THE MARVELS Could Be Shaping Up To Be An "Epic" Box Office Bomb For Marvel Studios

THE MARVELS Could Be Shaping Up To Be An "Epic" Box Office Bomb For Marvel Studios THE MARVELS Could Be Shaping Up To Be An "Epic" Box Office Bomb For Marvel Studios

With the news that The Marvels has suffered the lowest ticket pre-sales in over four years, box office analysts believe the upcoming sequel could prove to be a "disaster" for Marvel Studios...

By MarkCassidy - Oct 30, 2023 08:10 AM EST
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Recent box office tracking for The Marvels pointed to a disappointing opening weekend for the Nia DaCosta-helmed Captain Marvel sequel, but the latest updates indicate that the cosmic MCU adventure could perform significantly worse than expected.

Some analysts believe that $55M - $75M domestic debut will actually be closer to $45M, and The Marvels' tickets pre-sales have reportedly been the weakest for any Marvel Cinematic Universe movie in the post-Covid era, which suggests an overall lack of interest from potential cinema-goers.

This doesn't necessarily spell disaster for the film, as major studio tentpoles often do a lot better than predicted, and positive reviews should also help (we'll find out what the critical consensus is this week). But as things stand, The Marvels could be shaping up to be one of Marvel Studios' biggest box office bombs.

The Marvels hits theaters on November 10th, with the review embargo lifting on the 8th. Some major spoilers have already begun to do the rounds online, so if you'd rather go in completely fresh, best be wary when navigating social media.

If you want a hint about what - or who - might be lined up for one of the movie's post-credits scenes, click here (don't worry, we don't reveal anything outright).

"In Marvel Studios’ The Marvels, Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel has reclaimed her identity from the tyrannical Kree and taken revenge on the Supreme Intelligence. But unintended consequences see Carol shouldering the burden of a destabilized universe. When her duties send her to an anomalous wormhole linked to a Kree revolutionary, her powers become entangled with that of Jersey City super-fan Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel, and Carol’s estranged niece, now S.A.B.E.R. astronaut Captain Monica Rambeau. Together, this unlikely trio must team up and learn to work in concert to save the universe as The Marvels.”

The film also stars Zawe Ashton and Park Seo-joon. Nia DaCosta directs, and Kevin Feige is the producer. Louis D’Esposito, Victoria Alonso, Mary Livanos and Matthew Jenkins serve as executive producers. The screenplay is by Megan McDonnell, Nia DaCosta, Elissa Karasik and Zeb Wells.

The Marvels will begin its international rollout on November 8, and was recently granted a China release on November 10, day-and-date with North America.

Do you plan on seeing The Marvels in theaters opening weekend? Drop us a comment down below.

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THE MARVELS Box Office Earnings Continue To Trend Downward In Latest Update
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THE MARVELS Box Office Earnings Continue To Trend Downward In Latest Update

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Izaizaiza - 10/30/2023, 8:02 AM
I'm looking forward to it, and hope it's good. That said, I'm glad I lived through the glory days of comic book movies, because I do think it's over.
MosquitoFarmer - 10/30/2023, 8:03 AM
It just doesn't look like their most gripping project, and in the age of home media digital releases, this is one that will do better with audiences in their own home.
Forthas - 10/30/2023, 8:06 AM
Marvel is starting to realize what I have been saying all along, making comedy superhero films is a losing strategy. I have a feeling that is going to be reigned in as the fact that they are going in a new direction with Thor shows they have learned this lesson.
Itwasme - 10/30/2023, 10:57 AM
@Forthas - Marvel's previous 2 releases of the year were both comedies and both currently sit in the top 10 hughtest grossing releases of the year....
mpk1988 - 10/30/2023, 11:39 AM
@Forthas - Nope. Another dumb take. Has absolutely nothing to do with that. These are simply bad movies - you do know that bad comedy action adventure movies exist?

Love and Thunder had awful comedy - Without Hulk, Loki, the Grandmaster etc, it was just bland. Also Natalie Portman's character has no chemistry with Thor. None whatsoever. It failed in all three movies it was used.
eagc1995 - 10/30/2023, 12:01 PM
@Forthas - You can have a succesful comedy superhero film, but it has to be good.
Forthas - 10/30/2023, 1:41 PM
@Itwasme - There was a time that Marvel movies were THE top film of the year.
Forthas - 10/30/2023, 1:43 PM
@mpk1988 - How would you know that the Marvels is a bad movie without even having seen it? We do know there is a lot of comedy in it which as I suggest is why there is low interest.
Forthas - 10/30/2023, 1:46 PM
@eagc1995 - Sure, but those folks have a ceiling. I can't really think of any films that leaned on the comedy made a billion dollars. Maybe Aquaman...but I can this of half a dozen that does not lean into comedy and have eclipsed a billion dollars at the box office. So the MOST successful films are not the comedic ones.
MarvelZombie616 - 10/30/2023, 5:12 PM
@Itwasme - You mean Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 where animals were killed and Rockets tragic childhood was told?

Or Across the Spiderverse?

Or Antman 3 which bombed?
Itwasme - 10/30/2023, 5:15 PM
@Forthas - yes, but relative performance is still really high.

Don't get me wrong, I think there's been a huge dip in quality, but relative to its peers Marvel is still #1 and Disney still has more top 10 hits than any of their competitors.

If you think serious action films are the way to go, then how come the new MI film performed so much lower than these films? Beloved franchise, very well reviewed movie, big celebrity star... but Ant Man did better.

