LEVITIKUZ Reviews AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON “The Most Disappointing Thing Since Chicago Style Pizza”

“if the Avengers movies were pizza, The Avengers would be New York Style while Age of Ultron would be a pizza as bad as Chicago Style pizza". Click to read analysis of Age of Ultron.

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I am both happy and sad Film Crit Hulk didn’t read a review on Avengers: Age of Ultron. Happy because I can go all out listing all of my problems because the thing that is causing me not to post a review or editorial on Man of Steel and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is because Film Crit Hulk wrote reviews for both films and I just feel that with how well he wrote both, there was nothing more I could add. Still thinking of posting an editorial on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 but that won’t happen for a while. I’m sad he didn’t post a review because now I have so much to say about Avengers: Age of Ultron. Some good, some bad, some random nonsense and I agree with Film Crit Hulk a lot that if he did post a review, I wouldn’t have had to write as much as I am for this review.

I saw Avengers: Age of Ultron in IMAX 3D on Friday. I was excited but worried. I thought all the trailers were awesome. There were 1 or 2 problems I had but I was still excited for the film. When the Rotten Tomatoes score came in and was dropping down, I was having Man of Steel flashbacks. Still was excited for it and after seeing it, I feel the same way with Avengers: Age of Ultron as I did about Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel. That’s not me saying that Avengers: Age of Ultron is terrible but just it was disappointing for me like how those films disappointed me. In case anyone wants my thoughts on Man of Steel and Iron Man 3, I’d give each film a 6/10. I don’t want to go into the why or what was wrong with those films because this isn’t the article for it. Let’s begin with the story.

Story Of Age of Ultron

The story overall basically is pretty easy to follow. Avengers are saving people and stopping, Tony has panic attacks, messes around with Iron suits AGAIN, things go bad because he creates Ultron, Ultron goes bad, wants to kill all humans, enlist the help of 2 super powered twins, super powered twins turn on him, Jarvis turns into Vision, Ultron tries to recreated the meter that killed the Dinosaurs, Avengers assemble to stop him, they stop him, but Quicksilver dies, Avengers sorta save the day even though Tony caused all this to happen, Tony retires, Thor leaves alien markings in yard, New Avengers assemble, but oh wait Thanos put the glove on an they’re screwed.

Best plot summary evar!!!! Nah, in all seriousness my problems with the story is first off pacing. Like my God Tony wastes no time to test the goldstick of destiny with Ultron, Ultron wastes no time to turn evil. I mean this film isn’t paced all that way and on top of it there is so much going on it feels so stuffed and overwhelming. I feel like because of this Cinematic Universe, you have to set up all these films and it ruins the film you are making. Now I don’t think that the Wakatana nod with Serkis as Clawe felt forced but when Thor is on his quest it felt like forced only to set up Thor: Ragdoll. Not to mention really this film sets up Civil War and also Infinity War and possibly Inhumans if the Twins are connected to them. It really sets up every Phrase 3 film except Spider-Man. It’s not as bad as how The Amazing Spider-Man 2 tried to set up a bunch of crappy spin offs that thankfully will never happened but I feel it takes away focus from this film. More so with the Infinity War with Thanos at the end and talking about the gems and setting up Thor: Ragdoll than the Black Panther nods and Civil War set up. Those felt natural. On to the characters.

https://thetinyscreen.files.wordpress.com/2015/05/cropped-5898462.jpg?w=640&h=135" />

The Villain of the Story: Ultron

Holy crap was Ultron terrible or what? It’s funny that I mentioned all the sequels to the best comic book origin films and 3 of the best villains in comic book films were on that list in Doc Ock, Heath’s Joker, and Stamp’s Zod. And then we have Ultron who in no one should ever be listed among those villains. Ultron is probably the reason why this film is such a disappointment, he’s just not a good villain period. With all the fanboy complains about how Christian Bale fought as Batman, that’s actually the best way to describe how Ultron fought the other heroes. I mean let’s just look at his fights.

Iron Man vs Ultron: Iron Man won and beat Ultron.

Captain America and the Twins vs Ultron: Cap really hung with Ultron and reminded me of when he fought Loki and hung with him.

Thor vs Ultron: This really wasn’t a fight. He grabbed Thor for some reason, throw him at the church where the button is, used the force(?) to throw a support beam at Thor and just grabbed him by the neck. This wasn’t a fight. Winner was Vision though.

