ECHO Behind-The-Scenes Photo Confirms Marvel Cut Maya Lopez's Face Tattoos From The Finale

ECHO Behind-The-Scenes Photo Confirms Marvel Cut Maya Lopez's Face Tattoos From The Finale

Alaqua Cox's stunt doubt has shared a new photo from the set of Echo, and it confirms Marvel Studios decided to cut Maya Lopez's face tattoos/markings from the show's season finale. Check them out here...

By JoshWilding - Jan 20, 2024 06:01 AM EST
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Marvel Studios made a great many changes to Echo during post-production, explaining why the six-episode series ended up arriving on Disney+ as a five-part adventure for the Hawkeye character. 

We've been hearing rumblings for a while that the original idea was for Maya Lopez to sport her ancestor's facial tattoos/markings when her powers emerged and a new behind-the-scenes photo confirms they were cut from the finale. That was shared by Alaquea Cox's stunt double, Caitlin Dechelle, on Instagram. 

It's unclear why Marvel Studios decided against heading down this route, particularly when it would have brought the MCU's version of Maya more in line with her comic book counterpart. 

The Hollywood Reporter recently caught up with Cox to discuss her MCU role and learned that she struck up a friendship with fellow deaf actress and Eternals star Lauren Ridloff. She played Makkari in the movie and her husband, Douglas Ridloff, was Echo's ASL master.

"Yes, I have. I got to know her when I was filming Hawkeye," the actress revealed. "All three of us lived in Atlanta, so we were able to hang out a few times. We got coffee here and there. We went to the park. We talked about her role as Makkari, and she knew I was feeling very overwhelmed at that time on set because it was my first time."

"So Lauren gave me some advice about her experience on set and what it was going to be like for me," Cox added. "So that was really nice to be able to get to know her in those moments. I really love that family."

It would be cool to see both characters eventually share the screen and there are already rumours swirling (from the trades this time) that Marvel Studios is making plans for Echo after the positive response to her series on Disney+ and Hulu. 

Check out Dechelle's behind-the-scenes photo from the set of Echo below.

Echo spotlights Maya Lopez (Alaqua Cox) as she is pursued by Wilson Fisk's (Vincent D'Onofrio) criminal empire. When the journey brings her home, she must confront her own family and legacy.

The five-episode streaming event also stars Chaske Spencer (Wild IndianThe English), Graham Greene (1883Goliath), Tantoo Cardinal (Killers of the Flower MoonStumptown), Devery Jacobs (FX's Reservation DogsAmerican Gods), Zahn McClarnon (Dark Winds, FX's Reservation Dogs), Cody Lightning (Hey, Viktor!Four Sheets to the Wind) and Vincent D’Onofrio (HawkeyeGodfather of Harlem).

The series is directed by Sydney Freeland (Navajo) and Catriona McKenzie (Gunaikurnai).

All five episodes of Echo are now streaming on Disney+ and Hulu.

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ECHO Is Disney+'s Second Biggest TV Series In 2024...But It's Still A Long Way From First Place

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Batmangina - 1/20/2024, 6:57 AM
I would have subscribed for face tats...
SKetCH - 1/20/2024, 8:47 AM
@Batmangina - at least SOMETHING on her face...

I still think Marvel missed an opportunity to have Echo radicalized by the Flag Smashers from F&tWS.
Having her join them and branding the handprint on her face. Would have made SO MUCH SENSE - design-wise, that is. Motives might need some work, but aestheticly it would have been perfect.
lazlodaytona - 1/20/2024, 7:02 AM

This show is like SO yesterday....

Give us a spinoff of Madisynn and Wong! ...with two 'Ns' and a 'Y.'
JustAWaffle - 1/20/2024, 8:44 AM
@lazlodaytona - But it’s not where you thiiiink

^^^only moment in the show I chuckled.
UniqNo - 1/20/2024, 7:21 AM
Why so many changes for a show that felt pointless overall anyway. I Alaqua/Maya and the representation was cool, but i feel this show didn't need to come from Marvel, infact i feel if thry changed some character names, taken the 'MCU' from it and had it on FX or another channel it would have been appreciated more.
vectorsigma - 1/20/2024, 7:26 AM
Horrible show. I fast forwarded a lot from ep 3 onwards. They made kingoin a sissy. There is no redeeming that in any future project unless they retcon.

Pointless show. The priority here is the DEI and not the storytelling.

I dont have any hopes of a good mcu product until after cap 4 and thunderbolts next year.
Origame - 1/20/2024, 7:46 AM
@vectorsigma - exactly. They hired a showrunner that only cared about identity politics and a star that was only there to check boxes.

This wasn't a matter of a great underappreciated character they wanted to adapt, because they threw all that source material out the window (outside of the kingpin stuff they could sell the show on of course).

Remember Peter Jackson saying they were purposefully avoiding putting their own politics in lord of the rings to protect what Tolkien had in mind? Outside of people like cavill, we will never get this kind of respect for the source material again.
marvel72 - 1/20/2024, 7:58 AM
@vectorsigma - You got to episode 3, I managed half way through episode 2 and I was done.

