JUSTICE LEAGUE Actor Ray Fisher Accuses James Gunn Of "Fake Grace" After Joss Whedon Tweet Deletion

JUSTICE LEAGUE Actor Ray Fisher Accuses James Gunn Of "Fake Grace" After Joss Whedon Tweet Deletion JUSTICE LEAGUE Actor Ray Fisher Accuses James Gunn Of "Fake Grace" After Joss Whedon Tweet Deletion

It seems it's not just Joss Whedon and the old Warner Bros. guard that Ray Fisher has a problem with! The Justice League actor has just sent out a response to James Gunn's series of Tweets. Updated...

By MarkCassidy - Dec 19, 2022 06:12 PM EST
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Guess Ray Fisher still hasn't received that apology from Walter Hamada!

Earlier tonight, recently-appointed DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn shared a series of Tweets addressing the negative (and outright abusive) feedback he's received since making some pretty controversial decisions regarding the future of the new DC Universe. Now, Fisher has responded by bringing up an exchange he had with the filmmaker back in January of this year.

The Justice League actor asked Gunn to offer an explanation for a Tweet from Alan Tudyk, who worked with Joss Whedon on Firefly and Serenity, which The Suicide Squad director "liked." Gunn then apologized for weighing in on a situation he "knew nothing about," but Fisher has now called him out for deleting said Tweet.

"The way James Gunn uses fake grace on Twitter is really funny," Fisher wrote. "Him going to bat for Joss Whedon, pseudo-apologizing for it, and then deleting it immediately before taking his new DC job is not. Refusing to apologize for toxic behavior seems to be a job requirement for WB/DC."

In case you're unaware of the history here, Fisher accused Whedon, Geoff Johns and others of unprofessional and abusive behaviour on the set of Justice League, and Hamada of covering up for and enabling them. An investigation was conducted which came to nothing (though Fisher has his own thoughts on why that is), but the actor clearly has zero intention of letting it go.

It should be noted that Fisher is far from the only one to level these type of allegations at the Avengers director. In fact, he's been accused of doing a lot worse by several members of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer cast.

UPDATE: Gunn has responded with the following.

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JUSTICE LEAGUE Director Zack Snyder Responds To BARBIE's Shot At The Snyder Cut

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ShamusG - 12/19/2022, 6:56 PM
Is his fifteen minutes not up yet???
TheLobster - 12/19/2022, 6:57 PM
@ShamusG - he was pretty great as Cyborg in ZSJL so I hope they’re not up but I do agree that he needs to just move on.
Dotanuki - 12/19/2022, 7:01 PM
@TheLobster - he was wooden as hell. Just awful.
AmySabadini - 12/19/2022, 7:08 PM
@Dotanuki - You really should check out his performance some time. It was exceptional.
Dotanuki - 12/19/2022, 7:10 PM
@AmySabadini - I watched both versions and did not enjoy his performance in either.
AmySabadini - 12/19/2022, 7:11 PM
@Dotanuki -
Dotanuki - 12/19/2022, 7:16 PM
@AmySabadini - uh, sorry my reality doesn’t comport to your opinion.
Goldboink - 12/19/2022, 7:22 PM
@ShamusG - It was up long ago. He's now preparing to play Biff at a dinner theater in Orlando.
TheLobster - 12/19/2022, 7:29 PM
@Dotanuki - nope, you just hate him because something about Snyder and Ray’s rants. If it was the same performance in an MCU film - you probably wouldn’t mind it.

His scene of giving a struggling mom money was heart of gold shit right there including his scene where he says he isn’t alone and he’s not broken.
Dotanuki - 12/19/2022, 7:44 PM
@TheLobster - I’m glad Ray’s performance touched you so deeply.
mastakilla39 - 12/19/2022, 8:10 PM
@TheLobster @AmySabadini - I disagree, it was a terrible performance. I thought Fisher was wooden and wasn't interesting enough to bare the weight of the main story. Seems like Snyder just had everyone's pity and celebration for his cut and they ignored all its flaws.

I wouldn't consider stealing someone else's money to give it to a struggling person righteous because its still stealing. If he had given his own or helped her in other ways like leading that family to a shelter or public help service than that will be more righteous. That's the biggest problem with Snyder's verse, every choice a hero makes is debatable or stupid.
TheLobster - 12/19/2022, 8:16 PM
@mastakilla39 - you’re assuming to justify that what his character didn’t wasn’t that great at all. Show me where he takes the money from a hardworking person and gives it to the struggling mom. If you find it - I’ll give up the argument.

Your argument is a redistribution of wealth is wrong which… yikes lol
TheLobster - 12/19/2022, 8:19 PM
@Dotanuki - definitely made me feel more than I did watching the majority of Phase Four (MoM and Wakanda Forever aside).
Supercat6376 - 12/19/2022, 8:37 PM
@Dotanuki - we’ll he was playing a cyborg lol but yes he stunk
McMurdo - 12/19/2022, 8:52 PM
@TheLobster - he was okay at best. Melodramatic AF.
TheGrayGhost - 12/19/2022, 8:53 PM
@ShamusG - definitely seems so. Trying to enter the arena that way before realizing Twitter has an auto-delete feature (that Gunn has enabled). Not odd that Wilding didn’t mention the part regarding the deleted tweet.
dagenspear - 12/19/2022, 9:09 PM
@TheLobster - You don't decide why they may not like him.

