point out that Aquaman isn't perfect and some even claim it's "bad" in places. However, even the movie's biggest detractors (if you can even call them that) have nice things to say and make it clear that the good ultimately outshines these flaws because the movie somehow makes those not so great moments work. 

Marvel Studios has made its fair share of mistakes and it's easy to pick holes in even their greatest hits, so I definitely don't think these remarks are something we should be too concerned about.


The Visuals Are Out Of This World

When that Comic-Con trailer was released for Aquaman, there was a lot of concern among fans that the special effects may not be up to scratch. In fact, it appears as if the opposite is true because the visuals have been almost unanimously praised, with some even declaring this one of the most visually stunning superhero movies to ever reach the big screen. 

That's high praise indeed and it's definitely a relief to know that Warner Bros. hasn't dropped the ball in this respect, especially when such a large chunk of the action takes place underwater, all of which requires a huge amount of VFX to make a reality.


It's A Little Overlong/Busy

Quite a few people have pointed out that Aquaman feels a little too long and that there's a great deal crammed into the final act but is that such a bad thing after Justice League was cut down to under two hours? In my eyes, the more time we get to spend with these characters, the better, and not enough people have complained to warrant getting too stressed out by this point. 

James Wan Nails It 

Director James Wan has a great track record in the world of horror and proved that he has blockbuster action chops when he delivered the superb Fast & Furious 7 (in which he also expertly dealt with the shocking death of Paul Walker during production).

Now, based on everything those lucky enough to have seen Aquaman have said, he's done it again, proving that he's an A-List filmmaker capable of handling a big budget adventure featuring a superhero as unique and badass as Arthur Curry. With any luck, that also means he'll be asked to return for what's looking like an inevitable sequel somewhere down the line.


There Is Some Worldbuilding

After Justice League went off the rails, Warner Bros. decided that building a shared universe should come second to making quality movies (they should be able to do both but, hey, not everyone is Kevin Feige). Despite that, a number of critics have noted that there's a satisfying amount of "worldbuilding" included in Aquaman.

Now, that doesn't necessarily the movie is full of nods to characters like Batman and Wonder Woman or even future heroes like Shazam; instead, it could just be a reference to the fact that Wan has created a world for Arthur Curry that feels well thought out and opens the door to a new corner of the DC Extended Universe. 


It's Camp But That Works

I think it's fair to say that none of us would use the word "camp" to describe a movie like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. However, that's thrown around a lot in regards to Aquaman and it sounds as if Arthur Curry's exploration of Atlantis is a rather campy affair in general, something none of us probably would have predicted when Momoa was cast in the role. 

While this and "dumb" have come up a lot in regards to the DC Comics movie, no one seems to bothered by it and that reportedly works within the context of the movie, so we can't really complain. 


It Puts The DCEU Back On Track

We've heard before that Aquaman is a "bridge" movie to a new DCEU and based on what everyone is saying, it succeeds in that respect. Wonder Woman was obviously a hit but that was surrounded by poorly received movies like Suicide Squad and Justice League, so you have to believe that Warner Bros. is hoping that all future releases will be like this one. 

It's still early days, of course, and the reviews will ultimately play a role in deciding the fate of the movie, especially with so much competition at the box office. Things are looking good so far, though, so here's hoping that Warner Bros. really is back on track.

To take another look at the Aquaman social media
reactions, keep reading below!

First of all, don't panic! The first reactions for Aquaman have hit dry land today and, well, they're all pretty positive for the most part! It certainly doesn't sound like the movie is a masterpiece by any means, but the signs are all pointing to the James Wan-helmed release being up there with Wonder Woman rather than stuck alongside the likes of Suicide Squad and Justice League.

There are a lot of keywords being thrown around so far, including "fun" and the typical "best movie ever!" responses you'd expect from those lucky enough to see a movie like this weeks in advance.

We also get the inevitable comparisons to Marvel Studios movies, and it definitely sounds like this is Warner Bros.' most Marvel-lous DC Comics adaptation to date. That's not necessarily a bad thing, of course, but it's bound to get comic book fans talking over the coming weeks as we wait for reviews to surface.

Ultimately, it definitely sounds as if Aquaman is a hit, even if it is a little strange in places, a tad overlong, and heavy on 80s style action and cheese (if those are the biggest complaints, we really don't have that much to worry about with this one).

To check out the FULL list of reactions, simply click on the "View List" button below.

More reactions can be seen by clicking the "View List" button!

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