THE MARVELS Hailed As "Exactly What a Comic Book Movie Should Be" In First Social Media Reactions

THE MARVELS Hailed As "Exactly What a Comic Book Movie Should Be" In First Social Media Reactions THE MARVELS Hailed As "Exactly What a Comic Book Movie Should Be" In First Social Media Reactions

The first social media reactions for The Marvels have rocketed online and, perhaps unsurprisingly, it's nowhere near as bad as some would like you to believe! In fact, it sounds like a fun time for fans!

By JoshWilding - Nov 08, 2023 03:11 AM EST
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It's hard to say whether this will make much of a difference to The Marvels' opening weekend, but the Marvel Studios sequel could prove to have serious legs in the week ahead if these social media reactions are anything to go by. 

While we know it's wiser to wait on full reviews than to trust what critics can squeeze into a Twitter/X post, the overall consensus is positive. It appears the short runtime is far from a detriment to the movie and, while not everything works (Dar-Benn sounds like just another forgettable Phase 1 villain), there's heaps of fun to be had with this wacky team-up.  

As you'll see below, not every reaction is glowing but these do bode well for a movie that's been surrounded by negativity for reasons it's still hard to fathom. 

It's a shame in many ways that Marvel Studios has largely spoiled The Marvels' biggest surprises in TV spots and trailers this week. However, those fortunate enough to have watched the Captain Marvel sequel just a few short hours ago suggest there will still be plenty of other huge moments to watch out for. 

If nothing else, the fact it's being compared to Spider-Man: No Way Home has to be a good sign! 

Check out our roundup of the first social media reactions below. 

In The Marvels, Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel has reclaimed her identity from the tyrannical Kree and taken revenge on the Supreme Intelligence. But unintended consequences see Carol shouldering the burden of a destabilized universe.

When her duties send her to an anomalous wormhole linked to a Kree revolutionary, her powers become entangled with that of Jersey City super-fan Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel, and Carol’s estranged niece, now S.A.B.E.R. astronaut Captain Monica Rambeau. Together, this unlikely trio must team up and learn to work in concert to save the universe as "The Marvels."

The movie stars Brie Larson, Teyonah Parris, Iman Vellani, Samuel L. Jackson, Zawe Ashton and Park Seo-joon.

The Marvels is set to arrive in theaters on November 10.

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WhateverItTakes - 11/8/2023, 3:06 AM
I'm sure even Steel had great first reactions
Gabimaru - 11/8/2023, 3:54 AM
@ChocolateMousse - first reactions doesn't mean anything, they are overhyping everything.
WhateverItTakes - 11/8/2023, 4:41 AM
@Gabimaru - I know that you know that but the blind cant see 😉
Origame - 11/8/2023, 9:04 AM
@ChocolateMousse - the first review is literally from a guy who white knighted for the Marvel's director dealing with the expose. You can't make this sh!t up 🤣
WhateverItTakes - 11/8/2023, 9:21 AM
@Origame - I mean FFS I watched the trailer for endgame the other day and I got goosebumps on the back of my neck. They can't tell me shit nowadays gives them the same reaction
WhateverItTakes - 11/8/2023, 9:22 AM
@Origame - I'll never forget the reaction I got when I see the first trailer for iron man. Didn't even know it was coming out. It blew my mind because it was my first comic I bought
WhatIfRickJames - 11/8/2023, 3:07 AM
Reactions look good! Let’s hope they’re legit.
dragon316 - 11/8/2023, 4:56 AM
@WhatIfRickJames - that’s funny find out after you see it suppose
HashTagSwagg - 11/8/2023, 8:04 AM
@dragon316 - Alternatively, wait for reviews from actual humans and maybe save yourself time and money.
Beer85 - 11/8/2023, 3:10 AM
bkmeijer1 - 11/8/2023, 3:12 AM
These reactions feel as generic as any other (MCU) blockbuster. If I were to ask ChatGPT, it'd probably produce the same thing.

