THE FLASH: 8 Reasons To Be Excited For The Introduction Of DC's Multiverse (And What It Could Lead To)

The Flash promises to introduce the DC Multiverse, opening the door to countless storytelling opportunities. Here's why that's a big deal and what it could lead to for this shared world down the line.

You probably don't need us to tell you that Warner Bros. has struggled (some might say failed) to establish its DC Extended Universe, but The Flash could be a game-changer this November.

That movie looks set to introduce the DC Multiverse before establishing a new world for these characters to inhabit. Some will remain in their own realities - Robert Pattinson's Batman, for example - while others are going to return from the past in order to make an impact all over again. 

There will also be new takes on familiar faces, but what does all this mean for the future? In this feature, we're taking a look at why fans should be excited for the Multiverse and what potentially comes next. The DCEU may never be the same again, and that's no bad thing, especially with this failing franchise running on fumes. That's about to change, though, and we have some ideas where it could all lead.

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8. Massive Crossovers


After an event movie as big as Avengers: Endgame, the odds are stacked against Marvel Studios when it comes to topping the Infinity Saga finale (Secret Wars might be their only chance). The reason we mention that is because the DCEU can use its Multiverse to launch crossover events which may not be as grand in scale, but are an even bigger deal in other ways.

Picture this: a Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson, Christian Bale, and Michael Keaton as their own respective versions of the Caped Crusader. Or, how about a film where characters from the world of Watchmen find themselves clashing with familiar faces from the DC Universe? (a concept not all that different to DC's Doomsday Clock comic book event).

Those are just a couple of wild suggestions, but while Warner Bros.' DCEU may be a long way off from delivering stories on the same scale as the MCU, the door is open to huge crossovers.

7. A Lot Of History


Of course, it's hard for the DCEU to deliver huge movies like The Avengers when they don't have the same shared world as Marvel Studios. However, Warner Bros.' history of adapting DC Comics properties stretches back further and is, in many ways, more iconic among moviegoers.

If bringing back familiar faces from the past becomes the norm, the door is suddenly open to Christopher Nolan telling one more Batman story or Ryan Reynolds suiting up as Green Lantern again.

Making the DCEU a revolving door of cameos wouldn't be smart, but tapping into its past will lead to a new way of telling stories, whether that means making Watchmen part of this shared world's history or even combining Henry Cavill's Superman with Christopher Reeve's for a fresh interpretation.

6. Batman Returns


Many actors have suited up as Batman, and while the likes of Christian Bale and Ben Affleck certainly made an impact, it's Michael Keaton who remains the Batman in the eyes of many comic book fans. His work in those early movies was extraordinary, and Warner Bros. bringing him back for The Flash, Batgirl, and hopefully more, is undeniably exciting.

Clearly eyed as a replacement for Affleck's Dark Knight, this Batman will reportedly serve as a mentor to characters in this shared world, hopefully meaning we see Batman Beyond one day.

Having this older Bruce Wayne isn't a bad thing for the DCEU, either, because we can follow the younger take on the character's story in Matt Reeves' The Batman trilogy. The future has never looked brighter for the DCEU, and the addition of this classic Batman is a guaranteed game-changer.

5. #RestoreTheSnyderVerse?


It's fair to say that not everyone loved Zack Snyder's vision for the DC Extended Universe, but the support for the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut resulted in his cut of Justice League being seen by the world. It received a warm reception from fans and critics alike, and the filmmaker's fans are now pleading with Warner Bros. to #RestoreTheSnyderVerse. 

The studio doesn't appear to be overly keen on returning to this well, but with a Multiverse, anything is possible. Seeing as there will be countless different realities, there's no reason the "SnyderVerse" can't be one of them. With that, fans would be able to continue spending time there, whether it's a movie franchise, TV miniseries, or comic book/graphic novel. 

That's a thrilling prospect, and one that proves this Multiverse could have something for everyone.

4. Bringing Together Film And Television


The CW's Crisis on Infinite Earths introduced the idea of a DC Multiverse in live-action and delivered a memorable moment that saw Ezra Miller's Flash come face to face with Grant Gustin's Scarlet Speedster. That may have seemed like a throwaway cameo at the time, but it now feels like it was setting the stage for something bigger, and that's definitely cause for excitement.

Potentially, Warner Bros. can now start picking and choosing actors and characters from television they want to bring into their movies; need a Green Arrow? Why not use a returning Stephen Amell who, in the world created by Barry Allen's trip through time, is the DCEU's Emerald Archer? Whether it's that or a crossover, the ball is definitely in the DCEU's court now.

Hopefully, they take advantage of those opportunities as the results could be spectacular. 

3. It Can Only Get Better From Here


The DCEU isn't exactly riding high right now. There have been a few hits, but a lot of misses as well, and even after the likes of Aquaman and Shazam!, Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey proved that Warner Bros. is still capable of failing to hit the mark with these characters.

Joker may have been a massive, award-winning hit, but it wasn't set in the DCEU itself, and it's now time to get this shared world back on the right track. Fans are already salivating over the opportunity to watch The Flash so they can see their favourite Batman again, and Warner Bros. can now reshape this world into one comic book readers can get on board with.

Not everyone will be happy with some of the changes made, but for the most part, it feels like the Multiverse is something that can be used to help this franchise reach its potential.

2. More Standalone Stories


The Batman and Joker are meant to be standalone in nature, but there's still some confusion about what that means for the wider DCEU. Will Robert Pattinson's Caped Crusader one day appear in a Justice League movie? Is he going to cross paths with Joaquin Phoenix's Clown Prince of Crime? It doesn't seem likely, but the Multiverse can now clear things up for us. 

The acknowledgement of multiple realities will make it easier for fans to accept multiple versions of the same heroes and villains. As a result, Warner Bros. will be able to release a wider array of movies, an option that isn't really there for Marvel Studios, for example. 

That Multiverse is more focused on bringing in alternate versions of familiar faces, a fun idea, but not one we want Warner Bros. to repeat. Instead, they should take advantage of having a very clear difference between all these different worlds that opens the door to a new style of storytelling. 

1. A Different Approach To Reboots


Once upon a time, the plan was for Ben Affleck to direct and star in The Batman, a movie that would have seen his Caped Crusader battle Deathstroke. As noted, when he decided to walk away from the role, Warner Bros. enlisted Matt Reeves to reboot the franchise with a standalone trilogy starring Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne in the second year of his career.

That doesn't leave the DCEU without a Batman because The Flash will now add an older Dark Knight to this reality by bringing back Michael Keaton. It's a genius move, and one that could signal a completely new approach to how characters and properties are rebooted in future.

No more Henry Cavill as Superman? Well, a reshaped Multiverse means it won't be at all hard to accept a different actor in the role, hence why we're getting Supergirl instead. When a character runs their course - Aquaman, for example - rather than recasting or having someone else take over the mantle, Warner Bros. can end their stories and then tell a new one on another world.

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