Jon Favreau's Guide To Iron Man 2

In this Exclusive, Jon Favreau gives his ultimate guide to all the elements of Iron Man 2. Check it Out

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From, Jon Favreau explains different elements of Iron Man 2, as GQ asks for them. This isn't the full Interview, so we'll just have to wait for the New issue of GQ Magazine to read the rest, in the meantime check out what's here now.

How Robert Downey Jr keeps Tony Stark on track

"Iron Man is an amalgam of a lot of different people, but a lot of Tony is Robert for sure. I think the biggest element are aspects of his personality and of my personality - that combination creates Tony. Robert definitely helps keep everything flying straight and he brings perspective. His personality informs the story, the script, the performance and the editing.

As we find him in this new film, Tony has his hands full. He's been very busy being Tony Stark and Iron Man and reinventing his company to help put the world in order. He's been doing a pretty good job of it. There's harmony in the world and Iron Man has had a good effect on everything. But it has taken its toll on Tony. To try and run and reinvent a company, be Iron Man and also be the public face of Tony Stark has taken a tremendous amount of effort, and he's barely holding it together."

The style of Robert Downey Jr

"There is always a tendency for Robert to want to dress down and away from the cookie-cutter form. Even when he does clean up, he does so in a way that's very Robert. He's got the rock star swagger. But I think Tony Stark has informed Robert as well. Robert has become more like Tony in what he'll wear and how big a personality he is. In the success of [Robert's] resurgence, the line blurs. I don't think it's a one way street…"

Why Iron Man is like Obama

"Tony Stark is now a public figure. He is involved in the government, having been a weapons contractor. He's entrenched in the tech world and he's entrenched in the world of celebrity. It is a blurry line nowadays. Obama was as much as celebrity during that election cycle as any actor, and was certainly doing the rounds in Hollywood. At the same time a lot of actors became involved in politics. It all crosses over so much it's hard to know where that line is anymore."

Tony's also changed - with a mantle of responsibility comes a level of maturity. It's one thing to say you're Iron Man - it's another thing to actually be him. The advantage of doing a sequel is that because we've been down that road before, we understand the tone and the characters. We don't have the innocent sincerity of an origin story, but now it's always going to be about delving into the more complicated aspects of a character, unless you have a cookie-cutter hero who dances through each episode of the serialized storytelling. Which didn't appeal to us! The minute you get beyond the rise of the hero it becomes a more difficult die to cast."

The cars of Iron Man 2

"We got some good cars in this one - the 1949 Mercury and the new Audi R8 spyder. We even stuck a fold-up airplane in his garage. That's pretty cool. It is more window-dressing than anything but we've got definitely cool, classic automobiles. Tony has the definitive car of every generation. The Peterson Museum loaned us a few of their classic cars but the cheapest one is mine - a 1932 Ford Flathead Roaster. It doesn't really belong in there, but it's a classic and the flamed out one is the one toy I have. I'm not a collector but I do like the old-fashioned Fifties style hot-rod. That's something I got many years ago."

Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts

"We know that the heart of the audience lies in the unrequited relationshp between Tony and Pepper Potts (played by Gwyneth Paltrow [pictured]. After filming, dining with Gwyneth is on a whole another level. She knows the chef wherever you go. She's a treat - you always eat good with her."

At home with Tony Stark

"Roberts tastes [in design] are similar to Tony's and definitely some of the set dressing has been influenced by Robert. But I wouldn't call them interchangeable. There is definitely a retro-futuristic-chic thing going on with Tony that Robert is a little bit more about warmth and hominess. Robert definitely has an eye for art as well. Remember, Tony's been cultivating an art collection for many years. Robert's only hit this level in the past year or two - so, give him time. I'm sure they'll become closer together as time passes."

Why Iron Man likes AC/DC

"I like AC/DC! Many movies I've been involved in, even as an actor, have attempted to use their songs but they never could afford it or get the permission to do it. It was very exciting to open up the first film with "Back in Black". Which worked well for the scene and also served to differentiate us from other superhero movies. It works well for Tony as well - that whole bad-boy superstar thing. It also was actually something very accurate for someone driving a humvee through Afghanistan.

Before we started filming the second movie, at one of their concerts a bunch of images just hit me. I was hearing "Shoot to Thrill" and got an image of something that could be in the movie: Iron Man on stage. Because Iron Man should be at that level. He should be a rockstar. That would be something no one had ever seen before in a superhero movie. and it's really nice to have an inspired moment that fortunately because of the success of the first film, if I get an inspired moment I can actually turn it into a movie."

Iron Man's fight with celebrity

"Between Robert, myself and [scriptwriter] Justin Theroux, we've been exposed to what fame means today and [have created] an exaggeration of that fame to a higher order of magnitude. There are certain things that become inevitable with the meteoric rise of somebody. There are the negative aspects of it - some of it comes from the individual, as you come to terms with who you really are and how you are perceived. But some of it comes from how much the world demands of you and how you hard it is to maintain balance internally. The other aspect is the way the world reacts in this digital age - the world is a community, there is no anonymity, the media is pervasive and omnipresent. Whenever you're operating at that level of capacity, it doesn't take much to send you into a tailspin."

Mickey Rourke as Whiplash

"He approaches Iron Man 2 in the same way he approached The Wrestler and all his other films. He's very attuned to what the characters are wearing, how they look, where they're from. He looks at all the outward aspects of the character as well as all the inward ones. He's very thorough in his preparation - you don't just leave the clothes on the hanger and say "Put this on." He reacts to what is in the script and comes up with the vision with you as a filmmaker."

Why Tony Stark is troubled

"Tony has everything you could possibly wish for around him. I know a lot of people who don't want for much as far as material things go. When someone has every need provided for, it tends to draw a finer point into aspects of their life that may lead them to a point of not being satisfied. Spiritual short-comings tend to rise to the service in a much clearer way. It's amazing how many people are miserable out there. When you see the poor little rich boy, it shows you that, life is complicated at that leve, because the stakes are so high and it's so far to fall. And there are so many people watching."

Why everyone loves Iron Man

"Tony has the people on his side. People love to have an individual that they like, that they relate to, that they feel safe and comfortable with. In that way there is an aspect of Caesar. People are conflicted about elected officials, but as Tony Stark steps onto the scene he keeps them safe, they feel comfortable with him and they like him. He's a charismatic leader that is above the government in many ways because he has the support of the people. That's frustrating to elected officials. It happens over and over again in history where one individual can overshadow a whole democratically elected government."

The technology of Iron Man 2

"After the first film, a number of tech companies talked about how uncanny a lot of our arbitary depictions of technology had turned out to be. What we were more aware of this time round is how many different films and videogames ended up being inspired by the imagery that we had used. This forced us to go a bit further into the future and try and change the nature of this technology. If we'd just duplicated what happened in the first one, we would be behind the curve.

All the technology [from Iron Man] is right on the cusp of being readily available. It has been emulated by other films and we want to break new ground visually. All that stuff from Minority Report, if you go to an electronics show, that stuff is there. It all exists now. So now in the new film, we're dealing with holographs, the interface within the suit and the suit being upgraded too.

Part of the fun is that Iron Man is not a suit, it's a whole hall of armour that develops over time. Tony Stark and his suit are evolving. You always want to do something else, have a few tricks up your sleeve. We turned to the comic books for inspiration but we definitely put our own twist on it."

Be sure to keep a look out for the Full Ultimate guide to Iron Man 2, once GQ has it up. Calenders indicate two til Iron Man 2's glorious release, May 7th.

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