THOR: Neil Gaiman Reveals He Was Once Developing An Animated Prequel Seriers For Marvel Studios

THOR: Neil Gaiman Reveals He Was Once Developing An Animated Prequel Seriers For Marvel Studios

DUNE: PART 2 Star Stellan Skarsgård Says He Learned So Much About Girls While Making Marvel Studios' THOR
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DUNE: PART 2 Star Stellan Skarsgård Says He "Learned So Much About Girls" While Making Marvel Studios' THOR

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Ha1frican - 1/9/2013, 7:14 AM
Holy shit i didnt know it was that serious...
Introspection - 1/9/2013, 7:25 AM
It's good to know she is alright.
GoILL - 1/9/2013, 7:49 AM
That shit sounds painful, glad she is doing better now.
GoILL - 1/9/2013, 7:51 AM

Have you tried these? ;P

captainroy - 1/9/2013, 7:58 AM
she is so hot
BillyM67 - 1/9/2013, 8:03 AM
She is tough and the new movie sounds kick ass!
GoILL - 1/9/2013, 8:04 AM

LOL man I saw that shit online the other day and that shit had me in tears. I need to see if they got some Jay Cutler related ones.
superotherside - 1/9/2013, 8:14 AM
Wow, ouch. She's pretty tough to recover that quick!
GoILL - 1/9/2013, 8:29 AM

Pretty crazy when all I heard at the start of the season was that they were two of the quarterbacks whose teams had a good chance at getting to the Super Bowl.
Greengo - 1/9/2013, 8:43 AM

Glad she's ok!!!
pepe - 1/9/2013, 8:47 AM
Poor girl... WHO CARES!
Valandil - 1/9/2013, 8:51 AM
The Marvel Sniper did that to her!
GoILL - 1/9/2013, 9:08 AM

Very true I was surprised they fired him, wouldn't be surprised if Garret got the boot too.
sexfoodcomics - 1/9/2013, 10:16 AM
I love this girl even more now , bad ass, perfect woman to be Sif.
StephenStrange - 1/9/2013, 10:52 AM
She rocks. She is so perfect as Sif.
It really sucks that she got hurt and missed some filming, because one of the many things I am looking forward to in Thor 2 is moar Sif!!
SupermanReturns2 - 1/9/2013, 11:15 AM
She is so lucky and blessed! That could have been the end, with the results she faced.
TheBeard - 1/9/2013, 11:49 AM
Durf - 1/9/2013, 12:18 PM
Shit, that's [frick]ing brutal! Glad she's ok. Shows that she's a total [frick]ing badass though!
ninzen - 1/9/2013, 1:17 PM
AcidicHeart: Are you referring to the stats off of the old Marvel trading cards? The various stats ranged from 0 to 7.

The stats were: Strength, Speed, Agility, Stamina, Durability, and Intelligence.

A rating of 4, as you suggested for Ms Alexander, is considered Enhanced Human (somewhat difficult to permanently injure). That puts her ahead of Spider Man, who had a durability rating of 3.
mgeoff88 - 1/9/2013, 9:19 PM
Wow! I didn't think her injuries were that serious. I'm glad she fully recovered! That is really scary stuff.

Jaimie Alexander is bad ass. She is Lady Sif!
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