The Boys

THE BOYS Season 3 Poster Introduces The American Hero Reality Show Finalists
This latest poster for the upcoming third season of The Boys spotlights the finalists of American Hero, a reality show presented by Homelander and Starlight. Take a look...
THE BOYS Dawn Of The Seven Character Posters Spotlight The World's Most Powerful Supes
Following the recent teaser trailer for in-universe Justice League parody, Dawn of the Seven, Vought International has debuted a series of character posters spotlighting Homelander and his team...
Zack Snyder Responds To THE BOYS' Dawn Of The Seven JUSTICE LEAGUE Parody
Yesterday, Prime Video shared a trailer for film-within-a-show Dawn of the Seven, and The Boys season 3 promo video was clearly meant as a parody of Justice League. Now, director Zack Snyder has responded.
DAWN OF THE SEVEN: Check Out The Trailer For The Movie Critics Are Calling A Gigantic Waste Of Screen Time
Here it is, folks! The trailer we've all been waiting for is now online, giving us a first look at the world's greatest supe-team in action! Check out some footage from Dawn of The Seven... the Bourke cut!
THE BOYS: Butcher Levels The Playing Field & Soldier Boy Unleashes His Power In Gory New Season 3 Trailer
As promised, Prime Video has debuted the full trailer and some new posters for the upcoming third season of The Boys, and this brutal sneak peek gives us a much better idea of what to expect.
THE BOYS Season 3 Poster Introduces New Supe Team Payback; Trailer This Monday
Prime Video has announced that a second trailer for The Boys will be online this Monday. For now, we have a new poster spotlighting Soldier Boy's (Jensen Ackles) supe-team, Payback.
THE FLASH Star Ezra Miller Gets Very Agitated With Police Officers In Hawaii Arrest Footage
TMZ has obtained police body-cam footage of The Flash star Ezra Miller being arrested after a bar altercation in Hawaii, and the actor becomes highly agitated/aggressive when asked to leave the premises.
THE BOYS: Jensen Ackles' Soldier Boy Joins The Gang In New Season 3 Promo Images
Ahead of the highly-anticipated third season of Prime Video's The Boys, we have a new look at the returning heroes and villains alongside Soldier Boy on the cover of Den Of Geek Magazine.
THE BOYS Star Karl Urban Teases A Possible Villainous Turn For Billy Butcher In Season 3
Billy Butcher has never exactly been a conventional hero, but he does try to do the right thing (mostly). Could the volatile leader of The Boys fully "break bad" in the upcoming third season?
THE BOYS Star Jensen Ackles Reveals His Holy Sh*t Reaction To Planned Herogasm Episode
The Boys star Jensen Ackles has shared his thoughts on the upcoming "Herogasm" episode, revealing that both he and a member of the crew had a pretty visceral reaction to what they saw playing out on set.