CAPTAIN AMERICA: BRAVE NEW WORLD Happy Meal Toys Reveal A First Look At MCU’s Take On Red Hulk

CAPTAIN AMERICA: BRAVE NEW WORLD Happy Meal Toys Reveal A First Look At MCU’s Take On Red Hulk CAPTAIN AMERICA: BRAVE NEW WORLD Happy Meal Toys Reveal A First Look At MCU’s Take On Red Hulk

A first look at Happy Meal toys for Captain America: Brave New World have been revealed and they offer a closer look at several of the movie’s costumed characters, including Harrison Ford’s Red Hulk...

By JoshWilding - Apr 18, 2024 07:04 PM EST

Following William Hurt's passing,Star Wars and Indiana Jones legend Harrison Ford will take over the role of General "Thunderbolt" Ross in Captain America: Brave New World.

We've known for a while that Ross has become U.S. President and footage shown at CinemaCon is said to have featured him ordering Sam Wilson to assemble a new team of Avengers. 

It's also no secret that the General will undergo a pretty major transformation when he becomes the Red Hulk. The first official set photo from the movie (back when it was still set to be released this year) showed Ford in tattered pants and rumor has it the new Captain America will clash with the villain on the White House lawn.

Now, some newly revealed McDonald's Happy Meal toys showcase several of Captain America: Brave New World's characters, including Red Hulk. 

As expected, he has no mustache (neither does Ross) and looks...well, like Red Hulk. 

We also catch a glimpse of the new Falcon, Sabra, and Diamondback. The latter might have been cut from the movie, and if that's true, we could be looking at a repeat of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness' Rintrah (who had no really lines in the movie but featured heavily in merchandise after his role was whittled down to nothing).

Regardless, this first look at Red Hulk may not showcase what he'll look like in the movie in as much detail as promo art, for example, but the villain has finally been revealed in all his fiery glory! 

Many fans believe Ford will return as Ross in Thunderbolts, and either way, we expect the actor to be key to many of the stories told during the Multiverse Saga. While a lot of the focus is being put on Kang the Conqueror and his reality-hopping shenanigans, it's good to see Marvel Studios still telling some grounded stories that further flesh out what's happening on Earth-616.

Assuming they all make the cut after this summer's reshoots, Captain America: Brave New World stars Anthony Mackie, Harrison Ford, Danny Ramirez, Carl Lumbly, Tim Blake Nelson, Shira Haas, Liv Tyler, and WWE Superstar Seth Rollins.

Julius Onah helms the movie from a screenplay by Malcolm Spellman and Dalan Musson, though the director is believed to have also taken a pass at it. Matthew Orton, meanwhile, has written new scenes for the reshoots which are taking place later this year.

Captain America: Brave New World is set to arrive in theaters on February 14, 2025. 

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WhatIfRickJames - 4/18/2024, 7:21 PM

bobevanz - 4/18/2024, 7:21 PM
Is that herpes or a mustache lol
Evansly - 4/18/2024, 7:23 PM
@bobevanz - Clicked into Twitter because I wasn't sure either. No mustache but the mouth is open yelling
WruceBayne - 4/18/2024, 7:33 PM
@Evansly - no stache!? What’s going to be the excuse for no mustache? Its burns off upon transformation or something?
Evansly - 4/18/2024, 7:35 PM
@WruceBayne - I believe I saw mention that he's encouraged to shave it when running for president
comicfan100 - 4/18/2024, 7:35 PM
@WruceBayne - We've been wondering that since Red Hulk's introduction in the comics. It's one of those questions you never ask.
WruceBayne - 4/18/2024, 7:40 PM
@Evansly - ehhh… ok, that makes sense. Maybe he’ll have it at the beginning of movie and then shaves it.
WruceBayne - 4/18/2024, 7:43 PM
@comicfan100 - you know what? I don’t think Ross was always supposed to be Red Hulks identity. During that whole “Who’s Red Hulk” event, Ross and Rulk were seen together.
CerealKiller1 - 4/18/2024, 8:12 PM
@WruceBayne - Yeah he was an LMD. They discovered that in the same storyline
A2ron - 4/18/2024, 10:49 PM
@WruceBayne - There was a clip from the movie with General Ross and Cap. Ross tells Cap he was told “Lose the Mustache or lose the position” something like that. I think it makes sense not to have it. I always thought it was weird in the comics to have him transform into Rulk clean shaven.
CorndogBurglar - 4/18/2024, 11:14 PM
@WruceBayne - Probably the same excuse for how Banner's pants don't completely rip off when he turns into Hulk.
Fogs - 4/19/2024, 3:48 AM
@Evansly - yeah, I saw somewhere that's Ford's 1st line, like Rhodes "yeah, it's me, move on" quip in IM2.
SuperiorHeckler - 4/19/2024, 6:04 AM
@WruceBayne - So, no 'stache for a character that has traditionally worn a 'stache (Red Hulk) and yet, they drop a 'stache on a character that has traditionally NOT worn a 'stache (the new Reed Richards). 🫤 Disney and Feige badly need a hand-slap to the back of their heads.
LSHF - 4/18/2024, 7:25 PM
Kevin has stated (in so many words) that while some toys give away some things, others aren't aren't even in the movies, so we can't take them that seriously.
marvel72 - 4/18/2024, 7:26 PM
This movie having two Falcons is shit idea. Red Hulk looks decent, hopefully better in the movie.
BraxtonHicks - 4/18/2024, 8:54 PM
@marvel72 - I was just thinking this, 2 Falcons with no enhancements... America getting their wings clipped, Falcon comes in with the assist? Red Hulk is the Leaders wild card distraction to accomplish his goal???
Origame - 4/18/2024, 7:35 PM
Well, I guess it wouldn't be possible to f@#$ red hulk's design too much. I mean, as long as he's red and looks like the hulk it's all good.