Vision vs Ultron: This really isn’t a fight. They meet, Ultron grabs Vision, Vision grabs his face clearing him out of the internet, Vision finishes that, Vision then like faints and Ultron grabs him and beats him down. Not a fight.

Vision, Iron Man, and Thor vs Ultron: While the 3 of them using Vision’s stone, Thor’s hammer, and Iron Man’s um hand beam things; it’s just Ultron getting his ass kicked again.

I mean I’m not the biggest Ultron fan. Hell the only Ultron book I’ve read is Rage of Ultron but I love villains and Ultron was pathetic as a villain. This is a villain who can hold his own against the Hulk.

Not to mention how rushed his origin was. As soon as he came he’s like “BOOM I’M EVIL” like that. Personally I would have liked it if maybe Tony and Bruce developed another AI to help with the Avengers and command the Iron Legion and have the Iron Legion sort of adapt to different situations so to speak. Its obvious Tony has other AI like how he has Friday on standby. We see how Ultron interacts with humanity. How when the Avengers are trying to help them, they aren’t appreciative. How they are mad. He links this and how this problem has arisen and sort of discovers how all of the problems in the world originate from one thing. Man. Ultron then becomes evil and the story goes on. I feel my take improves Ultron’s origin if you don’t mind me saying.

Also when he upgrades himself. I know in the comics he has different upgrades and forms to adapt to situations and basically evolve. I never felt like that was really shown. Yea he had upgrades but they never dove into the why or reason behind it. Sure comic book fans understand he’s evolving forms but the film never does a good job of stating that if you’ve never read an Ultron comic.

I feel in terms of upgrades, he should have been like the Mr. Freeze boss battle in Batman: Arkham City.

After each fight with the Avengers he figures out why he was defeated and starts to build a new suit or upgrade his current suit to stop that offensive the Avengers used to defeat him. Something along those lines would been great and better.

Also Ultron has a robot army. Yea he had one in the comics but he also has been solo at times in some comics and cartoons. It is just starting feel repetitive that everyone has an army in these Marvel films. Red Skull had HYDRA. Pierce and Winter Soldier had well SHIELD which was HYDRA. Whiplash had a robot army sort of. Killian had an Extremist army. Loki had an army. Hulk fought the army but I’m kind of ok with that. Thanos will have an army. Ronan had an army.
Someone could say “well Star Wars had Stormtroopers and Rebels”, yea that’s true but that’s the same army in three films. This is different villains have different armies I mean how many villains can have armies?
I know someone will say “will you complain if Darkseid has an army LEVITIKUZ? Probably not because you’re a DC fan” or “did you complain that Zod had an army”. To that first one, I say it will depends. If Darkseid is the villain in the 2 part Justice League film and we see Darkseid, Granny Goodness, the Female Furies, Kalibak, and the Parademons then no I won’t complain. It just all depends how an army is done. To the second one, Zod never really showcased his army. Just Faora and Nom. I know that guy wasn’t Nom but I still call him Nom. I am not at all defending Man of Steel but because I prefer DC over Marvel, everybody will assume I hate this film because I like DC even though I like Marvel because it’s simply impossible to like both companies on this site.
Back to the army, I kind of wish Ultron was more like the Destroyer from Thor and could take on all of the Avengers at once. Or maybe Ultron enlisted the helped of other villains who have fought the Avengers. He enlisted Abomination, Bucky, maybe if Killian is still alive or perhaps the real Mandarin, and some other guys. Speaking of the Destroyer, what if Ultron rebuilt it? I mean it was destroyed on Earth so couldn’t Ultron have just rebuilt it? Maybe? I don’t know I’m just trying. He also has the twins so there’s a team. Real Mandarin, Destroyer, the twins, maybe he finds Bucky and keeps him on the bad side a bit longer, Abomination, and of course Ultron leading them. That would have be worked in my opinion.

Also is just me or did anyone else find it odd that Ultron didn't use the giant flying worm monster? I mean it was right there. Just seemed odd you know?

