POWER RANGERS: SHATTERED GRID Official Trailer Sees Jason David Frank Suit Up As The Evil Lord Drakkon

POWER RANGERS: SHATTERED GRID Official Trailer Sees Jason David Frank Suit Up As The Evil Lord Drakkon

As Power Rangers: Shattered Grid prepares to launch next week, writer Kyle Higgins has released an official trailer for the comic event, featuring the original Green Ranger Jason David Frank! Check it out!

By RohanPatel - Mar 23, 2018 09:03 PM EST
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Source: Kyle Higgins
Ahead of this weekend's WonderCon panel and next Wednesday's official launch, BOOM! Studios and Saban Brands have released a live-action teaser trailer for their upcoming comic crossover event, Power Rangers: Shattered Grid, featuring the longest-tenured Ranger ever, Jason David Frank, breathing life into the very popular comics villain, Lord Drakkon.

In case you haven't been keeping up with the acclaimed comics series, Lord Drakkon hails from an alternate dimension where Tommy Oliver never joined forces with Jason Lee Scott (Austin St. John) and the other Mighty Morphin Power Rangers but instead remained a loyal soldier to the evil Rita Repulsa. The upcoming Shattered Grid arc will see the evil Drakkon set his sights on destroying the Morphin Grid, which will threaten the existence of every Power Ranger in history. 

The comic event of the year will officially begin on March 28th, spanning across Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #24-#30, Saban's Go Go Power Rangers #8-#12, and three special one-shots. 

Watch the official trailer, written and directed by writer Kyle Higgins, below:

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TheBatmanRules - 3/23/2018, 9:38 PM
A Power Rangers show of this quality, I would so watch that
TheLight - 3/23/2018, 9:51 PM
@TheBatmanRules - The comic story of Lord Drakkon is insane. It's exactly how I always saw Tommy going full evil.
SonOfAGif - 3/23/2018, 10:36 PM
@TheLight - It would have made a good Netflix series
MrCamw1 - 3/23/2018, 9:41 PM
My brother is currently reading the comic series and says it's great. Being his twin brother I'll speak for him and say I enjoy it too lol
Luminus - 3/23/2018, 9:45 PM
10x better than the new TMNT trailer. And that's VERY sad.
JohnMarston220 - 3/23/2018, 9:49 PM
Hmmmm interesting 🤔
TheLight - 3/23/2018, 9:50 PM
See this right here, this I would want so much more as either a movie or a tv series, even a miniseries. This is a good blend of contemporary and classic. The comic storyline so far is crazy in a good way and I love that this is giving us an idea about how it would look live action. The 2017 movie was trying to be nostalgic in the wrong way by reintroducing original characters with different appearances. In my opinion, I honestly think that if the new actors were allowed to play new original characters, the movie would've been better.
Luminus - 3/23/2018, 10:14 PM
@TheLight - Nope. The characters weren't the problem. The problem was a serious lack of action. No one wanted to see Power Rangers: The Nostalgic Drama.
TheLight - 3/23/2018, 10:34 PM
@Luminus - The action was ok for a certain standing point. But overall to me, it was about them thrusting the original heroes into new faces when the focus should've been having the new faces make legends of themselves. Nostalgia truly works when its aimed in the right direction instead of throwing it to empty corners.
shadowspider9 - 3/24/2018, 12:59 AM
@Luminus - It was a lot of things.
The first was the tone. The trailers made it look likelooking like one of those awful dark edgy brooding 90's superhero movies people were sick of. Especially ever MOS and BvS.
Second was the costumes. People hated how try hard they were. The costumes and set designed screamed. Please take us seriously.
Finally the characters where kind of a problem. When you decide to use the original characters you expect their core personalities to be intact even if modified. Jason was made into troubled delinquent instead of clean cut noble guy he is. Billy was only kid of the awkward shy nerd. Kim kind of this trashy grunge girl look rather the being the peppy rich girl, Zack wasn't the music and dance cool kid.
The movie put off older fans who wanted something closer to the show and the dark tone meant parents weren't likely to take their kids. So it alienated the fans and failed to bring in new ones.
CavalierTunes - 3/24/2018, 3:07 AM
@TheLight - The actress who played Trini is dead. The actor who played Jason is fat. The actor who played Tommy still can’t act worth a damn. And bringing back all the original actors would not work anyway. The current, kid fans wouldn’t see it: they didn’t watch the original and aren’t nostalgia-fueled. The original, adult fans wouldn’t see it: I’ve tried to re-watch the reruns and the original movie, they’re [frick]ing cringey as an adult. And it would do nothing to bring in new fans.