The industry is just overall f-ed. No real ryhm or reason at this point.
Itwasme - 10/30/2023, 5:16 PM
@MarvelZombie616 - antman 3 bombed and is still the 10th highest grossing film of the year globally. That really says something about the state of the industry.
ImBatman4realz - 10/30/2023, 8:11 AM
Called it months ago. The trailers look slapstick dumb. Trailer for Ant-Man 3 looked all sorts of epic and intense, but if that one was underwhelming and considered a flop — this Marvels movie is going to tank
HulkisHoly - 10/30/2023, 1:06 PM
@ImBatman4realz -

Yep. I called it two years ago.

Lot of users hiding now who said otherwise.

“The first one made a billion. You’re just a hater of strong women.”
DrReedRichards - 10/30/2023, 8:13 AM
Not gonna lie, watchng this is gonna feel like homework.
Frshcoupe1 - 10/30/2023, 8:17 AM
I’m still going to check it out. Something about it looks fun and I have 2 daughters and they’ll wanna see it. If it does bomb, i hope Marvel learns their lesson and makes adjustments. Looking forward to the post credits scene and any Easter eggs.
AquaClunge - 10/30/2023, 8:18 AM
Release the Cat Merch!!!
JustAWaffle - 10/30/2023, 8:20 AM
vectorsigma - 10/30/2023, 8:21 AM
Using the cats for marketing speaks volumes on how desperate they are in promoting this.

As someone else mentioned, as a completeist, this will be a chore to watch. Just looking forward to that rumored after credits scene.

Wait for a Josh article to counter this.
URCOMMENTSUCKS - 10/30/2023, 8:32 AM
@vectorsigma - ''Just looking forward to that rumored after credits scene.''

It's hilarious that the MCU fans are pissed at Scorsese comments yet consider saying shit like this completely normal.
vectorsigma - 10/30/2023, 8:35 AM
@URCOMMENTSUCKS - what's wrong with it? My snark radar is not working.

Kotfm was great
Radders - 10/30/2023, 9:23 AM
CorndogBurglar - 10/30/2023, 2:14 PM
@URCOMMENTSUCKS - The two aren't even close to the same thing. Saying Marvel is making bad movies right now is 100% not the same thing as saying an entire genre of movies is not "cinema".
vectorsigma - 10/30/2023, 8:25 AM
That is why they initially set DP3 as their next film. It's one flop after another. GOTG3 was an exception because it was Gunn all over.

Too bad the strikes happened and they are in for another flop to start next year with Cap 4.

Who wants to bet DP3 will NOT be R rated contrary to what they are saying?
URCOMMENTSUCKS - 10/30/2023, 8:30 AM
@vectorsigma - I mean, it still did not hit that sweet billion. Which it probably should've, considering the hype the Guardians must've gotten from starring in two of the highest-grossing movies ever.

Nolan outdid MCU's so-called top-tier movie this year, despite it having a hype over the roof, by making a 3h r-rated drama about a guy who helped to kill Japanese people in WW2.

Like it or not, that's not a good sign even if you try to spin as a good sign.
Taonrey - 10/30/2023, 10:37 AM
@URCOMMENTSUCKS - yeah GOTG3 was a success but probably not the big win people make it out to be. That movie should've at least made 900m
CorndogBurglar - 10/30/2023, 2:16 PM
@vectorsigma - The amount of people they would piss off if they made Deadpool 3 PG-13 would be epic.

You would have a mass exodus of people not showing up to the movie for that one reason.
vectorsigma - 10/31/2023, 2:45 AM
@CorndogBurglar - i get your point, i even want it to be R rated.

But i feel like signs are pointing to the contrary

- with all the multiverse shenanigans, they are priming this to be a prerequisite for Kang Dynasty and/or Secret Wars. We now see how the general audience are not as they used to be because they cant keep up with all the D+ series, what more an R rated movie with a lot going on

- A series of flops will force Disney to make this as acessible to everyone as possible

- Levy is not known for R movies, in fact it is the reverse of that.

- Taylor swift, lol
URCOMMENTSUCKS - 10/30/2023, 8:26 AM

I mean, you could tell the MCU was on Sony/WB level of desperate when promoting this movie when they recently released a trailer that reused footage from older MCU movies and compared this movie's so-called villain to Thanos. They really try everything to have people care for this sh1t at some capacity. Also, that ''scoop'' about the X-Men character appearing in the movie... Yeah, I'm more than sure it was Feige himself who spread that rumor from his burner account.
vectorsigma - 10/30/2023, 8:34 AM
@URCOMMENTSUCKS - in a way, i think this scoop culture that we have now has killed the genre.

I remember geeking out on the mentioned of stephen strange in winter soldier.

Now, a rumor of an xmen character in a postcredit scene doesnt have the same effect even if true
Usernametaken - 10/30/2023, 8:31 AM
Bring back A-list characters FFS.
Ha1frican - 10/30/2023, 8:33 AM
I don’t know anyone other than myself who wants to watch this
Mugens - 10/30/2023, 9:43 AM
@Ha1frican - I do and will opening weekend.
cubrn - 10/30/2023, 9:57 AM
@Ha1frican - I think it looks great
marvel72 - 10/30/2023, 10:17 AM
@cubrn -

Ha1frican - 10/30/2023, 10:24 AM
@Mugens @cubrn - I meant in real life other than myself
Gabimaru - 10/30/2023, 11:27 AM
@Ha1frican - Me too i used to have friends who anticipate every marvel movies but now? they probably didn't know about this movie.
OptimusCrime - 10/30/2023, 8:37 AM
Marvel from now on should focus on the big guns

Captain America
Dr Strange

Then leave some characters to be add in team-ups till all is rebooted and we have a new cap and ironman
HulkisHoly - 10/30/2023, 1:10 PM
@OptimusCrime -

But those are all white men.

Where are the non-binary, women with more melanin? How will Marvel ever grab those viewers?
OptimusCrime - 10/30/2023, 1:55 PM
@HulkisHoly - i have no answer for that besides adding to my previous comment movies🤣
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