Now while Ultron himself was terrible, I thought his overall plan was genius. Doesn’t make up for a weak villain but still awesome. It’s so eventful and understandable. Having the city lifted up from the ground only to crash down and basically recreating the meter that caused the Dinosaurs to become extinct and use it with humans. It’s brilliant in my opinion. I’m currently working on a Spider-Man origin story I’m writing. It’s more for either a comic mini-series or a TV show more like Daredevil. Chameleon is my villain and he is nothing like the comics. Well he is but I added so much more to his character and his grand plan is similar to Ultron’s in that it recreates an event that has happened on our world. Chameleon’s isn’t as grand or causes the human race to be wiped out by the idea is still there.

Overall while James Spader’s voiceover was great and Ultron’s plan was genius, Ultron overall was disappointing and he reminded me of Michael Shannon’s General Zod in the way that while the acting, the look, and the plan was good (well Zod’s plan was good but should have been better written), they both come off as weak and cartoony villains that are just disappointing.

The Avengers Of Age of Ultron

Steve Rogers/Captain America

I think Captain America was good. Hahaha I say I think. I’m trying to remember a 2 and a half hour film in like 3 seconds while I type this. Captain America I think was great in this film. He seemed like more of a leader than in the last film. Chris Evans is just perfect. He is Captain America.

The only real problem I guess I have with Captain America is I feel that in some of his fight scenes, they reminded me more of how he fought in The Avengers than Winter Soldier. I mean it’s just when you look at how praised Winter Soldier was and how much fans loved the fighting style, I was kind of hoping to see something along those lines. I saw some of that in the raid on the castle in the first act but not so much in his fight with Ultron and the third act.

I have one more problem with Cap but I feel it relates more to Scarlett Witch so I’ll tell it when I get to her.

Tony Stark/Iron Man

Of course Robert Downey Jr is great. He could do Stark in his sleep. Stark you mad scientist haha. I generally don’t have any problems with Stark except for one major problem.

At the end, we see Stark chatting and having a good time with Thor and Captain America. He created this monster that lifted a city out of the ground and the Avengers had no choose but to basically blow up the city to save everyone. It reminds me of Man of Steel how after Zod’s death, we cut to Superman giving the General that satellite and we see no aftermath of Superman killing Zod and Zod’s machine destroying the city. I know I KNOW IT WILL BE BROUGHT UP IN CIVIL WAR but should one still not feel remorse over the fact Stark created this robot that destroyed an entire city out of existence? It felt wrong in Man of Steel and it feels wrong here.

Bruce Banner/Hulk And Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow

I decided to combine both characters into one post because well we learned something in this film. That one gif of Hulk and Black Widow, y’all know what I’m talking about don’t pretend like you don’t, is canon. Banner and Natasha are a couple kind of. My thoughts? Well when I first heard about it, I hated it. Seeing it I will say, I didn’t mind the Banner/Natasha romance but that doesn’t mean I want to see more of it. Whedon did a great job making it work. How they both are monsters deep down. Black Widow’s line about Banner being the only guy who wouldn’t get in a fight because he knows he would win it was a good one. I liked the romance but I prefer them as friends just because I really prefer Hulk with Betty and just the problems that causes since her father is General Ross. Doesn’t mean I dislike or hate Bruce and Nat because I don’t. Now on to the characters themselves. Ladies first. Black Widow. I like Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow. I don’t know Black Widow and haven’t read many Black Widow comics. The only comic panel I know about her is this:

Ah old comics are great aren’t they? Back to Black Widow. There’s been a lot of issues and problems over having her be Banner’s love interest but Twitter and Tumblr. I didn’t see that at all with her being Banner’s love interest. Both characters complimented one another and helped one another. Black Widow helped calm down Banner when he was Hulk, Banner helped save her at the end of the film. I liked seeing into Black Widow’s past. With the whole she can’t have kids, I actually liked it and here’s why. It was that line about attachment she said. How it could cause her as an assassin or spy or KGB Agent, whatever she was trying to be and cause her to not be focused on her mission. A consequence so to speak and I liked that. It made sense to me. I don’t think I had any problems with Black Widow. Maybe the fact she somehow someway has Nightwing’s escrima sticks haha but still she was fine in my opinion.

Now on to one of my favorite Marvel characters, Bruce Banner AKA Hulk. I don’t think I actually have a single issue with Hulk. I am beginning to love Mark Ruffalo as Bruce. I mean in Avengers, it was his first time. I liked him. Hell I like Ed Norton and Eric Bana. The best way to describe Hulk on the big screen is he’s the opposite of Batman. There’s been good Batmen and bad Batman. With Hulk, they’ve all been good. Neither of the three have been terrible but Mark is really grew on me and I may say he’s now 1. My only possible issue with Hulk is Hulk lost to Hulkbuster? Hulkbuster has never beaten Hulk ever so it just feel odd and wrong. Also little disappointed no “Hulk Smash” and no transformation from Bruce to Hulk. Minor issues.

