SHE-HULK: ATTORNEY AT LAW: 5 Biggest Reveals And Moments In Today's Sensational Premiere - SPOILERS

The first episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law arrived on Disney+ earlier today, and we're now taking a look at some of the biggest moments and reveals in "A Normal Amount Of Rage." Read on for details...

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The first episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, "A Normal Amount Of Rage," is now streaming on Disney+. Fans and critics alike have responded warmly to the show, and while that 35-minute opener breezed on by, there were still a lot of big reveals. 

We've already looked at The Hulk's new status quo and a big reveal about Steve Rogers' virginity, but that only scratches the surface of what She-Hulk's premiere delivers. In this feature, we're taking a closer look at the episode's biggest moments, including hints about what comes next and a surprise Avengers: Age of Ultron throwback.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law may be a comedy, but it looks set to be an important chapter in the wider MCU mythos. So, regardless of how familiar you are with this character's comic book adventures, we have you covered with a much closer look at what happened in this opening instalment.

To take a look through this breakdown, all you guys need to do is hit the "Next" button below!

5. Jennifer Walters' New Origin Story


In the comic books, Jennifer Walters' father ended up getting on the wrong side of a crime boss who shot the lawyer on the same day her cousin, Bruce Banner, came to tell her that he was The Hulk. With Jen's life on the line, Bruce had no other choice than to provide his blood for a transfusion that would save her life. 

When that mobster's goons came to finish the job, the mild-mannered young woman transformed into She-Huk and made short work of them. 

Her story plays out quite a bit differently in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, with the cousins involved in a car accident after a Saakar courier ship suddenly appears in front of them. A device Bruce created to keep The Hulk in check malfunctions, and he bleeds into a wound on her arm, infecting Jen with his blood. 

With that, she becomes She-Hulk, but quickly masters her abilities (we'll get to why that's important shortly). 

4. An Avengers: Age Of Ultron Throwback


The Hulk reveals that Tony Stark built him a home down in Mexico and that it was there he went during The Blip to merge his two halves and become "Smart Hulk."

The Green Goliath also mentions that Tony spent quite a bit of time there with him, usually complaining about his falling out with Steve Rogers in Captain America: Civil War. However, as fun as it is to get some insights into that five-year period, it's the fact that Bruce has Ultron's head on display that surprises us most. 

Why he would keep the damaged Stark Drone's head - which was Ultron's first body - is hard to say. Is he mourning the "son" he and Tony created or keeping the helmet as a reminder of one of his greatest mistakes? Either way, its intriguing, but more Ultron in the MCU would be no bad thing.

As for that Sakaar spaceship Bruce says he needs to look into, something tells us someone is trying to let him know he has a son back on the planet (Skar). Could this be laying the groundwork for World War Hulk

3. The Importance Of She-Hulk's Blood


While explaining Jen's transformation into She-Hulk, Bruce mentions that she has very unique DNA. This appears to be why she so quickly gained control over her Hulk side, while Smart Hulk was able to use it to heal the damage done to his arm by the Infinity Gauntlet. 

The Jade Giant makes a point of destroying his cousin's blood and points out that it could be used to make another Hulk. 

We can't help but think that's going to make She-Hulk a target as there will no doubt be a lot of people out there who would like to gain her and Bruce's powers. We've yet to see The Abomination in the show, and while the trailers have suggested that he's reformed, there's a chance he could be looking to make more monsters like him. 

World War Hulk was a storyline that saw The Hulk attack Earth after being stranded on Sakaar. What if the MCU's version is a whole lotta Hulks battling each other? 

2. She-Hulk Doesn't Want To Be A Superhero


Something this episode makes clear is that She-Hulk has no interest in being a superhero. While Moon Knight was far from a traditional caped crusader, this is really the first time we've seen a character like this outright reject what some would call their "destiny."

Promo art has already shown She-Hulk wearing her superhero uniform, so we're guessing that much of the series will be devoted to getting Jen to a place where she can comfortably be both a lawyer and an Avenger. 

Her comic book counterpart has often struggled with something of an identity crisis, usually preferring to be She-Hulk instead of Jen. This live-action take could head down a similar route, though it feels like Marvel Studios is looking for a way to make her a somewhat more balanced character. 

Either way, something tells us this journey is going to be...sensational! 

1. Meet Titania


Titania's introduction comes right at the end of the premiere when she bursts into the courtroom Jennifer Walters is in and starts smashing the place up. 

We don't currently have any idea why this superpowered influencer seemingly broke bad, but being so easily bested by She-Hulk is bound to give the villain a real chip on her shoulder. On the page, she's Jen's biggest rival and has spent years trying to defeat the Jade Giantess. Perhaps she'll be looking to get her hands on that all-powerful blood? 

Either way, Jen "Hulking Out" means the world now knows that She-Hulk exists and that promises to change everything for the lawyer. She may not have a choice when it comes to being a superhero! 

Regardless of what comes next, this premiere has set the stage for what looks to be an exciting nine episodes of television. As for Titania, we're definitely intrigued to see more...

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