Fanboys have always been a bit of a bitter lot. But I doubt anyone would say nerd kind hasn't been especially hateful over the last several years. What happened?

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So....I've been thinking about this for a while now. Figured it was time to let it out. I don't think DC fanboys has as big of a problem with MARVEL... as it appears. Yes, there has been the most epic amount of fake outrage and just outright trolling of Marvel as of late. Sure no one has to be told the obvious uptick in pure slandering, trolling started right around time the MCU took flight. Which leaves the impression it was simply jealousy of Marvel's success which sparked the loudest wave of hateful fanboys seen to date. But was it more?

I believe if it had been a X-Men film at the core of the MCU are DC brethren wouldn't have acted nearly as savage over the last several years. After all that wouldn't have upset the established order. People forget the X-Men were actually the biggest superhero team this gen. Dominating all through the 80's  and 90's. It's only due to them being owned by FOX at the time Marvel launched the MCU, starting a shared universe boom is what caused the X-Men to drop a few notches with general audiences. If it couldn't be part of shared universe... people weren't interested. Causing the X-Men's  popularity to wane a bit. Or if even it was Spiderman. Him dominating wouldn't have upset the established order.

"The Avengers are B-list!" Remember that phrase. Neither do I. Hardly anymore anyway. It used to dominate these message boards. During the early years of the MCU if we had a nickel for every time a DC fanboy shouted that we'd all be able to retire. Or what about the good'ol classic "DC is the most iconic!" Bet you haven't heard that in a while. But who were they speaking of when saying that specifically? The Justice League. Certainly not the rest or majority of DC heroes. 

And there is the problem. Yep. It wasn't a Marvel vs DC thing. But a Avengers vs Justice league thing. The Avengers roster never really got to shine until the MCU. Yes they've been around for a while. Mostly with comic fans. But that corner of the Marvel universe had never really gotten a chance to shine with the masses. Where as the Justice League being bought out by a big studio first, WB had it's prominent members paraded before the masses for years. Not necessarily as a team but mostly individually. Even spawning some of the greatest cartoons ever. While the Avengers were MIA for the bulk of those years. Marvel had many projects getting buzz yet never the Avengers or it's cast. Maybe a little Hulk though not being recieved the greatest.

Oh,  I get. Totally understand why DC fanboys lost their collective minds. Marvel had more overall success IMO even back then. But DC had what seemingly was the biggest or most iconic. Over time Marvel gained traction with multiple heroes. Keeping a overall stronger presence and dominating comic sales. Yet through WB DC remained the frontrunner for years. While doing this with Justice League members. Everybody knows Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman etc... While Marvel was having plenty of success with multiple types of characters it was DC who made their bread and butter with classic hero archetypes. X-men dominating was fine...in time. Or even Spidey. Because they didn't represent a TEAM of random heroes coming together for a common cause. Over time DC fanboys begin to identify with this. 

We all know Marvel's answer to the JL is the Avengers. Which came after the League. Literally Marvel copied them even. As the story goes years ago the heads of DC and Marvel took a little golf trip together. A DC representative there started bragging about the sales of the new team book the Justice League. I guess back then you couldn't just go see sales records like we do now.  Avengers were literally a direct response to the JL. 

Every time a fanboy shouted b-list they were talking about the Avengers. Now Marvel beat DC at their own game. That's what set off the DC community. The MCU conquered Hollywood with the Avengers at the center. They have reached highets the Justice League never have and never will. Marvel's seemingly "b-list" superhero team is slaying. After years of fanboys chanting "most iconic!. Grandaddy of all heroes! Biggest all time!! Holy trinity!! Avengers are b-list!" They had....and have to sit back and watch the  Avengers practically take the throne of biggest, most iconic superhero team and there's nothing they can do about it. Hence the online fake outrage and slandering that comes with every new Marvel product. Especially The Avengers. Avengers beat DC...the Justice League to the AAA game stage even .  Is there really any wonder they haven't shut up lying on that game since it's announcement? Nope. Marvel is beating DC at their own game. DC fanboys ain't shutting up no time soon. It's emotional at this point. Pure impulse. 

In the future once the MCU calms down with the Avengers centric content they'll stop slandering and raging greatly. It'll still happen of course but it won't be nothing like it is now. As of now they don't have anything to identify with. Marvel took everything and is showing no signs of slowing down. 

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