They’re only hope is to do a reimagining in the tone of the Marvel movies (i.e., fun for kids and adults). The new “personalities” for the characters weren’t a big problem for me; I actually rather enjoyed them. The personalities’ of the original rangers—absent superficial differences (e.g., Billy’s nerdiness)—were interchangeable. Sure, Jason was “cooler” than Billy, but their morals, values, and how they would react to a problem was identical. All of the original rangers were (and I hate using this term, but in this case it actually applies) Mary-Sues. They were perfect! But, then again, it was a kids’ show: it could get away with it.

The problem with the new movie was pacing and tone. It didn’t take itself seriously enough for fans of the original, and it was too dark for kids. And there was no action peppered throughout (which wasn’t something I minded—I like more dramatic superhero movies—but it’s kinda hard to make a Power Rangers movie for mass audiences when the rangers don’t show up until the last five minutes).
newhire13 - 3/24/2018, 9:10 AM
@shadowspider9 - They just made the kids more realistic instead of the walking talking stereotypes the original Power Rangers were.
shadowspider9 - 3/24/2018, 11:17 AM
@newhire13 - Oh I'll fully agree the original where waking talking stereotypes. But that didn't mean you needed to so drastically alter their personality.
The comic does a great job flushing the characters out and making them more 3d while still keeping their main personality in tact.
A good example is Jason. The comic gives us backstory that Jason used to be a bully when he was young but changed and it's why he tries so hard to defend those weaker then him and teaches kids martial arts.
Luminus - 3/24/2018, 10:57 PM
@shadowspider9 - Good action would've made those other issues nigh invisible. Just look at those incredibly ridiculous Fast & The Furious films. Hell, look at Legends of Tomorrow. That show is just a clusterfrak of problems, and yet its fun as hell.

@CavalierTunes - Exactly. By the way, Mary Sue was a real character, which is where the term comes from. It's not sexist.
TechNation - 3/23/2018, 9:50 PM
The comic series was awesome.
Nerdman3000 - 3/23/2018, 9:51 PM
I love this comic! Can't wait for it! Seriously, Lord Drakkon is officially the best Power Rangers villian of all time, and it's great to see him brought to life in this trailer.
comicfan100 - 3/23/2018, 10:23 PM
This was sooooo satisfying to watch. The book is great! I hope this event spins off more titles. I would absolutely LOVE to see a Time Force book!
SonOfAGif - 3/23/2018, 10:37 PM
So is Jason still dead?
TheLight - 3/23/2018, 11:54 PM
@SonOfAGif - Sadly, yes. That's the only thing that I hated about the storyline. Jason is known for being Tommy's only rival and the only other ranger to go toe to toe with him. I understood why they killed him off but still its Jason.
shadowspider9 - 3/24/2018, 12:46 AM
@TheLight - They kind of had to though. Since Jason is the only one able to go toe to toe with Tommy Jason would to lose to Tommy eventually and be killed for it to make scene Tommy had such a level of control.
SonOfAGif - 3/24/2018, 2:38 AM
@TheLight - Well isn't Andros technically the strongest ranger since he is alien and the only Ranger strong enough to wield the Battalizer armor?
RedSheep - 3/23/2018, 10:58 PM
I did like the 2017 movie, but perhaps Powers Rangers is just better suited to lower budgets. This looks like a nice modernization of the TV show, in a larger scale.
Spidey91 - 3/23/2018, 11:03 PM
f*ck me, I would watch a Power Rangers series with this kind of tone and style, a blend of modern design sensibilities (the armor-y yellow ranger for example) while still retaining the old-school cheesy feel (it's still technically spandex).
JosephCronos92 - 3/23/2018, 11:45 PM
Hey that was really good, i'd also love a Power Rangers show series with this style and tone.
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 3/24/2018, 12:20 AM
Better than the movie.
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 3/24/2018, 12:20 AM
Injustice: Rangers Among Us
Canon108 - 3/24/2018, 12:22 AM
Why would the white ranger exist in the timeline? He was created specifically due to Tommy losing his powers after joining the rangers...in this alternate reality he should just be straight up Green.
shadowspider9 - 3/24/2018, 12:43 AM
@Canon108 - Tommy being on Rita's side allowed her to drive the rangers to the brink.
Zordon then created the white rangers powers to give to Jason to turn the tide of the war.
Tommy and Rita's army invited the command center as the process was happening and Tommy killed Jason and took the white ranger powers for himself.
shadowspider9 - 3/24/2018, 12:39 AM
To those not reading. The comic is AWSOME!
It is everything you could want out of Power Rangers. It is a darker, more mature and complex take on the mateiral but still has the spirit, character, and look of the show.
It is exactly what the movie should have been. A version that flushes out the characters but still looks and acts like Power Rangers.
Shattered Grid. And the comic itself. Its a template for how to do a more adult take on the Power Rangers but still make it accessible for kids.
Ha1frican - 3/24/2018, 7:27 AM
Looks cool actually
DENNISsystem - 3/24/2018, 7:30 AM
grif - 3/24/2018, 9:37 AM
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