Mark Millar On Captain America and The Avengers!

The comic book writer discusses how he feels about the upcoming Marvel movies being influenced by The Ultimates...

Den Of Geek recently sat down to talk to Mark Millar about Kick-Ass and during the interview asked him to share his thoughts on how he feels about the upcoming Captain America and Avengers movies being based off his and Bryan Hitch's iconic run on The Ultimates.

And speaking of your other books, this isn't about Kick-Ass, but I need to ask: were you intentionally writing Ultimates as an Avengers movie pitch? And now that they're making that movie, how would you feel if that's how it was used?

Well, they've already admitted they're doing it that way. Joe Johnston has said publically, the Captain America movie is going to be the first issue of Ultimates, plus the origin story, and then the Avengers movie will be material from Ultimates #2-#13, and maybe Ultimates Volume 2. I'm not speaking out of school, they've publically said this. And I'm flattered by it.

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I literally don't see a cent, though, so it's not in my interests to try and make it a pitch, and convince them to base the movie on my thing. People have asked if I'm pissed off, but I just see it as a compliment. When you do work for hire, you have to realise you won't see money for that. If you've done a good job, and it reaches other mediums, then great.

I think what would make me unhappy is if I'd been like Jack Kirby or something, and only worked for Marvel, then saw them making billions and me only getting my pay 20 years before. That would be bleak. But that's why, hopefully, current creators realise that in the end, your stuff will be used, and you will not be paid, so be smart and do some creator-owned stuff. Ennis, Ellis, we all do it as well as our Marvel stuff.

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The First Avenger: Captain America is set to be released on July 22, 2011 and The Avengers will assemble in theaters on May 4, 2012.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the first information that has come out stating direct comic influence for Marvel's Ultimate series being used for both the Captain America and Avengers films. Millar's statements seem to contradict earlier reports by Kevin Feige and Joe Johnston on the story lines for the films.

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