I will say, the ending left me confused. We see Hulk turn off the Facetime thing that the jet had. How did Hulk know how to do that? I mean yea in the comics Hulk has been smart at times but in the Marvel Cinematic Universe we really haven’t seen Hulk show intelligence so how did he know. We then see Hulk sit down and just gaze the sky. It reminded me of a scene from Ang Lee’s Hulk. Not saying that as a bad thing because I don’t think Hulk is that bad but just more so that we see Hulk at peace and we don’t know what’s happening. Where did he go? I know Bruce and Nat had a talk about Bruce wanting to be alone and feeling a danger to everyone and can get why he would do it for that reason but I just feel it needed to be more explicit so to speak. I just hope that Banner isn’t going to be in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and that he flew into space because well I doubt a SHIELD jet could work in space and even if it did it would run out of fuel. Minor grip. Moving on.

Thor Odinson

I’ve never been a Thor fan. It’s not because of Thor, I am just not interested in the more god type heroes like Thor or Wonder Woman or Namor or Aquaman. I’ve always been more city protectors like Daredevil, Batman, Flash, Spider-Man, Superman, Wolverine, and heroes like them along with more magic and fantasy type heroes like Hellboy and Constantine among others. Having said that, I feel like if I watch a Thor film, I wouldn’t be as entertained as I am in his in these Avengers films because he’s so out of his element in a good way. When they ask about the damage report from Hulk and he says “the gates of Hell are filled with screams of his victims” or something along those lines, I love it. He’s a character who gives the rest a more epic feel so to speak. I feel Chris Hemsworth gave a good performance. I like him a lot as a Thor. Think he’s a good Thor even though my only real knowledge of Thor is Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

Only problem I have with Thor, his quest in the second act felt strange. Good to see the doctor guy who helped Loki try to take over the world in Avengers back. Of course I know that’s not all he is and that he’s a side character of Thor’s. Just joking but I just feel that his thing was odd leaving everybody.

Clint Barton/Hawkguy

Wow, where to begin with this character. Hawkguy just became a lot more interesting. So he has a family, a pregnant wife, and lives on a farm. Serious funny question. Not an issue with the film but just saying, how he support his family? I mean I’m guessing SHIELD paid him but SHIELD isn’t around, shut up, anymore. Does Stark hand out paychecks to all the Avengers? Back to the point at hand, I love it. I love that he has a family because it’s a character on the Avengers who is a hero for an entirely different reason and motivation. Jeremy Renner was good. Honestly I don’t feel like any of the actors are bad and yet I’m just going to keep complimenting every single actor.
I don’t have any issue with Hawkguy except for one major issue. No Pizza Dog.


Oh my God, I finished all the original Avengers and Ultron and I still have 4 more characters including this one to talk about. Told you this was going to be long. So JARVIS what have they done to you haha. JARVIS got an upgrade. JARVIS is now Vision. Well he’s not completely JARVIS but they are the same actor so in a way JARVIS is Vision.

My thoughts on Vision. I like him but I just feel there wasn’t enough of him. They never really got to show off all of his powers like the ability to put his hands in between robots and break them. I mean they showed it for one scene but we never really learned all of his powers. His birth scene was great though. How Cap and Iron Man were about to finally go at it and especially how Quicksilver unplugged all the cables and then Hawkguy took him down was great and then Thor coming out of nowhere and just powering up Vision. Also Vision being worthy of the hammer was great. I loved his design, his character. I just wish there was a bit more. I mean this movie was so long and yet if feels like there needs to be more which is an odd feeling. But still Vision was great. Loved how he saved Wanda. Y’all know Joss did that on purpose. Loved his speech at the end with Ultron about humanity. Loved how he sort of looks up to Thor and got his cape because of Thor.

Thinking more and more about Vision, in a way I wonder if Joss was sort of looked at Superman or the Iron Giant when writing Vision because that’s who Vision sort of reminded me of. Especially Iron Giant. Iron Giant sort of had that darkness in his and the capability to be a weapon. Superman too has that darkness inside of him to be used as a weapon but Iron Giant and Vision are robots so I mostly connected those 2 together. Vision was really created by Ultron and Vision probably has that same darkness in how to be used as a weapon but doesn’t become that. I think I’m on to something here. I don’t want to spend all day talking about it so moving on to the next character.

Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver

So we had Kicksilver. Um Quickass? Enough of the terrible jokes, Quicksilver in the film. He was played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Overall I feel he gave a good performance. I like him in this type of a role and not a role where he’s the main character and not a more highly acclaimed actor that is seen in all the TV spots and trailers for the film coughGodzillacough. Excuse me. Flu season.

Now let’s cut to the chase and talk about his death. I liked it. I liked that it was Hawkguy he saved. First hero Quicksilver attacked in the raid on the castle was Hawkguy and he was sort of beefing with him throughout the film so it was handled great.

Is Age of Ultron Quicksilver Better Than Days Of Future Past Quicksilver?

Now one debate among the film is that is Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Quicksilver better than Evan Peters’s Quicksilver from X-Men: Days Of Future Past? To that I say who gives a crap?. Not only are both Quicksilvers are good in terms of performance and scenes they were in but the comparison between them reminded me of another comparison between 2 portrayals of a comic book character:

Now in one way are either Aaron or Evan’s Quicksilvers performance comes close to Jack’s Joker or Heath’s Joker. I’m more talking about how the characters both similar were handled differently.

Evan Peters’s Quicksilver: Not that much screentime or backstory given but seen as the best and most memorable part of the film.
Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Quicksilver: Backstory given to us along with a good performance but not seen as the most memorable part of the film.
Jack’s Joker: Backstory given to us along with a good performance and is memorable and one of the best parts of the film (ok slight difference between Jack’s Joker and Aaron’s Quicksilver but you get the point).
Heath Ledger’s Joker: Not that much screentime or backstory given but seen as the best and most memorable part of the film.

In case anyone cares, The Dark Knight was 140ish minutes and Heath’s Joker only got 20 minutes of that BUT Anthony Hopkins’s Hannibal Lector in Silence of the Lambs only was only screen I believe 14 minutes give or take a minute and it’s a 118 minute film. Only mention this because of rapid fanboys. On to Quicksilver’s….. Sister……So Quicksilver has a twin sister.

Wanda Maximoff/Scarlett Witch

I won’t lie, I loved loved loved Wanda in this film. I have no idea why but I was completely smitten by Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda. Out of all the new characters, not really including Vision because he’s not really all that new, she was the best in my opinion. Elizabeth’s performance was great. I won’t lie and this has nothing to do with her performance but I mentioned this in the comments of a previous article. I am certain I saw a nip slip from Wanda. I was watching it in IMAX 3D and I believe it was the scene she killed Ultron. I’m not certain if it’s there but it was close to one.

Speaking of her killing Ultron was great. Sure that didn’t kill Ultron so to speak but the body of Ultron she killed. Loved how both Wanda and Vision killed Ultron when you think about it.
I only have one complaint about Scarlett Witch and this goes back to when I talked about Captain America. Now if you notice, Wanda gives visions to everyone except Hawkeye which was great writing by Whedon. She gives off sort of everybody’s worst nightmare. Thor is I’m guessing witnessing Heimdall and his friends turning on him and the end of Asgard or something along those lines. Tony is given a vision of the Avengers all dead and the invaders invading. Black Widow gets a flashback back to her training days. And lastly while we don’t see Banner’s vision, I’m guessing it wasn’t a pleasant one.

And Captain America’s vision involved Cap not going into ice, celebrating America won the war, and getting a dance with Peggy. It seems kind of odd. Everyone has these bad dreams and Cap gets another shot at Hayley Atwell before she gets old. I don’t see how it’s bad. Maybe it’s bad because it’s a dream Cap will never be able to achieve. Cap will never be able to have that and in giving Cap his unachievable dream, it’s actually a nightmare for him. If that’s the case alright. But when you look at it, the visions Wanda gives seems to be events that has happened or well happen. Thor’s vision for Thor: Ragdoll, Iron Man’s vision for Infinity War, Black Widow’s vision was a flashback. But even so, it makes Cap’s vision even more out of place since it can’t happen.

Personally because we had Winter Solider, I think a better vision would have been something from Old Man Logan where we see Cap’s vision. Like what if Red Skull came back and basically won and Hydra won and we see a scene like from Old Man Logan with Red Skull and maybe have Bucky behind Red Skull sort of being partners with him.