That aside, it's good to know they're positive atleast. Social media reactions are always a bit hyperbolic, but the overall consensus is telling atleast.
vegetaray - 11/8/2023, 4:42 AM
@bkmeijer1 - Early reactions for a film haven’t been truthfully accurate on films for a very long time. Just taking the very first reaction (By Erik Davis) that Wilding shared into account for example…Here’s what he had to say about The Flash…

“Forget DC, it is without a doubt among the best superhero films ever made."

All of the others listed had similar reactions to The Flash. At this point I’m of the working assumption that no early reactions can be taken at face value 🤷‍♂️.
dragon316 - 11/8/2023, 4:58 AM
@vegetaray - wasn’t there good early reactions for she hulk?
bkmeijer1 - 11/8/2023, 6:11 AM
@vegetaray - I still wonder what Flash movie the people that hailed it as (one of) the best superhero movies of all time. It wasn't even the best superhero movie of the year, nor even the best multiverse superhero movie of the year.
Th3Batman - 11/8/2023, 3:29 AM
Flash was said to be one of the best movies ever made...we all know how that turned out. It's time for Disney and WB to face reality, the comic book movie genre is on its last leg.
jst5 - 11/8/2023, 3:38 AM
LOL!!!!!!!!!I feel for the suckers that fall for this.
NegativeNerd - 11/8/2023, 4:41 AM
@jst5 - because their opinions don’t agree with your pre-opinions? Lol touch grass
WhateverItTakes - 11/8/2023, 5:24 AM
@NegativeNerd - those are not opinions
Toonstrack - 11/8/2023, 9:00 AM
@ChocolateMousse - yea they are lol
Tonic24k - 11/8/2023, 11:13 AM
@ChocolateMousse - They're literally opinions of people who just saw the film. You're trying to hard to hate.
WhateverItTakes - 11/8/2023, 11:19 AM
@Tonic24k - I've just seen a lot of out of the theatre reactions and it's lukewarm at best. Even the usual suspects are dismissing it through gritted teeth
TheRationalNerd - 11/8/2023, 3:44 AM
Seems like the story and the villain are a let down. But the action and chemistry are what makes the film. Should be an interesting ride.
jst5 - 11/8/2023, 3:51 AM
@TheRationalNerd - The only interesting thing about seeing something to do with the XMen.
Gabimaru - 11/8/2023, 3:53 AM
Nah I ain't buying these twitter reactions. i was baited by this same reactions in Thor 4 and that movie was a stinking pile of garbage.
Itwasme - 11/8/2023, 8:44 AM
@Gabimaru - Thor 4 didn't get good initial reactions though.
vectorsigma - 11/8/2023, 3:57 AM
Just saw it. As expected, it is Marvel going through the motions.

Those scenes with the Korean guy is garbage and not needed.

But I admit, that mid credits scene was executed fairly well. If this was shown during phase 3, all hell would break loose.
vectorsigma - 11/8/2023, 4:14 AM
@vectorsigma -

Story is mediocre, villain is poorly written.

CGI is good, at least for me.

The bangle mcguffin seems to be the new infinity stones. SPOILER there was no exaplanation about it and seem to be expounded in the Avengers movies
Unites - 11/8/2023, 4:19 AM
@vectorsigma - I think most scenes of the musical planet were cut?
Gabimaru - 11/8/2023, 4:27 AM
@vectorsigma - MCU just can't help with that same old formula
vectorsigma - 11/8/2023, 4:31 AM
@Unites - oh that was trimmed down already? Cant imagine how much more cringe it couldve been
vectorsigma - 11/8/2023, 4:33 AM
@vectorsigma - forgot to add


that recruitment scene was cute and hilarious. But i really hate it when two people taking in a scene are not in the same room. Most Marvel Disney+ shows are like that
WhateverItTakes - 11/8/2023, 4:45 AM
@vectorsigma - are the 4chan leaks right?
vectorsigma - 11/8/2023, 5:00 AM
@ChocolateMousse - sorry im not aware of those.

The ones i can confirm are


- that certain xman
- in the Hawkeye show
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