IRON FIST: Danny Rand Actor Finn Jones Reacts To The Show's Cancelation After Only Two Seasons

We recently learned that Netflix has cancelled Iron Fist after just two seasons and now Finn Jones has weighed in on the fact that the hero's journey has come to a close. Hit the jump for details...

Many comic book fans are still reeling from the news that Netflix has cancelled both Iron Fist and Luke Cage. Since then, we've heard reports that viewership for both shows plummeted after their first seasons, something which makes it hard to imagine another network coming along to rescue them, Brooklyn Nine-Nine style.

Understandably, the news has hit the stars of the show just as hard and during a recent convention appearance at Rhode Island Comic-Con, Finn Jones (who played Danny Rand) commented for the first time on the news that Iron Fist's journey is at an end.

As you can see below, he was clearly anticipating continuing the character's story continuing, something we all expected would be the case after that season two cliffhanger which set the stage for some fan-favourite moments from the source material to finally be adapted. Alas, it seems as if that was too little too late and it's now unlikely we'll ever learn what came next. 

How are you guys dealing with Iron Fist's cancellation? Share your thoughts down below. 

To check out the best Easter Eggs from the final
season of Iron Fist, click on the "View List" button below.



While you might think that Misty Knight's joke about "Knight...Wing" having a ring to it is a tongue in cheek nod to DC Comics character Nightwing, the reality is actually quite a bit different. At one point in the comics, the Daughters of the Dragon formed a company called the NightWing Restoration Business.

Steel Serpent

For some reason, Marvel is really reluctant to embrace the idea of costumes in these shows but we do at least get a taste of that here when Davos - now rocking a serpent tattoo across his back - dons the mask of the Iron Fist whose body he desecrated. Unfortunately, he almost immediately takes it off! 

Turk Returns...Again

Turk continues to serve as a recurring presence in these Marvel shows on Netflix but he doesn't actually get beaten up for once! After selling some guns to Mary and Ward (he doesn't learn, does he?), Turk actually receives some unexpected advice on his mediocre golfing skills from the latter.

Silver Lotus

The Silver Lotus Restaurant is a big part of Iron Fist season two but the location of Danny Rand and Colleen Wing's "date night" was actually introduced in the pages of 2010's Uncanny X-Men: First Class #4. In that, Storm and Jean Grey actually met up with Colleen and Misty Knight for a girl's night out. 

The Crane Sisters

The Crane Sisters are tattoo artists and very skilled fighters in the show but the trio is clearly based on the Crane Daughters, the children of the Crane Mother (who rules over the Lost City of K'un-Zi). In the comics, her hatred of Iron Fist leads to her loaning them to Davos to help him achieve his mission.


While it could be a coincidence, Colleen's boss at the Community Association is Sam Chung, a character comic book fans know best as Blindspot. However, this version of the character is quite a bit older so it's a) hard to imagine him becoming Daredevil's protege and b) even harder to picture him suiting up.

Return To Sokovia

During a mission which clearly took place some time before the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron, we learn that Mary Walker was captured, tortured, and raped by Sokovian rebels. The fictional nation has now been referenced a few times but were these men connected to Zemo's group of insurgents?

Ernst Erskine

As Davos looks to acquire some very special (and expensive) objects to help him take down Danny, we learn that the ancient bowl needed to steal the Iron Fist was part of the Erskine collection. In the comics, Ernst Erskine was an adventurer who was close with Orson Randall and became his biographer.


This is a bit of a strange one but in the comics, Coffee-A-Go-Go is a location that the original five X-Men would frequently visit to relax after battling Magneto and their other villains. In Iron Fist season 2, this coffee shop is where Danny crosses paths with Mary before discovering she has another personality...

Typhoid Mary

Frustratingly, Mary Walker never suits up in Iron Fist season two but there are plenty of hints about that face paint she wears, including when she looks in the bathroom mirror and through some of her sketches. However, what fans will appreciate are those hints about Bloody Mary's planned debut.

The Golden Tigers

While they've ditched the rather comical looking tiger masks, Iron Fist's Golden Tigers otherwise have an awful lot in common with their comic book counterparts. That includes their motivation and leader, Kwai Chang, but did you know they've only actually appeared in two issues of Iron Fist in 1976?

Code 616

During episode five, we learn that a 616 police radio call is a reference to a "possible suspect with abilities." Until the Secret Wars series in 2015, that was the code used to refer to the Marvel Universe and it still occasionally crops up much to the frustration of Tom Brevoort based on his Twitter account!

The Pirate Queen

While Colleen Wing's links to her are new, the Pirate Queen of Pinghai Bay was introduced in Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction's Immortal Iron Fist #7. Recruited by Lei Kung the Thunderer, she was the first woman to hold the Iron Fist and that power obviously now resides with her ancestor, Colleen.

Colleen's Glowing Sword

By the time the finale rolls around, Colleen has become the Immortal Iron Fist and in her final scene, she uses her powers to charge her sword. What you may not know is that there's a precedent for this happening in the comics because Danny has often borrowed her blade and used it to take out foes.

Orson Randall

At the end of the series, we jump ahead by quite a few months and learn that Orson Randall was the one who sent that corpse to Davos. In the comics, Orson is Danny's predecessor and introduced both the idea of the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven and more than one person being able to wield the Fist.

The Pistols

What was the significance of the pistols Danny channelled his Chi through in the finale? Well, those guns (which he's stolen from Orson) are his trademark weapons but it seems as if the show's titular hero has taken them for himself and it's clear that season three will have a lot of gaps to fill in. 

Danny Rand Vs. Davos

In the closest thing we've had to seeing the classic Iron Fist costume on screen, we get to watch Danny Rand square off with Davos in K'un-Lun. Sadly, there's still no sign of that freaking dragon, though! Regardless, this fight never actually happened in the comics; instead, it was Danny's father he fought! 

Davos Steals The Iron Fist

Davos stealing the Iron Fist from Danny Rand is nothing new and is a plot point which was lifted from Iron Fist #14, a comic which just so happens to introduce X-Men villain, Sabretooth. That storyline continued into issue #15, and Marvel Team-Up #63 and #64. It is, however, a pretty loose adaptation.

"Monday Monday"

In episode ten, Mary can be heard singing "Monday Monday" by The Mamasa & The Papas. Some believe this could be a hint that there's a fourth personality (the group was known for singing in four-part harmony) but the villain actually sang this in the comic books during Bendis' Daredevil run.

Iron Fist Vs. Luke Cage

Misty Knight confirms that Iron Fist season two takes place after the events of Luke Cage season two when she mentions that Colleen would be the only one capable of slowing down Harlem's new crime boss. Interestingly, she also mentions blinging out her arm: her comic book counterpart has a gold one!

What did you think of Iron Fist season two? Did you spot any Easter Eggs we missed? As always, be sure to let us know your thoughts on that and more in the comments section down below.
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