THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER Concept Art Gives Love Her Own Thor-Inspired Superhero Costume

THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER Concept Art Gives Love Her Own Thor-Inspired Superhero Costume

THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER Concept Art Reveals Alternate Looks For TED LASSO Star Brett Goldstein As Hercules
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THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER Concept Art Reveals Alternate Looks For TED LASSO Star Brett Goldstein As Hercules

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dracula - 1/19/2021, 5:34 PM
Hope this one relies more of the Thor mythos. While Ragnarok was great, they kind of wasted the Ragnarok event, doesnt play that much in the plot until the very end and a good bulk of the movie was more like planet hulk. Like really couldnt they have done a movie about Thor taking on Surtur
RingSlinger700 - 1/19/2021, 5:42 PM
Why do I feel like there's other characters in the story that they haven't cast yet?
regularmovieguy - 1/19/2021, 5:55 PM

The cast is probably finalized at this point. Might not hear about more supporting roles until filming gets underway.
RingSlinger700 - 1/19/2021, 6:09 PM
@regularmovieguy - Most likely the case, not that I'm unhappy at all with the cast they have already. Just wondering if Gorr has henchmen or if say a certain Korbinite will show up (though he could just as easily show up in Guardians Vol. 3 looking for revenge against Gamora and Nebula for killing members of his species in Endgame).
ChimiFnChangas - 1/19/2021, 7:56 PM
@RingSlinger700 - Interesting. I never thought to wonder where Gamora and Nebula were in that scene. Surely Beta Ray Bill is going to show up sooner or later, he's too popular a character not to. Personally, I want Michael Jai White to play him.
LSHF - 1/19/2021, 8:44 PM
@RingSlinger700 - Maybe because that is almost the norm. Many of the characters they don't officially announce until well after production has started.
RegularPoochie - 1/20/2021, 1:34 AM
@RingSlinger700 - Gorr doesn't need henchmen.
RingSlinger700 - 1/20/2021, 8:35 AM
@RegularPoochie - I figured he wouldn't, but the MCU tends to switch things up here and there and thought they might add a different character of sorts to be a henchman. We'll see.
RingSlinger700 - 1/20/2021, 8:39 AM
@LSHF - That's true in some cases, but we'll see who else they cast.
RingSlinger700 - 1/20/2021, 8:41 AM
@ChimiFnChangas - Yeah I think the Russos said that they were killing Korbinites in that scene. If Thor officially joins the Guardians after Love and Thunder then it would be cool to see him and Bill meet in Vol.3, though that film shouldn't be too stuffed with characters if the Adam Warlock/High Evolutionary/Lylla rumors are confirmed.
LSHF - 1/20/2021, 9:02 AM
@RingSlinger700 - Looking forward to the announcements.
RegularPoochie - 1/20/2021, 11:22 PM
@RingSlinger700 - yeah I know what you. If they do that it would be a hard disappoint for me
MovieMonster - 1/19/2021, 5:46 PM
Ragnarok is in my top 5 MCU films and I am excited to see what Taika and company bring to the table with Love and Thunder.
PantherKing - 1/19/2021, 5:50 PM
Gimme something to top this from the Thor franchise
HeavyMetal4Life - 1/19/2021, 6:49 PM
@PantherKing - hell yeah!!! God that whole rainbow bridge sequence was pure cinematic perfection.

LSHF - 1/19/2021, 8:49 PM
@HeavyMetal4Life - THAT looked like something I used to see in the comics.
comicfan100 - 1/19/2021, 6:01 PM
I wonder how soon before we start seeing costumes leaked. I'm looking forward to seeing how Jane Foster's Thor costume looks
regularmovieguy - 1/19/2021, 6:21 PM

First poster for Edgar Wright’s Last Night in Soho starring Anya Taylor Joy. Prolly going to get a trailer real soon.

WeaponXCII - 1/19/2021, 6:24 PM
With cameras set to start rolling, hopefully we get an idea of the aesthetic soon (especially Bale).
KingLeonidas - 1/19/2021, 7:02 PM
Hemsworth is freak level shredded here. They might be filming his shirtless scenes the first thing in the schedule.
ChimiFnChangas - 1/19/2021, 8:04 PM
Off Topic:

Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck have split up.

Cue horny nerds everywhere daydreaming of a world where they can get her.

LSHF - 1/19/2021, 8:50 PM
@ChimiFnChangas - and nerdletts wanting Ben. LOL!
Se4M4NSt4ine - 1/19/2021, 9:35 PM
@ChimiFnChangas - I love how there’s a random guy who walks out of Ben’s house binning this cardboard cutout...
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