The Catalog of DC Character Portrayals: DC Heroes, Part 2

A look at who's played who.

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This is the second article in a series. Part 1 can be found here.

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Dick Grayson / Robin

1 Robin

Douglas Croft in The Batman (1943)

2 Robin

Johnny Duncan in Batman and Robin (1949)

3 Robin

Burt Ward in Batman (1966-1968), Batman (the movie, 1966), and Legends of the Superheroes (1979)


4 Robin


Chris O’Donnell in Batman Forever (1995) and Batman & Robin (1997)

NOTE: Joseph Gordon-Levitt played the character of Robin John Blake in The Dark Knight Rises (2012). Although there have no less than five Robins over the years, most people now associate this character with Dick Grayson.


Barbara Gordon / Batgirl / Oracle

1 Batgirl

Yvonne Craig on Batman (1967-1968)

2 Batgirl

Dina Meyer in Birds of Prey (2002-2003)

Jim Gordon also had an unnamed daughter played in Batman Begins (2005) by an unknown actress and The Dark Knight (2008) by Hannah Gunn.

Other adaptations of DC properties have attempted to replicate the role of Oracle in their stories. These include Anabeth Gish's character of Susan Sparks in Steel (right down to the wheelchair) and Emily Bett Richards' character of Felicity Smoak in Arrow.

Kara / Linda Lee (Danvers) / Supergirl

2 Supergirl

Helen Slater in Supergirl (1984)

1 Supergirl

Laura Vandervoort on Smallville (2007-2011)

Still to come…

3 Supergirl

Melissa Benoist on the TV series Supergirl (2015-)

Roy Harper / Speedy / Arsenal / Red Arrow

1 Speedy

Colton Haynes on Arrow (2013-present) & the online series Arrow: Blood Rush (2013)

Donna Troy / Wonder Girl / Troia

Wonder Girl

Debra Winger as "Drusilla" on Wonder Woman

(Although her name was changed to Drusilla, this character was still an obvious adaptation of Donna)

Vic Stone / Cyborg

1 Cyborg

Lee Thompson Young on Smallville (3 episodes, 2006-2010)

Still to Come…


Ray Fisher in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), Justice League: Part 1 (2017), Justice League: Part 2 (2019), and Cyborg (2010)


Bart Allen / Impulse / The Flash

1 Impulse

Kyle Gallner on Smallville (3 episodes, 2004-2009) (character appears in 2010 via body double)

(This character was initially advertised as being "The Flash." OF course, Bart Allen did eventually become The Flash)

Mia Dearden / Speedy

2 Speedy

Elise Gatien on Smallville (2 episodes, 2009-2010)

Kon-El / Conner Kent / Superboy


Lucas Grabeel on Smallville (1 episode, 2011)

John Henry Irons / Steel


Shaquille O’Neal in Steel (1997)


Helena Bertinelli / Huntress


Jessica De Gouw on Arrow (4 episodes, 2012 -present


(Hawkman, Hawkgirl, and Black Canary covered above)

Jay Garrick / The Flash


Billy Mitchell on Smallville (cameo, 1 episode, 2010)


Alan Scott / Green Lantern

Green Lantern

Doug Pinton on Smallville (cameo, 1 episode, 2010)

Ted Grant / Wildcat


Roger Haskett on Smallville (cameo, 1 episode, 2010)


Arrow -- "The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak" -- Image AR305a_0233b -- Pictured (L-R): J.R. Ramirez as Ted Grant and Katie Cassidy as Laurel Lance -- Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW -- © 2014 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

J.R. Ramirez on Arrow (2 episodes, 2014)

Al Pratt / The Atom

al pratt

Glenn Hoffman on Smallville (cameo, 1 episode, 2010)

Wesley Dodds / Sandman


Ken Lawson on Smallville (1 episode, 2010)

Kent Nelson / Doctor Fate


Brent Stait on Smallville (2010)


Sylvester Pemberton / The Star-Spangled Kid

star spangled

Jim Shield on Smallville (1 episode, 2010)

Courtney Whitmore / The Star-Spangled Kid / Stargirl

star spangled2

Britt Irvin on Smallville (4 episodes, 2010-2011)

Inza Nelson / Doctor Fate


Erica Carroll on Smallville (cameo, 1 episode, 2010)

Abigail “Ma” Hunkle / Red Tornado


Deborah Cole on Smallville (cameo, 1 episode, 2010)


The Legion of Super Heroes

Rok Krinn / Cosmic Boy

Cosmic Boy

Ryan Kennedy on Smallville (2 episodes, 2009)

Garth Ranzz / Lightning Lad

Lightning LAd

Calum Worthy on Smallville (1 episode, 2009)

Imra Ardeen / Saturn Girl


Alexz Johnson on Smallville (1 episode, 2009)

Brainiac 5



James Marsters on Smallville (1 episode, 2010)

(This version is far different from his comics counterpart, a robotic being, and the original version of Brainiac reprogrammed)


Guy Gardner / Green Lantern


Matthew Settle in Justice League (1997)

Jon Michael Carter / Booster Gold


Eric Martsolf on Smallville (1 episode, 2011)

Ted Kord / Blue Beetle



Sebastian Stamp on Smallville (1 episode, 2011)

(not portrayed in superhero capacity)

Jaime Reyes / Blue Beetle


Jaren Brandt Bartlett on Smallville (1 episode, 2011)



Serinda Swan on Smallville (2 episoes, 2009-2010)



Kimberly Oja in Justice League (1997)



Michelle Hurd in Justice League


Helena Wayne / Huntress


Barbara Joyce in Legends of the Superheroes (1979)


Ashley Scott in Birds of Prey (2002-2003)

(Name altered to Helena Kyle)

Cisco Ramon / Vibe


Carlos Valdes on The Flash (2014-)

(not portrayed in superhero capacity)

Crispus Allen / The Spectre


Andrew Stewart Jones on Gotham (9 episodes, 2014)

Mark Shaw / Manhunter


David Cubitt on Arrow (1 episode, 2014)

(not portrayed in superhero capacity)

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