FAN-ticizing: The Rebirth of the Incredible Hulk


Once again, I want to thank everyone for taking the time to check out my articles. I appreciate all the feedback you have been leaving on my editorials. Originally, I had posted an article related to this one I am doing right now but it was pulled off. I was told it was treated like a forum and not an editoral. I couldn't agree with them more.

Everyone out there who is familiar with the death of the incredible hulk saw this was the ending of the big, green monster when he fell from the plane. This wasn't the last we would see of the incredible hulk tv series because a script was being written for the revenge of the incredible hulk. I will get to that part, but first let me tell you about the death of the incredible hulk. This was a movie based off the TV show that ran from 1977-1982. I was so excited when they brought it back in 1990 for this movie. If anyone in the Marvel Universe isn't familiar with this, let me just summarize it for you. Bruce Banner who goes by the name David Bellamy, to protect his identity, acts as a "mentally challenged" janitor to gain access to a science research facility. David believes that a scientist, Dr. Ronald Pratt can help cure David's condition. To make a long story short, both David and Dr. Pratt decides to conduct an experiment that could either cure Banner from the hulk or end his life. It never happens because a spy breaks into the lab causing a fire. The spy knocks out Dr. Pratt, David gets mad and turns into the hulk. He rescues the doctor from the fire but the spy gets away. David and this spy, Jasmin eventually fall in love. Jasmin helps David rescue Dr. Mr. and Mrs. Pratt from the terroist who later kidnap them during the movie. David chases the terroist turning into the hulk, jumping on the airplane. One of the terrorist on the airplance tries to shoot the hulk with what appears to be an Uzi. Hulk graps the Uzi forcing shots to the bottom of the airplane. The airplane explodes and we see the hulk fall to his death. I loved the last lines to the movie when Jasmin said "Bruce, no don't die.... We can be free now. David says back to her "Jasmine... I am free" than he dies. I can give my opinion on this movie but I won't. Fans out there can tell you this was either one of the best hulk movies or they will tell you it was a complete flop. We will save that topic for another day.

As I stated earlier in my article that a script was being written for the revenge of the incredible hulk tv series. This would of taken place after the event of the hulk's death. This is a good concept but how were they going to pull this off? The synposis for this movie was that they would bring the Hulk back alive from the cells of David Banner. When the Hulk would be revived he would have Banner's mind. So does this mean David Banner was going to have full control over the hulk? Not such a bad concept. This could of been a good boost for the franchise since most of the Hulk movies based off the tv series received bad ratings. Unfortunately it didn't happen because Bill Bixby lost his battle to cancer. I always thought it would of been a good idea to bring in a new actor to play the part of David Banner so this series could happen. Bill Bixby made David Banner. I believe with all my heart that Bill was the best actor to play David Banner/Bruce Banner in The Hulk franchise (yes I used the word franchise). I believe all of you hulk fans feel the same way. Bill is the David Banner, period. No one knows why this series never happened after Bill's Death. It could be many factors such as they didn't want anyone new to replace Bill's role or maybe the fact was that the series would fail compared to the downfall season five had. Well we are going to fantasy land and I will tell you how this series would play out. The name of the series would be called "the rebirth of the incredible hulk."

The rebirth of the incredible hulk would have the same concept as the revenge of the incredible hulk. I would have the Hulk come back alive from the cells of David Banner. I would have the Hulk have Banner's Brain capactiy. The hulk in my series would be the hulk permanetly. We would say bye, bye, so long David Banner. I would have some scientist that would be involved with the military and linked to David Banner in some way. He would bring the hulk back to life for the greater good. They would use the Hulk to stop foreign enemies reaching U.S. soil, terroist attacks, aiding U.S. allies or peace in the middle east. The Hulk could be used as a weapon of mass destruction. So in my series we would only need the greatest bodybuilder of all time, Lou Ferrigno. The Hulk would be the hulk we know in love. He would be stopping bad guys, breaking and bending things, and running away. This hulk would be very intelligent. He would be an intelligent scientist just like David Banner. He would continue to find a cure to become human once again. He would find cures to heal everyday people from such diseases like cancer or AIDS. He would be God sent. Everytime he would come close to getting cured from his curse, interuptions would happen i.e his lab would catch on fire, the cure would fall in the wrong hands, or he wouldn't get the funding to continue his project. He would get mad and go on his "old hulk rampages" just like in the tv series. In my fantasy series I would have enemies like Leader, The Abomination, and Red Hulk. Imagine that, Afghanistan using the Red Hulk to commit terroist acts on the United States and their allies. We would even throw in a couple of his allies from the avengers to have cameos such as Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor.

All I can say is can a boyhood dream of mine become a reality? Maybe if they do create this "new Hulk series" that is everywhere on the internet, they will touch on some information on the revenge of the incredible hulk. I hope an another lifetime there will be a hardcore fan, like myself, create either a movie or a tv series after they own the rights to Marvel to make this happen. Going forward, I will continue to watch The hulk tv shows on hulu and my precious dvds of help helping the daredevil and fighting thor.

I hope everyone enjoys this youtube clip that I found. This was made from a hulk fan who did a mash up of what the begining of the revenge of the hulk series might of looked like. Please feel free to leave feedback. If you like, share your own stories on how you would approach the resurrection of the incredible hulk.

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