AVENGERS: ENDGAME Star Josh Brolin Suggests There Are Plans For Thanos To Return In The Multiverse Saga

AVENGERS: ENDGAME Star Josh Brolin Suggests There Are Plans For Thanos To Return In The Multiverse Saga

Today Marks The 5-Year Anniversary Of AVENGERS: ENDGAME's First Trailer Being Released
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Today Marks The 5-Year Anniversary Of AVENGERS: ENDGAME's First Trailer Being Released

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dracula - 5/26/2019, 3:21 AM
Hope they do a statue of Tony with the gauntlet on
DiegoMD - 5/26/2019, 3:39 AM
I want one
Feralwookiee - 5/26/2019, 5:14 AM
@AndrewHolland - 😆
DoubleD - 5/26/2019, 4:20 AM
The Infinity Stones gave off Gamma Radiation which is a steroid for him.

The Hulk was created by Gamma Radiation which means the Hulk will come back bigger, stronger and more indestructable thanks to the Stones

Marvel and Russo's are playing dumb to avoid spoilers for future movies with the Hulk in them.

Marvel didn't name him the Immortal Hulk for nothing.
DoubleD - 5/26/2019, 5:20 AM
@Skennedy - Still searching but with the introduction of Professor Hulk they eliminated the need for an actor to play Bruce Banner. No concern for actors aging. Hulk is a true Immortal now.

Professor Hulk could lose his temper and change into any Hulk from here on out.

Anger is still the trigger that sets of all Hulks.

marvel72 - 5/26/2019, 4:52 AM
I'd rather own the Hot Toys Infinity Gauntlet.

The Hulk should have had a rematch with Thanos and the arm of The Hulk should have healed by the next time we see him.

I would love to see World War Hulk or Maestro in the movies.
Larebel24 - 5/26/2019, 5:16 AM
@marvel72 - THANK YOU...EXACTLY!!!..Hulk's healing factor has been ignored in the MCU which is a shame....I mean if Iron Man can get a drop of blood from Thanos Hulk should be able to do some damage...without the Hulkbuster suit I don't think tony can go toe to toe with the Hulk....but it is an Iron Man world after all.....
DoubleD - 5/26/2019, 5:33 AM
@Larebel24 - It was in all the movies except Infinity War and Endgame.

Thor Ragnarok the Ferris Wolf bit through the Hulks mid area and leg but Hulk came back completely healed and fight the Big Monster. Plus the Hulk grabbed everyone and leaped to the spaceship.
DoubleD - 5/26/2019, 5:39 AM
@Larebel24 - Lot of Hulk haters everywhere.
Larebel24 - 5/26/2019, 7:06 AM
@DoubleD - I'm not a Hulk hater....he's my favorite character and he hasn't been done justice yet...maybe we'll get to see some awesome Hulk action down the road....
DoubleD - 5/26/2019, 7:28 AM
@Larebel24 - I wasn't saying you but the Character the Hulk at CBM can be toxic and a lot of denial goe's on by CBM users.

Russo's I felt fell into this category based on recent comments and how they used him in Infinity War and Endgame. I liked Professor Hulk was in the whole movie but still under used by the Russo's.

Hulk needs needs a new director. Keep Russo's away from him.
DoubleD - 5/26/2019, 5:25 AM
Josh Wilding why do you delete that comment ? What rules doe's it break. The only thing I can think of is you don't like the thought of World War Hulk in next phase.
DoubleD - 5/26/2019, 5:44 AM
@DoubleD - That comment you deleted is in the movie. Professor Hulk and Russo's went out of their way to point that out. Its not trolling if it's in Endgame.
DarkArrow19 - 5/26/2019, 6:45 AM
It wasn’t on screen for a few seconds. The Nano Gauntlet was the gauntlet that everyone was playing keep away from Thanos. And the Nano Gauntlet wasn’t the one that Tony used to wipe out Thanos.
LaserKing - 5/26/2019, 8:17 AM
I would buy one if it really worked...
MosquitoFarmer - 5/26/2019, 8:21 AM
Just remember not to fondle yourself if you purchase this thing.`Blow your balls off.
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