Kraven the Hunter

Kraven the Hunter Kraven the Hunter is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character is one of Spider-Man's frequent enemies, Squirrel Girl's frequent allies, and the half-brother of Dmitri Smerdyakov, better known as the Chameleon.
KRAVEN THE HUNTER Star Aaron Taylor-Johnson Looks Suitably Buff In Newly Revealed Set Photos
After Morbius, many fans are understandably unsure about trusting Sony Pictures' vision for Kraven the Hunter, but some newly revealed set photos shows star Aaron Taylor-Johnson looking suitably buff.
VENOM 3 Officially Confirmed To Be In The Works As First KRAVEN THE HUNTER Footage Is Revealed At CinemaCon
In news that should surprise no one, Sony confirmed at CinemaCon last night that Venom 3 is officially in the works, while a few snippets of footage were also shown from their Kraven the Hunter movie.
KRAVEN THE HUNTER Set Photos Reveal New Look At Aaron Taylor-Johnson's Spider-Man Villain
New photos from the UK set of Kraven the Hunter reveal another look at Aaron Taylor-Johnson in costume, but the actor isn't decked out in the outfit most closely associated with his comic book counterpart.
KRAVEN THE HUNTER Adds PAN Actor Levi Miller In Undisclosed Role
The latest addition to the cast of Sony Pictures' Kraven the Hunter movie is Australian Pan and A Wrinkle in Time actor Levi Miller. No details on his character were disclosed.
KRAVEN THE HUNTER Set Photo Gives Us A First Look At Aaron Taylor-Johnson As Sergei Kravinoff
Though it's not the best quality, another photo from the set of Sony Pictures' Kraven the Hunter movie gives us a first glimpse of star Aaron Taylor-Johnson as the titular Spider-Man villain.
KRAVEN THE HUNTER Set Photo And Video Reveals Aaron Taylor-Johnson's Stunt Double Suited Up (Not That Suit)
The first photos from the set of Kraven the Hunter have been revealed as Aaron Taylor-Johnson's stunt double hangs on to the side of a car, attempting to punch his way through the glass. Check it out...
KRAVEN THE HUNTER Adds CATCH 22 Actor Christopher Abbott As Main Villain, The Foreigner
Well, it looks like Chameleon won't be Kraven the Hunter's big bad after all. Christopher Abbott has joined the cast of Sony Pictures' upcoming movie as "main villain," The Foreigner.
KRAVEN THE HUNTER Star Aaron Taylor-Johnson Breaks Silence On Marvel Role And Teases An Origin Story
Kraven the Hunter star Aaron Taylor-Johnson has finally broken his silence on playing one of Spider-Man's most iconic foes, seemingly suggesting the movie is going to delve into Kraven's origin story...
KRAVEN THE HUNTER Enlists JURASSIC PARK III Star Alessandro Nivola As The Villain
Sony/Marvel's upcoming Kraven the Hunter spinoff movie, which stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the lead role, has enlisted Jurassic Park III star Alessandro Nivola as the villain of the piece.
KRAVEN THE HUNTER Movie Adds WEST WIDE STORY Star Ariana DeBose As Calypso
Kraven the Hunter has made another major casting addition today as West Side Story star Ariana DeBose has been tapped to play Calypso in the Sony Pictures movie. Find more details on her role right here.