Now how they adapt his character, that's a different story.
marvel72 - 4/18/2024, 7:39 PM
Amazon Announce Fallout is getting another season.

What I've seen of season 1, it is pretty good.
Mrnorth1921 - 4/18/2024, 7:42 PM
@marvel72 - first of all. Excited for this movie. And yeah, that show is great. I hope we see flashbacks of ghoul during the era of the earlier games. More specifically fallout 1 and 2
marvel72 - 4/18/2024, 7:47 PM
@Mrnorth1921 - Yeah I know a little bit about the game,just the basics but what I've seen I think it's good.
Mrnorth1921 - 4/18/2024, 7:49 PM
@marvel72 - the show is officially part of the timeline. So theoretically many characters from fallout 3 to fallout 4 should be alive still and kicking about.
DocSpock - 4/19/2024, 12:40 AM
@marvel72 -

Excellent adaptation.
CAPTAINPINKEYE - 4/18/2024, 7:47 PM
ot but this is better news

marvel72 - 4/18/2024, 7:53 PM
@CAPTAINPINKEYE - It might be alright, not what I was expecting.
HashTagSwagg - 4/18/2024, 8:11 PM
@CAPTAINPINKEYE - I t sorta looks like Tranformers if you squint your eyes but the voices are so off. Feel more like a spoof like teen titans go.
ThorArms - 4/18/2024, 8:29 PM
@CAPTAINPINKEYE - that looks awful. I'm so disappointed
AvalonX - 4/18/2024, 9:31 PM
@marvel72 - Looks awful.
bkmeijer1 - 4/19/2024, 2:31 AM
@CAPTAINPINKEYE - honestly, I kinda looks like it was made for kids. Both in style and in humor
Polaris - 4/18/2024, 7:54 PM
Who's "cascavel"?

Anyway, I was today years old when I relized falcao means falcon, after years of hearing it as a portuguese surname. As a spaniard I am ashamed.
hainesy - 4/18/2024, 8:00 PM
@Polaris - It's Diamondback. Cascavel is the Portuguese word for rattlesnake. I don't think there is a word for diamondback.
Polaris - 4/18/2024, 8:05 PM
@hainesy - Ahhh ok, thanks. Yes, in spanish it's basically the same (cascabel), it just didn't occur to me they'd call diamondback that.
Feralwookiee - 4/18/2024, 8:06 PM
@Polaris - ?si=NIxS8Mp67TAv_2UZ
Matchesz - 4/18/2024, 8:09 PM
They’ll go all the way out their way to reinvent Hulks sons haircut, but couldnt be bothered to cgi on a damn mustache lol. Ay caramba
Feralwookiee - 4/18/2024, 8:10 PM
"You will believe an 80 year old man can turn into a spry muscular rage monster!"

User Comment Image
Matchesz - 4/18/2024, 8:40 PM
@Feralwookiee - new toy came out
User Comment Image
TheloniousJay - 4/18/2024, 9:34 PM
@Feralwookiee - If Stallone can still do it and be believable, Harrison Ford can make this work.
Fogs - 4/19/2024, 3:52 AM
@Feralwookiee - movie magic
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