Time To Recap And Update On My Theories Of The Black Panther Being In Avengers 2, (That's Right I Told You First) And Who Should Play Him. Also How It Is Unfolding Right Before Your Eyes!

Earlier this year in my article right here on comicbookmovie.com '5 Reasons I Believe Avengers 2 Will Showcase The Black Panther' on 1/21/13, a lot of you thought that I was crazy when I told you Black Panther would be in Avengers 2. I had no inside knowledge, I just used common sense. If enough people kept asking Marvel for a chance to see the Panther in action they would have to put it on the market. I gave you 5 reasons why they would wait until The Avengers 2. Fear of an all black cast and how the public would react to it, down to the smaller details how Marvel was still calling African American actors for the part after they said that there would be no Black Panther solo movie. I just followed The Avengers DVD cartoon release from the early 2000's.

Avengers 1 was about putting the team together to save the planet from aliens and how Avengers 2 was about The Black Panther needing The Avengers help saving his country Wakanda. I finished the article by saying that The Avengers 2 would be in Africa. We had already seen the Avengers tear up an American city in Avengers 1. My only conformation came when Morris Chestnut hinted last month that he wanted to play Black Panther in the up and coming Avengers 2 movie. No one from Marvel confirmed his statements, but sometimes your answer isn't in what people say it's what they don't say. Marvel executive Kevin Feige didn't shoot down Chestnuts Twitter outburst, the comments just came down and died off. Feige is quick to shoot down false hoods about the Marvel movie universe but dances around any question about The Black Panther. Like the name Black Panther burns a hole in his tongue he won't even mention it. Let's me know he is saving it for something much bigger.

Onto Chadwick Boseman I wrote an article right here on comicbookmovie.com on this talented actor titled 'Chadwick Boseman From One Hero To The Next?' on 3/25/13 when I admitted I wasn't the first to fancast Chadwick Boseman as The Black Panther but I was the first to say after the movie '42' Marvel would go crazy and offer him the role of Black Panther or he would be on their radar as reported on Latino Review on 5/1/13. Which brings me to more current news just 3 days ago 5/16/13 word spread on the net that Marvel Studios are looking to shoot in locations such as Cape Town, South Africa for the Avengers 2. I think by now we all know who and what that is for. Black Panther and Wakanda...take it to the bank. I am such a Black Panther fan that it bothers me that so many of you shot my ideas down but the lack of credit hurts the worst. If some of the more popular guys on this site had foreseen this coming you would call them psychic, or if I had inside connections and stumbled across this info like some of the other folks on this site you would have said great scoop, but I don't, all I have is a big heart and a creative mind. More importantly I have a burning desire to see The Black Panther, the first main stream black superhero get his just do's by hitting the big screen like all these other great characters.

One last prediction believe me The Black Panther is coming to a movie theater near you. Here are some real pictures of Cape Town, South Africa below. Please leave your comments. Other sites steal my ideas and break it as news and to be honest I am sick of it. P.S. -GAB 5/20/13

FALCON AND WINTER SOLDIER Star Sebastian Stan Recalls Crazy Way He Joined BLACK PANTHER Cast

FALCON AND WINTER SOLDIER Star Sebastian Stan Recalls Crazy Way He Joined BLACK PANTHER Cast

One Year Later: Paying Tribute To Chadwick Boseman, The BLACK PANTHER And A Real-Life Warrior
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One Year Later: Paying Tribute To Chadwick Boseman, The BLACK PANTHER And A Real-Life Warrior

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