Thanks Marc Webb and Sony, You Have Ruined Spider-Man

After Viewing The Amazing Spider-Man 2, I am ready to acknowledge that our beloved hero has been tarnished with Marc Webb's and Sony's money grubbing, mess of a rebooted franchise SPOILERS AHEAD

Thanks Marc Webb and Sony, You Have Ruined Spider-Man


DISCLAIMER: I am not biased against any movie studio, comic book origin, or production. I enjoy comic book movies for what they are, and always look for the best in any movie.


First off by letting this be known that I originally had hope for this franchise. As well all know, Spider-Man is one of the most cherished characters of all time. Whether you were reading about him in his first comic book appearance in 1962, or singing the theme song to his hit 1967 animated television show, or even destroying a large tub of pop corn to the 2002 blockbuster movie, you cannot resist the appeal to the friendly neighborhood spiderman. Sam Raimi’s original trilogy, well at least the first two, set a brand new precedent to not only expect when watching a superhero movie, but for the action genre as a whole. When news first broke out that Marc Webb and Sony would be putting out a reboot of the franchise just 5 years later, many fans were skeptical of what to expect. Now in 2014, Marc Webb has put out two more Spider-Man films starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone that tarnish the franchise. And with news breaking today that we have to wait two more years for a solo Sinister Six movie, and four more for a third film, it’s time to bash Webb for destroying a franchise of our beloved hero.


After viewing the first Amazing Spider-Man, I came out with very mixed emotions. Although the plot wasn’t very well put together, and at times the story felt very twilight-esque, I came out with some hope for a brighter future. For one, the casting was spot on as Garfield portrays a fantastic Peter Parker, and Stone’s charm as Gwen Stacy is more than perfect. Also, they showed the potential with some a deep storyline with Peter’s parents, a shrouded mystery of Oscorp, what villains could we see in future installments, and arguably the most underrated aspect of the film, the improved fighting style of Spider-Man that consisted of crazy agility and brute strength. When it was time for the sequel to roll around quickly, I had faith that all of these possibilities would be met....


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was the first Spider-Man film that I did not see in theaters, and nor was I not the only one. The Amazing-Spider Man 2 was the lowest earning film in franchise history, and after viewing it I see why so. The trailers played the film out to answer all of the questions I wanted to know. Would we finally see a sinister six? Will we know what happened to his parents? How cool will all of these villains be? Instead, I wound up on a disintegrated plot that had a random assortment of villains that just did not work. Between Jamie Foxx’s poorly written Electro, whose powers I still cannot accurately describe, or the Rhino’s 5 minute lame appearance that’s hard to take seriously with Paul Giamatti, or the complete slap in the face to the mythology of the Green Goblin with a horrible Green Goblin, Marc Webb sucked the soul out of some of the greatest superhero villains ever. The only positive aspect of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was the chemistry behind Garfield and Stone, and that too even came to an close with the films dramatic death. 


At the end of the Amazing Spider-Man 2 they tease what’s to come from the Sinister Six, but to be frankly honest, I don’t care anymore. Now that news broke the other day that the Sinister Six comes out in 2016 , and then the Amazing Spider-Man 3 in 2018, I have officially thrown this franchise, Marc Webb, and Sony out the door. To help put this in perspective: Sony plans on bringing us a Sinister Six movie without Spider-Man even in it, and then bring him back to the screen when Garfield is 35 years old! Thanks for the effort, but this franchise is dead to me.

I’d like to end this rant by thanking Marc Webb for destroying one of our favorite superhero’s potential in striking the big screen like Spider-Man did with Raimi. Webb and Sony, you’re ignorance to keep things simple and strive for money over pleasure will not be ignored. F**k you Marc Webb and Sony, and hand Spider-Man’s film rights over to Marvel on a silver platter before you destroy it even more. 

If you too can't stand what has happened to this franchise, do yourself a favor and tap that THUMBS UP (Y) button! Leave your comments, questions, and opinions in the section below. 

- CaptainDC

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