Colm Feore News: Unknown Thor Villain Possibly Revealed!!!

Colm Feore News: Unknown Thor Villain Possibly Revealed!!!

COLM FEORE unknown villian role discussed in the upcoming Thor Movie.

By Scorpioxfactor - Oct 02, 2009 12:10 AM EST
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You heard it here first!! Ever since I found out famed Colm Feore

was going to be in the upcoming Thor movie, I feverishly searched for any news to be the first to bring it to you. I was on Yahoo Answers asking someone about the possible Unknown Villain Colm Feore would portray. Here's the link:;_ylt=AoR5PJZd0btKUYh_ohApI6jty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090930005923AAMWhM2&show=7#profile-info-W1jBNXFHaa

That answer I got was from someone Screennamed "Woodsworth Longfellow". I quote his words "He's going to play the Wrecker. He said that he got this information from an "Awesome Inside Source."

Now I don't know who or what the "Awesome Inside Source" was, if there is any.
If it is true. That is for you to decide. But I will be diligently searching to let you know the character he is to portray as soon as it's revealed. It is my goal to scoop others and have us post it here first at CBM. You all deserve no less. Thanks for reading my article. Have a great day readers.
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legionbecks - 10/2/2009, 1:11 AM
Scorpioxfactor - 10/2/2009, 3:49 AM
@ Sirprize. I added the link of the info to my article. Thanks for the help.

I know that the Wrecker is not an epic character for Colm. But Colm could make it interesting. Also, they already have enough Asgardian villians in the mix. Wrecker also has an Asgardian enchantment going on, so it's not like he is just a normal human. He could actually take blows from Thor and dish it right back out at him. It is believable. But if it isn't the Wrecker. At least, it's still a cool pick for a villian.
Scorpioxfactor - 10/2/2009, 4:14 AM
I am trying to keep on top of this particular issue. But it seems very tight lipped. I am not going ot give up. I just decided that I want to find out and made a commitment to be the first. CBM Fans/Brothers/Sisters, we all want to read something without hearing about it from some other site. Why can't we have first scoop and everyone says on their website. "This from CBM, blah blah blah." Instead of us getting it from somewhere else. Brent Sprecher and others in here inspired me to make this happen. I hope I don't fall on my face. But even if I am in Iraq, maybe I can bring some more good to CBM. Cough Kaf kaff!! Sorry. Went off on a rant.
ClintEastwood - 10/2/2009, 5:42 AM
If this is true that sucks I looked around and heard he would play Red Skull, Wrecker's kinda gay..
KeepItReal - 10/2/2009, 6:06 AM
man! when is incorrigible spidey coming back? =(

tea... man you're up early!
spideysweb - 10/2/2009, 7:18 AM
Sorry Scorpio, but I don't buy it. No shot at you intended.
Scorpioxfactor - 10/2/2009, 8:13 AM
Hey, Anythings possible until they reveal who he is really going to play. We'll see.

@ Multi, Yes, Stationed in Iraq.
HelaGood - 10/2/2009, 9:22 AM
@Teabag, LMAO!! "gay burglar"

is that a crowbar in his hand or is he just happy he might be in the Thor movie?
StephenStrange - 10/4/2009, 3:39 PM
Wrecker would be nice.. Absorbing Man would be better, but I can live with that.

It's just that if your going to have Wrecker you really need the rest of his super powered goons with him.
FifthSun - 10/6/2009, 7:00 AM
Wrecker....really ??
It's really weird for the thor origin story to have (WRECKER ?!?!?!) in it. But, i don't know..
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