Now looking at that scene more, I just noticed that’s not Captain America’s suit. Well it is but that’s not Steve’s suit. It’s Bucky’s suit. Was Bucky the Captain America in Old Man Logan? I don’t think it was ever stated. Thinking now, I just thought of something. Ok random thought what if when Captain America woke up, Hydra and the Nazis won World War II? Has that ever been told as a Marvel What If? story? I’m currently playing Wolfenstein: The New Order and the plot is basically like that idea but thinking more and more, the idea of Cap waking up this is Marvel world where the US and SHIELD lost WWII is exciting me. Where’s @Nomis you living breathing comic book encyclopedia? Has that story ever been told? Comment and tell me or if any Marvel fan knows because now I got all these ideas. Oh, Magneto is now a good guy.

Sorry, slightly off topic but yea I just feel like whereas the others had visions of stuff that they will face or have, Cap’s is more of a dream scene. Something along those lines oh or maybe something connecting to Civil War where Cap sees all these heroes fighting one another. That would be even better.

So yea that’s my only gripe with Wanda. Moving on.

Other Characters

As for other characters. Hill was good. Fury was good. Honestly I think it would have been better if War Machine died. I have nothing against Don Cheadle but the fact we have Tony creating this robot bent on destroying humanity, having a character that we’ve known for films who has been friends to Tony and close I just feel like that emotional weight would have been great. Having Tony create this machine bent on destroying humanity and one of the deaths from this being be Tony’s best friend would have just given the film a lot more emotional weight and made Tony’s story about wanting registration in Civil War all the more stronger. War Machine should have died. That doctor lady who helped out, how is she alive? She had a cut across her chest that was bleeding and needed medical attention. Her whole staff is dead. Someone said she used the tissue thing they used on Hawkguy in the beginning but wasn’t that at the Avengers Tower and while she said she had one at her facility, wasn’t the tissue thing the thing that helped create Vision and Vision was kept in? I don’t know. Falcon was also there. Man didn’t Cap promise Falcon if there was another Avengers fight in which they needed air support, he would call him? Where was he at the ending? Cap lied haha. I like that his new suit has some red on it. It looks nice. Think that’s all the supporting characters. Stan Lee’s cameo was good.


Even though I talked a lot about the story and characters, this is kind of a summary of what I liked and didn’t like. Some things I like and disliked I may have mentioned and just say I mentioned that and move on from that point. Some things are new points but I don’t want to really spend a lot of time talking about some of these points if I don’t need to. So let’s begin.

Good things. The first act raid on the caste. Wow was that perfect. I can’t complain about one thing. Perfectly shot, acted, written. Just perfect. I feel like I actually prefer when the characters talk to one another over them fighting each other or others. Just how they interact with one another is written so well by Whedon. Some more things I liked. I think all the heroes were written well. Some complaints with them as I mentioned but overall all the heroes were great. Um, I loved everyone trying to lift Thor’s hammer. That was a fun scene. I liked how the New Avengers base is in Upstate New York. I only wish I they told us where. I was actually born and I’m just wondering where in Upstate it’s located. I liked numerous nods to other Marvel Cinematic Universe films. I liked all the character designs. The cinematography was way better than the first film. I liked the Hulkbuster vs Hulk fight just not Hulk losing. Ultron’s plan was genius. I like Serkis as Clawe. It’s well shot, well made. CGI looked good. Um I think that’s it. I always forget stuff so I think I got everything.


I already mentioned Ultron and got him off my chest. Major disappointment. Not everyone will agree with me here and you will think I sound crazy, I didn’t like how the Avengers tried to save people and how people didn’t die. Here’s why, it felt too safe man. The impact of not only the city being destroyed but lives also been lost was just too great not to do. Everyone has a problem with Superman supposedly not saving people in Man of Steel but he’s only one man. In Avengers, it did at times feel annoying and especially with how it ended. You know Avengers: Age of Ultron keeps giving me Man of Steel flashbacks and that’s not a good thing. It ends with Tony, Cap, and Thor just chilling out and joking around and doesn’t even talk about the fact that they destroyed a city. Yes I know Civil War but that doesn’t mean it’s alright to not do. If we had people die along with the city destroyed, it actually would have helped Civil War a great deal and made Ultron a slightly better villain. I would like to remind people I probably love villains more than I love heroes and it just would have helped Ultron a bit and helped Civil War if there was a great deal of loss of life.

