SPIDER-MAN 4: 8 Huge Questions Marvel Studios Must Answer In The Next Movie

Spider-Man 4 is thought to be somewhere on the horizon, and while little is known about the movie at this point, there are some big questions we'd like to see Marvel Studios answer when it comes to Spidey.

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It's been nearly a year since Spider-Man: No Way Home was released in theaters, and as excited as we are for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, we can't help but miss the excitement that threequel generated. It was one heck of a movie, and Spider-Man 4 really can't get here soon enough. 

Rumour has it the Webhead's next adventure swings into theaters in 2024, kicking off a brand new Spider-Man trilogy set in the MCU.

The events of the last movie have given the hero something of a fresh start on Earth-616, but there are some huge questions we think Marvel Studios should endeavour to answer in that fourth movie (and we're not talking about the obvious ones like whether that Venom symbiote will come into play). 

From missing details about how he became Spider-Man to lingering plot threads and the fallout from Doctor Strange's spell, you can check out these questions - and our take on how they might be addressed - by hitting the "Next" button below. 

8. How Does The Memory Spell Really Work?


We thought Doctor Strange's spell was pretty simple; the world would forget who Peter Parker is, but still remember Spider-Man (essentially rewriting reality). However, the extended cut of Spider-Man: No Way Home muddied the waters with a new post-credits scene.

In it, it was revealed that Peter is still in photos, albeit with his image distorted. Is that just how other people see them or the result of some sort of bizarre band-aid on Earth-616? For that matter, will the hero be able to jog the memory of those around him by unmasking or showing them the evidence that they've previously crossed paths? 

For example, does MJ remember having a boyfriend or are those memories just completely gone? Do MJ and Ned even recall why they were at the Statue of Liberty?! While we don't anticipate Spider-Man 4 being another Multiversal adventure, this is definitely something the next movie needs to address.

7. What's Spidey's Status Quo With His Fellow Heroes? 


Doctor Strange mentioned Spider-Man in passing during his recent sequel, but what will he and the rest of the MCU's heroes now make of the wall-crawler when they cross paths? 

Secret identities aren't really a thing in this reality, so we have to believe they don't really trust this kid. Now, it's not as if he unmasked in front of everyone he fought with, but with J. Jonah Jameson convincing the world Spider-Man is a masked menace, we can't help but think we'll start to see a divide between Peter and his fellow heroes. 

That lines up with the comic books where, before becoming a New Avenger, meeting up with Earth's Mightiest Heroes would more often than not result in a fight rather than a team-up. 

6. Is He Going To College?


In a blink-and-you'd-miss-it moment at the end of Spider-Man: No Way Home, it was revealed that Peter was planning to finish high school with a GED. He couldn't exactly go back to Midtown High when no one knows who he is, but what does the teenager - who now lives in Manhattan - do next? 

We have to believe he'll head to college, and like his comic book counterpart, that's probably going to be Empire State University.

Peter may have dreamed of going to MIT (which, coincidentally, is where Riri Williams studies), but that's off the table to him now, especially as the last thing he'd want to do is put MJ and Ned at risk again. It's possible he'll just go get a job, of course, especially as, in reality, a GED student being able to afford Empire State is highly unlikely... 

5. Will Peter Parker Get A New Love Interest?


Peter and MJ's romance really blossomed in Spider-Man: Far From Home, and that continued in last year's threequel. As they fell in love, we also couldn't help but develop a soft spot for their relationship. Alas, that reached a tragic end when Michelle's memories of her boyfriend were taken from her.

Despite what seemed to be a glimpse of recognition in that coffee shop, Peter decides not to reveal himself to MJ and appears to move on from the woman he loved in a bid to protect her. With a fresh start in the Big Apple, are we going to see Spidey move on and meet someone new? 

While we'd love Gwen Stacy to make her MCU debut, it seems unlikely that the hero would want to put another "normal" girl in danger. This would make Spider-Man 4 the ideal place to introduce Black Cat, though whether Felicia Hardy is caught up in Sony's mostly awful plans for its own Marvel Universe is hard to say. 

4. What Happened To Uncle Ben?


We understand why Marvel Studios chose to gloss over Spider-Man's origin story, especially as it was essential to move on from that very familiar tale when Peter swung into the MCU. However, some answers would definitely be welcomed when Spider-Man 4 comes our way. 

While we can probably safely assume that Peter was bitten by a genetically enhanced or radioactive spider while on a field trip or at a scient exhibit like his comic book counterpart, we're still not sure if Uncle Ben even exists in the MCU. There have been hints he was part of the teenager's life, but Spidey's true Uncle Ben moment actually came when Aunt May died. 

It's a unique spin on his origin that's now laid the groundwork for a more comic-accurate Spider-Man, but c'mon, is it not about time we at least get some clarification about whether Ben played role in what led to Peter becoming a superhero?

3. Where Are His Other Suits? 


In that amazing final swing, we see that the MCU's Spider-Man now has a costume more in line with his comic book counterpart and what Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield wore during their respective outings. Gone is all the tech, and in its place is a true homemade suit that looks...spectacular.

What happened to his other costumes, though? The Iron Spider suit wasn't fully destroyed in Spider-Man: No Way Home as far as we're aware, while we're sure the Integrated suit could be salvaged, even after taking a pounding during that final battle.

Of course, with no further access to Stark technology, it seems likely that repairing either of them might have been beyond the capabilities of a teenager with a sewing machine. We'd still like to know what prompted Peter to move on from that tech, though, and how no longer having it will affect his adventures. 

2. Can His Old Status Quo Be Restored?


On the one hand, Spider-Man: No Way Home felt very much like a goodbye for the character in the MCU. We have to believe that stems from the fact no long-term deal between Disney/Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures was in place at the time, not to mention Tom Holland seemingly being ready to move on from the role. 

Having the world forget Peter and knowing Spidey was still out there somewhere fighting the good fight was a satisfying enough end, but with another trilogy rumoured to be on the way, can his old status quo possibly be restored? 

We don't see Strange's spell being undone, but when it comes to being remembered by the likes of MJ, Ned, and Happy, it would be great to see the hero find a way to restore their memories. Plus, it feels like we're really missing out on the dynamic he had with other characters like Flash Thompson and even Betty Brant. 

1. Is He A Street-Level Superhero Now?


We sure as hell hope so. 

The MCU's take on Spider-Man has been a lot of fun, and the character definitely benefited from an overhaul after The Amazing Spider-Man 2. However, seeing him don a suit created by Iron Man or heading into outer space didn't feel very Spidey, and we'd like to think that final swing through a snowy New York was a sign things are about to change. 

The whole "Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man" approach in Homecoming felt too small fry, and it's about time we see the web-slinger fight crime in the Big Apple. Hopefully, that leads to the rumoured team-up with Daredevil that will result in them squaring off with The Kingpin together. 


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