8 Villains Marvel Studios Needs To Bring Back During Phase 5 And 6 Of The Multiverse Saga

We're going to be spending time with a lot of Kang Variants in the coming years, but there are still plenty of villains from the past Marvel Studios should consider making use of during this current Saga.

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Avengers: Endgame changed the Marvel Cinematic Universe in ways we never imagined, but the Multiverse Saga has taken this shared world down even more unexpected, and increasingly divisive, routes. 

Looking back at the Infinity Saga, there are a lot of characters who could factor into what comes next, particularly many of its villains. Sure, Marvel Studios now has access to more baddies than ever before (after regaining the X-Men and Fantastic Four rights) but that doesn't mean this lot should be forgotten about, especially when there are more stories to be told.

What we're taking a look at here are the bad guys we want to see make a comeback during the next two Phases, some of whom you may have forgotten about, and others you'll surely be as desperate as us to see again. Kang Variants look set to dominate this Saga, but there should be room for this lot...even if they too call other realities home. 

To take a look through our suggestions, all you guys need to do is hit the "Next" button below. 

8. Red Skull

The Red Skull made his return in Avengers: Infinity War, but his future in the MCU was very much left up in the air, even after he showed up during Avengers: Endgame's time-travel sequence.

The question is, has he been freed from Vormir in order to finally return to Earth and get his vengeance on Captain America (well, the new one) or does he remain trapped, a shadow of his former self? It's impossible to say, but Ross Marquand did a fantastic job, so The Walking Dead alum reprising the role would be no bad thing.

Captain America: New World Order looks set to be pretty busy with returning baddies The Leader and General President "Thunderbolt" Ross, but Red Skull could always be revealed to be pulling the strings from somewhere in the shadows...

7. Iron Monger

Iron Monger is, well, dead, but with Alden Ehrenreich set to play Ezekiel Stane in Disney+'s Ironheart, there's surely a pretty good chance he'll don a suit not dissimilar to his father's!

However, after concept art confirmed Marvel Studios considered adding an Ironmonger Variant to The Illuminati's ranks in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, we'd love to visit a reality where Obidiah Stane managed to beat Tony Stark. That sounds like a solid episode of What If...?, but The Avengers battling an evil "Iron Man" in these Phases is a must. 

If nothing else, here's hoping Ironheart brings Jeff Bridges back as the villain, even if it's just in flashbacks. 

6. Ultron

Joss Whedon did a good job with Ultron in Avengers: Age of Ultron (even if he did let off a few too many wisecracks), and while it appeared as if The Vision destroyed him at the end of that sequel, the door has to be open to the android once again taking aim at Earth's Mightiest Heroes in the MCU.

There are many ways Ultron could make a comeback; it could be as an outer space villain who takes centre stage in a post-James Gunn Guardians of the Galaxy movie or even in upcoming projects like Armor Wars and Vision Quest

Whatever the case may be, Ultron shouldn't be a one-and-done villain, and we'd love to see what another filmmaker would do with him. What If...? offered an idea of what this could look like, but fingers crossed that James Spader reprises the role if and when this live-action comeback happens.

5. Justin Hammer

Iron Man 2 was a mess, but Sam Rockwell's Justin Hammer was an undeniable highlight. The actor made a brief and unexpected appearance in the "All Hail the King" One-Shot, but hasn't been seen since. However, he could have easily escaped alongside Sir Ben Kingsley's Trevor.

Another villain who could set his sights on Riri Williams or even design armour for a group like the Masters of Evil or Thunderbolts, there's still so much more that could be done with Hammer on the big and small screens in these Phases. Even if he's just a supporting player, Hammer can make an impact in the MCU with ease.

Armor Wars is the most likely destination for Hammer, but Ironheart could be where the groundwork is laid for his return. 

4. Malekith


Christopher Eccleston didn't enjoy his time as Malekith in Thor: The Dark World and, if we're being honest, we're not exactly desperate to see him return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

However, the character is one with a lot of potential, and it was a real shame not to see him match wits with the Mighty Thor in Taika Waitit's Thor: Love and Thunder. There's still time moving forward, of course, and while we're not entirely sure how his return could be explained, Marvel Studios can no doubt find a way to figure it out. 

We definitely want to see a different actor playing the villain, though, even if the new Malekith has to be the original's son, brother, or Multiversal Variant! 

3. Karl Mordo

Doctor Strange ended with Karl Mordo making his new villainous nature known, but the character didn't end up appearing in last year's sequel, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

We spent time with a Variant, Master Mordo, but his Earth-616 counterpart's absence can be explained by a deleted scene. You see, the movie originally opened with Karl being beheaded by the Scarlet Witch after he tracked Wanda Maximoff down with an eye to killing her. We're glad Marvel Studios didn't waste him with a quick death, but c'mon, a comeback is overdue.

Doctor Strange 3 will be the best place for that to happen, but an alternative would be Agatha: Coven of Chaos

2. Mac Gargan

There were rumblings that Mac Gargan was going to make an appearance in Spider-Man: Far From Home, but that didn't happen and he failed to suit up in Spider-Man: No Way Home as well. 

While it's true that his origin story was a tad uninspired and rushed compared to his comic book counterpart, it would still be amazing to see Gargan suit up as the Scorpion. However, Marvel Studios will need to flesh him out if he does return, regardless of whether he's a lead villain or playing a supporting role to another big bad. 

It's possible we'll see this Mac Gargan in Sony's Marvel Universe, but that's not the outcome we're rooting for after movies like Morbius and Venom.

1. Kang the Conqueror


This is a villain we only met weeks ago, but despite how many Kang Variants are heading our way in the coming years, it's the Conqueror we're hoping to see more of. 

Jonathan Majors is a phenomenal talent, but as intrigued as we are to see the likes of Victor Timely, Rama-Tut, The Centurion, and Immortus, it feels like this Kang is the definitive version of the villain. Luckily, we believe Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania has already set the stage for him to return from the "dead."

Sucked into that Mulitversal Engine, we believe the Conqueror will return down the line with the powers of The Beyonder, able to reshape reality at will and perhaps even create his own dream universe...

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