Green Lantern : Will it tank?

Will it be a Blockbuster, or the new Last Airbender? My thoughts on the matter...

Editorial Opinion

Well, as an ardent fan, and comic book lover , the thought of a movie based on a comic book excites me, moreso the fact that it is based on DC's Flagship character, The Green Lantern.

Now, as much as i wish to deny it, it's a fact that the trailer released last year was met with varied opinions, and many tended to dislike it. This has been attributed to many reasons, such as Incomplete CGI, too much humor, Odd music etc ; But whatever the case, the fact is that many people didn't like it.

Does this mean it will be a downright terrible movie? does it mean it will be a Romantic Comedy? i For one don't think so. i don't guarantee it will be the new Dark Knight, but i WILL say that it will be good , or at least met with mixed to positive reviews. I don't say this because of the age old fanboy "IT WILL BE GOOD BECAUSE I SAY SO! WAAAA" , but because of the fact that

1. It is going to be WB's next Tentpole Franchise after Harry Potter ends. There is NO WAY they would NOT put in effort and deliver a bad movie. No matter how bad it may seem to a few, it WILL be designed to appeal to the audience, and enough to carry the franchise and WB on it's back. Come on people, WB aren't THAT stupid :P

2. It is helmed by Martin Campbell, the man who gave us 2 excellent Bond films and a Zorro movie. He might not be of the caliber of Kenneth Brannagh or Christopher Nolan, but the man is certainly no fool or a novice. As mentioned , he directed Zorro, which balanced witty banter with action sequences, which certainly seems to be (so far ) the kind of tone they seem to want in GL.

3.This movie has one of the best Design teams, consisting of Neville Page and Oscar award winning Ngila Dickson. Say what you will about them, these 2 took some pretty goofy aliens and made them MUCH less goofier. And not to mention the fact that there's an entire design team working with them as well as Sony Image Works, the animation company that gave us Surf's Up, Alice in Wonderland and Watchmen. Just have a look at Abin Sur, Kilowog and Sinestro!

4.Geoff freaking Johns is co-producing and supervising the entire movie. True, he might have a limited say in things, but the man who transformed a relatively unknown hero into DC's Flagship character will NOT let this character down.In fact, it seems to be following his Secret Origins VERY closely, which makes anyone who has read it and a GL Fan VERY Happy.

5.Let's face it, if it does indeed fail on all accounts, it's gonna have flashy lights and space fights with a guy who flies around with an Alien Ring. i HATE to say it, but in all fairness, i have to say that it WILL draw in audiences. Plus there's "The Sexiest Man of The Year" in the lead role :P Also, Mark Strong and Peter Saarsgaard, 2 VERY intense actors play pivotal roles in the film.

So, this is why I am Optimistic about this movie. Even if it doesn't live up to my expectations, i am fairly sure it won't be "piss poor" or "Terrible" as some make it out to be.

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