You're speaking on writing, not acting, in this.
dagenspear - 12/19/2022, 9:10 PM
@TheLobster - That's not a decider of the character being good, all by itself.
malschla - 12/19/2022, 9:14 PM
@TheLobster - Wait… you’re arguing in favor of forced wealth redistribution?
ColdSlither - 12/19/2022, 9:15 PM
@AmySabadini - I’m glad you liked it, but Ray added nothing. People are being overly dramatic about how good he was.
TheLobster - 12/19/2022, 9:20 PM
@malschla - if it’s coming from crooked Wall Street hedge funds or the government to support struggling full time workers? Abso[frick]inglutely: show some class solidarity fool
TheLobster - 12/19/2022, 9:23 PM
@dagenspear - when I’m seeing performances of the same caliber getting a free pass but then hating on Ray who I’m sorry but yes - his performance in ZSJL is definitely stronger and more well rounded - it paints a pretty biased picture.

People hate on almost anything and everything Snyder related. It’s predictable and toxic at times which the irony is just.. too much:
TheLobster - 12/19/2022, 9:26 PM
@dagenspear - in ZSJL, you see him deal with the absence of his father, then the death of his mother, and then see him go on a arc of accepting himself and forgiving his father who he saw sacrifice himself. He offers to sacrifice himself to tap into the motherboxes to break up the unity knowing that it could kill him…

But yeah the character is total shit and a big nothingburger lmao yeah right.

Just say you hate all things Snyder and won’t look past the bias. I could actually commend that.
malschla - 12/19/2022, 10:27 PM
@TheLobster - lol
TheLobster - 12/19/2022, 11:13 PM
@malschla - lol right back at ya class traitor :)
ForceofWakanda - 12/20/2022, 2:43 AM
@ShamusG -

Feels like every single time I see this dude Ray Fisher talking about something...he's b*thing about something
ObserverIO - 12/20/2022, 6:26 AM
@TheLobster - He basically robbed a bank for a girl he was stalking. Let's not dress it up.
TheLobster - 12/20/2022, 11:26 AM
@ObserverIO - “he robbed a bank for a girl he was stalking”

The reaching here to tear down a wholesome scene is straight up delusional. It could have been a scene of Cyborg visiting a cancer patient to brighten up their day and you would still talk shit because… you hate Snyder and Ray as a person. How about you stop dressing it up and be honest with yourself lol
ObserverIO - 12/20/2022, 2:47 PM
@TheLobster - It was certainly trying to be "wholesome" but it was tone deaf. Just a weird choice really. Same sort of thing happened in Superman Returns and that had nothing to do with your good lord Snyder or his lackey.

And at least Superman never robbed a bank.
grif - 12/20/2022, 2:55 PM
@ShamusG - 15 years bro
CaptainCheese - 12/21/2022, 1:56 PM
@Dotanuki - Now show us on this doll where it touched you.
TheLobster - 12/19/2022, 6:56 PM
I usually defend Ray because he called out some things that in one way or another proved to be true … but come on man. Just leave it.
DalekCraigWasson - 12/19/2022, 7:32 PM
@TheLobster - Yeah, even taking the most pro-Ray perspective you can, why does he post his own reply at the time telling Gunn thank you for apologizing? Why is he bringing it up now if it wasn't settled?
DalekCraigWasson - 12/19/2022, 7:56 PM
@DalekCraigWasson - Rereading, I guess the reason is to show that the tweet was deleted? That makes more sense, but a) Gunn said last month all his X months old tweets automatically delete, and b) calling it a "pseudo-apology" now while also showing you thank him just looks hypocritical.

It's like the Comic Con panel where he praised Joss Whedon and later said he was lying. Whedon was terrible to him, I'm not disputing that, but I don't remember any of the other actors on the panel making up false quotes about how much they enjoyed Joss Whedon.

I may be wrong, but this Gunn thing gives me the impression of friends I have who will look you in the eye, say it's all good and what's past is past, and then bring past drama again over the slightest disagreement, lol.
TheOtherOn - 12/19/2022, 9:54 PM
@TheLobster - Ray should just...

DrReedRichards - 12/19/2022, 6:57 PM
BackwardGalaxy - 12/19/2022, 8:28 PM
@DrReedRichards - Ray, at some point, you're going to have to let us have some nice things
Dotanuki - 12/19/2022, 6:57 PM
This facking guy…
JstaKIDfrmBKLYN - 12/19/2022, 6:57 PM
This guy's got to give it up.
ThouBear8 - 12/19/2022, 6:58 PM
Does this guy ever shut the [frick] up? Jesus. The fact that he has now even turned most of the people who supported him against him is pretty telling. Just constantly feeling aggrieved by everyone.
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