FUTURAMA Returns After A Brief Ten-Year Hiatus! Check Out The First Trailer

FUTURAMA Returns After A Brief Ten-Year Hiatus! Check Out The First Trailer

After a decade away from our screens, Fry, Leela, Bender, Zoidberg and the rest of the gang are set to return next month for Hulu's Futurama revival series. Check out a new trailer and poster...

By MarkCassidy - Jun 28, 2023 06:06 AM EST
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Hulu has debuted the first full trailer for its Futurama revival, which is set to premiere on July 24.

After a brief ten-year hiatus, the animated sci-fi comedy series has crawled triumphantly from the cryogenic tube, its full original cast and satirical spirit intact.

The ten all-new episodes of season eleven have something for everyone. New viewers will be able to pick up the series from here, while long-time fans will recognize payoffs to decades-long mysteries – including developments in the epic love story of Fry and Leela, the mysterious contents of Nibbler's litter box, the secret history of evil Robot Santa, and the whereabouts of Kif and Amy's tadpoles.

Meanwhile, there's a whole new pandemic in town as the crew explores the future of vaccines, bitcoin, cancel culture, and streaming TV.

Check out the trailer and a new poster below.


For the uninitiated, we also have an in-depth series synopsis.

Futurama premiered in 1999 and quickly gained a faithful following and critical acclaim, including two primetime Emmys for Outstanding Animated Program. Despite its far-future setting, the show is renowned for its satiric commentary on life in the present. The series follows Philip J. Fry (Billy West), a New York City pizza delivery boy, who accidentally freezes himself in 1999 and gets defrosted in the year 3000. In this astonishing New New York, he befriends hard-drinking robot Bender (John DiMaggio), and falls in love with cyclops Leela (Katey Sagal). The trio find work at the Planet Express Delivery Company, founded by Fry’s doddering descendant, Professor Hubert Farnsworth.

Together with accountant Hermes Conrad, assistant Amy Wong, and alien lobster Dr. John Zoidberg, they embark on thrilling adventures that take them to every corner of the universe. After its initial run on the Fox Broadcasting Network, a roller-coaster of cancellations and resurrections ensued. Four successful direct-to-DVD releases in 2007-2009 led to the show's rebirth on Comedy Central from 2010-2013. Then, after a brief ten-year freeze in the cryogenic chamber, Futurama emerged triumphantly as a streaming series for Hulu with a 20-episode order set to debut in 2023.

Will you be tuning in to the new episodes of Futurama? Drop us a comment down below.

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Lokiwasright - 6/28/2023, 6:17 AM
Why not Disney ➕?

Plus I never really like the original.
CoHost - 6/28/2023, 7:16 AM
@Lokiwasright - It will be internationally since Hulu's only in the States.
sahinduezguen - 6/28/2023, 6:46 AM
UncleHarm1 - 6/28/2023, 1:40 PM
@sahinduezguen - Futurama > all other shows that's why.
CoHost - 6/28/2023, 7:17 AM

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

King of the Hill

Clone High

Beavis and Butt-Head

Makes me wonder if Family Guy ended (again) around 2007, would people had want that to come back?
mountainman - 6/28/2023, 7:54 AM
@CoHost - I wish King of the Hill would have let time pass. Old man Hank and an adult Bobby could be fun to see.
dracula - 6/28/2023, 12:40 PM
@mountainman - they said the reboot will include a time jump

Wonder what they will do about Luanne and Lucky

Both their actors are dead
dracula - 6/28/2023, 12:41 PM
@CoHost - maybe next will be clerks the animated series
mountainman - 6/28/2023, 1:19 PM
@dracula - Well a time jump could make recasting voice actors easier. I just feel that if we are revisiting a series that already ran 11 seasons, let’s try something different.

13 year time jump would put Bobby in his mid twenties. I’d love to see that kid as an adult with a job and other adult responsibilities. Although the character had a female voice actor so that would be difficult if he was aged up.

Lucky isn’t quite as impactful so maybe just have the character have died and give a nice nod to Tom Petty.
dracula - 6/28/2023, 1:34 PM
@mountainman - if they want another kid character, could kill them both off and have Hank and Peggy raise their kid

obviously recast bobby
mountainman - 6/28/2023, 1:45 PM
@dracula - That’s dark but it could work. I kind of want to see Luanne older too. I see her putting on a lot of weight. Seems appropriate for the charcater.
FusionWarrior - 6/28/2023, 8:23 AM
PC04 - 6/28/2023, 9:17 AM
Good to see Futurama is back!
MyCoolYoung - 6/28/2023, 10:22 AM
Might be in the minority, but futurama top 3 for me. That episode with bender and god one of the top animated episodes I’ve ever seen
SummersEssex - 6/28/2023, 3:41 PM
Oh sweet. Futurama is one of my favorite comic books ever.
Jacory - 6/28/2023, 6:08 PM
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