THE BOYS Was Nearly A Trilogy Helmed By Adam McKay; Eric Kripke On Whether Final Season Will Get Happy Ending

THE BOYS Was Nearly A Trilogy Helmed By Adam McKay; Eric Kripke On Whether Final Season Will Get Happy Ending

The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke has talked more about how he plans to end the hit Prime Video series, while the same report reveals scrapped plans for the comic to be adapted as a movie trilogy in 2008.

By JoshWilding - Jun 24, 2024 04:06 AM EST
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Source: Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone has published an interesting piece on how The Boys was brought to the screen, revealing that it wasn't always going to be a Prime Video TV series. 

As the report explains, when Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg picked up the first issue of the comic by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson in 2006, they were immediately taken by it. "We were like, 'Holy shit, this is f*cking crazy,'" Rogen recalled. "And that week we went to Sony and we’re like, 'You guys should make this.'"

"And they were like, 'We should...with someone else,'" adds Goldberg.

While Sony did acquire the rights, a possible adaptation went through several iterations before coming back around to Rogen, Goldberg, and The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke. Anchorman and Don't Look Up helmer Adam McKay reportedly set out to make a movie trilogy, with the first instalment getting far enough along to have a finished screenplay and animatics. 

However, he couldn't get it greenlit according to Robertson. "I wouldn’t change how it worked out," he admits. "because the show is amazing. But he was doing really cool stuff. It just came down to it being 2008, not 2018. I just don’t think they were ready for it yet."

We recently learned that The Boys will end with season 5 and, talking to the site, Kripke confirms he knows where the story is going. 

"I have an ending in mind, I’ll say that," he teases. "I want it to be satisfying, right? I mean, you could count the great series finales on one hand. So it’s a real hard target. And I would want it to be emotionally satisfying but also surprising in how I’m delivering it."

As for whether it will be a happy ending, Kripke added, "Anything worth having is worth fighting for. When something good in the show happens, I always ask, 'What’s the cost?'"

In contrast to Game of Thrones, for example, the showrunner believes he's overseen "a moral universe where when you choose love, family, and mercy, good things happen to you. And when you choose vengeance and hate, that causes as much harm to you as it does to the person you’re trying to enact vengeance on."

In The Boys season 4, the world is on the brink. Victoria Neuman is closer than ever to the Oval Office and under the muscly thumb of Homelander, who is consolidating his power.

Butcher, with only months to live, has lost Becca's son and his job as The Boys' leader. The rest of the team are fed up with his lies. With the stakes higher than ever, they have to find a way to work together and save the world before it's too late.

The first four episodes of The Boys are now streaming on Prime Video. 

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lazlodaytona - 6/24/2024, 5:43 AM
I'm glad it went the series route. One, this would have been too much for 2008. Secondly, I know some of you think the series has gone on too long but I like it being in series format because it has time to flesh out all the characters and stories.

Also, any word on if there will be a Gen V second season? I really enjoyed that show.
Apophis71 - 6/24/2024, 6:25 AM
@lazlodaytona - Second season has already been filming for Gen V, there was I think a slight delay as was supposed to have started filming only a week after one of the stars died but fairly certain it was reported they are now just don't yet have a release date.

Also yeh, a film would have likely gone the way of 09's Watchmen in 2008, may have been one we still talk about with love saying it was ahead of it's time but likely to have flopped thus not getting the second two films. It being a show allows way more time to explore all the characters and the in universe political aspect more but also allows it to adapt faster, as in able to lampoon other CBM's faster when the film/character or whatever they are sending up is still fresh in everyones minds.
lazlodaytona - 6/24/2024, 6:29 AM
@Apophis71 - I completely agree with you...on all your points.
Mrcool210 - 6/24/2024, 5:59 AM
Thank god that didn't happen. I know I'm in the minority but all of adam McKay's dramas for me have been awful and self indulgent. Mainly the big short. [frick] that movie to hell and back.
TheVisionary25 - 6/24/2024, 6:40 AM
@Mrcool210 - I don’t think you are in the minority as much as you might think since I know his dramas since Big Short have been considered hit or miss for people

However this was back when he was known for his comedies so this might have turned out better (if you are fans of that type of humor )
TheVisionary25 - 6/24/2024, 6:55 AM
That could have been interesting to see , wonder who would have been in the cast for McKay’s version?.

Anyway , I’m glad it worked out as it did because the show is so good and I’m a big fan of it!!.

Also he is right that his take on a the Boys as [frick]ed up as it is still like the comics is definitely more moral then those which might be the reason I like it better…

It’s got more humanity to it and isn’t just edge for the sake of it.
whatevtrev - 6/24/2024, 7:27 AM
@TheVisionary25 - Probably Will Ferrell as Homelander and John C. Reilly as The Deep
TheVisionary25 - 6/24/2024, 8:03 AM
@whatevtrev - lol

Maybe for a parody but i could have seen roles for them in that universe
IronDean2099 - 6/24/2024, 7:54 AM
I'd absolutely love to read that script though.
soberchimera - 6/24/2024, 9:01 AM
Amazing how so many people say the comic is awful, yet so many people in Hollywood were so eager to adapt it. Makes you wonder how much of the comic people actually read.
The1st - 6/24/2024, 9:13 AM
@soberchimera - Makes you wonder how much people actually read at all.
Apophis71 - 6/24/2024, 9:14 AM
@soberchimera - Sometimes a concept that most would feel NEEDS to be reworked is preferable to feeling behoven to try and stay source accurate when it comes to suits deciding what to go with. The time was ripe to try again with doing a flipside approach to what most CBM's were doing and regardless opinions of the comic it fitted that gap in the market well and being lesser known and not as well loved as one like Watchmen gives a lot more freedom to rewrite it the way you feel works best at the time of release with less odds of it being rejected by purists.
FinnishDude - 6/24/2024, 9:38 AM
@soberchimera - Wanting to adapt something usually also implies wanting to change things about it. Watchmen qaa for the longest time the comic everyone wanted to adapt, yet none of the drafts for it were particularly faithful adaptations and even the self-admitted super-fan Zack Snyder, when he finally got to be the one to turn it into a movie, looked at certain aspects of it and went "yeah, not doing that".
soberchimera - 6/24/2024, 11:25 AM
@FinnishDude - I think removing the squid was done more because there wasn't enough time in the film to tease it like Moore did in the comic, however no one complained when Lindelof brought the squid back for his adaptation. I think if Snyder was able to do a 2-part film, he would've used the squid because they could have foreshadowed it in the first part with the research team.
NinnesMBC - 6/24/2024, 6:41 PM
Maybe one day when times has passed McKay can do his trilogy films. Maybe even in animation?

As long as Starlight, Hughie, MM, Frenchie and Kimiko get their happy endings I'm good with the series heading to it's end.

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