Watched shit on YouTube to sort of know what went down,the reviews were shit, so I didn't bother with the rest.
Batmangina - 1/20/2024, 8:41 AM
@vectorsigma - If they wanted it to be authentic, they'd have given her face tats and a casino.
Vigor - 1/20/2024, 8:44 AM
@Batmangina - ughhhh
slickrickdesigns - 1/20/2024, 11:19 AM
@vectorsigma - then hopefully we don’t hear from you till after Cap 4 and Thunderbolts.
vectorsigma - 1/20/2024, 12:31 PM
@slickrickdesigns - oh, blind mcu followers will hear a lot from me if this mediocrity continues
vectorsigma - 1/20/2024, 12:32 PM
@Origame - i have an idea on the peter jackson stuff. But for cavill, are you referring to the witcher?
Origame - 1/20/2024, 12:57 PM
@vectorsigma - yes for cavill. It's just saying Jackson respected what the lord of the rings was that he wasn't trying 5o put his own politics in the lotr trilogy he made.
vectorsigma - 1/20/2024, 11:30 PM
@Origame - i agree on pj. Im relatively new on these politics stuff in movies, i mean i havent been paying much attention until it got really out of hand in the last 10-15 years.

Origame - 1/21/2024, 7:09 AM
@vectorsigma - yeah. It's one thing to draw parallels to the real world, like how the dark knight is about the patriot act. It's another to just have the entire point of a movie be propaganda for representation for representation sake.
noahthegrand - 1/20/2024, 9:03 AM
This is not satire!!: the WOKE CINEMATIC UNIVERSE has cast its first blind superhero with depression! And it’sYET ANOTHER case of GINGERCIDE!!!!!

Woke Disney wants more blind people watching their shows???? Well it’s not gonna happen! Woke cinematic universe is dead! Bury it.
Vigor - 1/20/2024, 9:10 AM
@noahthegrand - for all you people having an issue with anything not white and male, I hope you end up with blind, gay, melaninated, female children so you can learn some humility
noahthegrand - 1/20/2024, 9:50 AM
@Vigor - I’m being sarcastic. This is about Daredevil
Vigor - 1/20/2024, 9:56 AM
@noahthegrand - thanks for clarifying. I was so confused! Thought you were one of the looney bins
DarthAlgar - 1/20/2024, 10:08 AM
@Vigor - Jesus, you're an idiot.

You progressives, I swear. 😆
Vigor - 1/20/2024, 10:11 AM
@DarthAlgar - right. Us progressives. Who prioritize basic humans rights and decency. It's a shame we don't only think about ourselves. A shame we want everyone to succeed or have a chance rather than voting for laws that target disadvantaged communities.

Damn progressives. You're right
DarthAlgar - 1/20/2024, 10:17 AM
@Vigor - @Vigor - No. You whiny, easily offended, I cry because I have to work 25 hours a week at Starbucks, progressives who demonize anybody who doesn't agree with you twisted ideologies.

Progressives who claim to be to be again bigotry, then exibit the exact same behavior towards select others.

Should I even mention your limited vocabulary of "nazi, incel, and fascist"?

The new era of bigots masquerading under the guise of "social justice".

Yeah, I am right.
Vigor - 1/20/2024, 10:31 AM
@DarthAlgar - you're right
bobevanz - 1/20/2024, 10:39 AM
@DarthAlgar - so you're just a douche up front, glad Orange man brought you fascists out of the shadows. I know who to laugh at
bobevanz - 1/20/2024, 10:41 AM
Meanwhile you work at wendys and you complain that they're raising taxes on ppl over 400k, this doesn't concern you like always. What happens when Drumpf loses? I'm curious
slickrickdesigns - 1/20/2024, 11:18 AM
@noahthegrand -

marvel72 - 1/20/2024, 2:08 PM
@noahthegrand - Wouldn't blind people just be listening.
harryba11zack - 1/20/2024, 3:46 PM
@noahthegrand - "is dead! Bury it." I love how we still quote his films like the holy bible.
Radders - 1/22/2024, 8:54 AM
@Vigor - Its funny, you saying others should learn humility lol
RitoRevolto - 1/20/2024, 10:12 AM
Well that's lame.
slickrickdesigns - 1/20/2024, 11:15 AM
What happened to the hand print over her face? Wasn’t that her thing in the comics?
Apophis71 - 1/20/2024, 11:35 AM
@slickrickdesigns - Yes, it was, but they likely decided to ditch it cos of the Flagsmashers using a handprint on their masks in the MCU. Shame as it is her iconic thing from the source, esp when it was wasted on one of the worst group of villains how they were written/used in the MCU but is what it is I guess and at least they didn't give Echo the Pheonix Force like the comics did. The powers they did give her were not handled well in the final result even if the show worked for me in other ways. I liked the idea if giving her additional or altered origin powers they were more tied to her Ancestors and/or Culture and not OP so would have liked to see how initialy they were going to do that as sounds like they at least would be better explained/explored in the initial concepts.
slickrickdesigns - 1/20/2024, 11:37 AM
@Apophis71 - they missed the opportunity to tie her and the chick from what if together.
Apophis71 - 1/20/2024, 12:33 PM
@slickrickdesigns - Did llke the Kahhori episode but made her way too OP way too fast, could see them doing a better job if they do a comic run based on that where takes longer to master her powers and don't take it to god level.
marvel72 - 1/20/2024, 2:12 PM
@slickrickdesigns -

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