I didn’t like the whole Helicarrier coming out of nowhere and just helping to save people. This is also giving me flashbacks of Star Trek Into Darkness and the best way to describe Age of Ultron is no risk and no reward. There wasn’t any risks taken for this sequel. Yea a city is gone and Tony quit but the way they dealt with that just seemed like nothing happened.

When you look at how you feel at the end of The Dark Knight, Dawn of Planet of the Apes, Empire Strikes Back, X2: X-Men Unite, and Wrath of Khan you feel that the heroes sort of failed. Spider-Man 2 may not have that feeling but it had a feeling of crap is going to go down now that Harry knows who Peter is and he will follow his father’s footsteps. With Age of Ultron you don’t have any of those feelings and if you did, they never talk about it or just brush it off.

Criticizing My Criticisms

It’s funny, I’m writing a review on Avengers: Age of Ultron where I am at times criticizing the film and now after rereading what I’ve wrote I am criticizing my criticisms of the film. So I guess the biggest problem of my criticisms of the film rereading it is that I mention how I would add stuff or change stuff around but I never mention what I would really take out. The film was like 140 minutes long I think and to make suggestions on how I would add all this stuff and not take all that much out, it may seem like I may be adding on more problems especially considering it’s said 30 minutes of the film were cut and God knows what was in those 30 minutes.

Final Score: 7 out of 10

At the end of the day, if the Avengers movies were pizza The Avengers would be New York Style pizza while Avengers: Age of Ultron wouldn’t be a pizza as good as New York Style pizza but wouldn’t be a pizza as bad as Chicago Style pizza. Avengers: Age of Ultron suffers greatly from a weak villain and not having any risks or real sense for our heroes or the citizens. Is it a bad movie? No. I don’t think it is bad. I think there is a lot of good stuff in this film. My only problem is when things were perfect like how perfect that raid on the castle was handled, this film would have been a hell of a lot better. In its best moments, the film has potential to be great but it doesn’t keep having great moments. It’s no doubt bigger but bigger doesn’t always mean better. I can’t forgive mistakes Age of Ultron has that are the same mistakes Man of Steel had. It’s just not right simply because it’s a Marvel Studios film and when I wasn’t a fan of Man of Steel and had an issues with those problems. Considering how well Avengers was Age of Ultron feels like a disappointment. Age of Ultron feels more Star Trek Into Darkness than Star Trek 2: Wrath of Khan. You know, I’m going to end the review there. That last sentence perfectly describes how I feel about Age of Ultron comparing it to the Star Trek films. What were your thoughts on Age of Ultron? Did you love it or hate it? However you felt, comment below. Let me know. 

MARVEL'S AVENGERS Will Finally Add Spider-Man To The Game This Month In With Great Power Hero Event

MARVEL'S AVENGERS Will Finally Add Spider-Man To The Game This Month In "With Great Power" Hero Event

Quicksilver May Still Be Dead In The MCU, But He Is Getting An AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Marvel Legends Figure
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Quicksilver May Still Be Dead In The MCU, But He Is Getting An AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Marvel Legends Figure

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The already very impressive cast of Robert Eggers' Nosferatu remake just gained another A-list addition, with Aaron Taylor Johnson signing on for an undisclosed supporting role...
The latest episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law introduced a sinister new group to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but did you know that wasn't the first time we've seen them? Read on for further details...
MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS: Marvel Producer Reveals What Happened To The Avengers In The Illuminati Universe
Some wondered what happened to the Avengers in the Illuminati universe shown in Multiverse of Madness. A Marvel producer has provided the answer, revealing that world's ties to Age of Ultron.
MARVEL'S AVENGERS Will Finally Add Spider-Man To The Game This Month In With Great Power Hero Event
Square Enix has finally revealed when Spider-Man will swing into Marvel's Avengers, and we have some very interesting details about the planned "With Great Power" Hero Event. Read on for further details!
Quicksilver May Still Be Dead In The MCU, But He Is Getting An AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Marvel Legends Figure
Quicksilver fans were left disappointed that the character wasn't resurrected in WandaVision, but Aaron Taylor-Johnson's speedster is getting his own Marvel Legends action figure a little later this year.

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