More Iron Man 2 Hints at Collapsible Briefcase Armor

Here are all the hints of there being a collapsible briefcase armor in Iron Man 2. Check It Out!

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All of the Iron Man 2's armors of Iron Man, has already been revealed in pics, toys, and even the trailer. We have seen the actual armors of the Mk4, and the Mk6 (triangular chest piece). But the one Marvel is trying to keep a secret, is Mk5.

They aren't trying to keep the actual armor a secret, but what it is capable of.
We believe that the Mk5, is the only armor capable of collapsing into a briefcase. This small assumption started when ET had a set visit, and we saw the actual briefcase being thrown out by Pepper Potts, to hand to Tony, to take out Whiplash. It was first reported by Screenrant.

Here is the interview, featuring the footage of the breifcase.

And here is a screencap:

Robert Downey Jr. says,
"The car gets cut in half and then in half again. This is where he meets his nemesis, and this big kind of action sequence UNFOLDS on the track…"

Did you catch that, "unfolds". Could he be hinting at the breifcase unfolding into the Mk5.

In the pic below from the Racetrack scene, do you think the breifcase could be what Tony is holding in his hand. And a peice of the car ripped in half, right below it?


NEXT you may want to know what the Mk4 armor looks like. There are only Toy versions, but its pretty clear how close it could be to the actual armor. To me, it actually looks like the ruffels of the armor collapse down. Don't you think?

Cool, huh? Now check out what's in Happy Hogan's hand, from the Iron Man 2 minimate toy collection. Look directly behind the Mk4's right foot.

That's the suitcase right?

LAST The most recent hint reveals what is being called, Whiplash Showdown from MegaBloks. It is a set of toy peices featuring Whiplash, Iron Man, and War Machine. Here are the pics

With these images, we can safely say there will be a showdown indeed between Iron Man's Mk5 & Whiplash. In the last image, you can see the breifcase, again, right beside the Mk5.

MarvelFreshman:Well there you have it. I'm kinda upset we figured this out, now I won't be fully surprised when it actaully happens. All in all, this was a great way to refer to the comics. Wow, its almost like this film will be too perfect.

Special thanks to Screenrant, and user, RealIrOnMaN from SuperHeroHype Forums. They both contributed to parts of this assumption. I came up with the theory myself as well. They added more facts to the assumtion though.

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