SHE-HULK: ATTORNEY AT LAW - Who Is "HulkKing"? 5 Spoilery Theories About The Mysterious Villain's Identity

The sixth episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law finally teased the show's big bad, but who are they and what does the group they're part of tell us about what's to come? Find our theories right here...

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Today's episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law was again mostly standalone in nature, but ended by teasing the MCU debut of the Intelligencia. You can read more about that team of supervillains by clicking here; all you need to know for now, though, is that someone very smart and very evil wants Jennifer Walters' blood.

With it, they can create an endless army of Hulks, and we're sure you already have some ideas about who could be behind that "HulkKing" username. However, with this group of the Marvel Universe's greatest evil minds reimagined as a forum of women-hating losers, we have a feeling there could be a big twist coming in the next few weeks.

In this feature, we've rounded up 5 of the most likely candidates for not only the person behind that forum devoted to hating She-Hulk, but also whoever could be pulling their strings. 

You'll find some surprising names and theories here, so to check them out, all we need you to do is click on that "Next" button below!

5. Doc Samson


We're going to kick things off with a completely left-field suggestion here, though we know some of you won't like it! Doc Samson has often been portrayed as one of The Hulk's closest allies in the comic books, but he does have a darker side and has headed down a villainous route at times. 

He's even become a full-blown monster in recent years, and if Samson (who was played by Ty Burrell in The Incredible Hulk) has been nursing a grudge against Bruce Banner since they last crossed paths...well, revealing him as this show's big bad would be one heckuva twist.

Perhaps once his relationship with Betty Ross ended, he grew obsessed with The Hulk and set out to become just like him, turning to the internet for comfort. Whatever the reason may be, this would be a good use of a character who isn't otherwise needed in the MCU, especially if he's been brainwashed or manipulated by a higher power (we'll get to them a little later). 

4. Nick Trask


Who? In the comic books, Jennifer Walters' father ran afoul of some mobsters and ended up having a hit put out on him. His daughter was caught in the crossfire, but as cousin Bruce was visiting, she was saved by a timely blood transfusion. 

That led to her becoming the Sensational She-Hulk, of course, and that gangster, Nick Trask, was quickly dealt with. In the MCU, it's been established that's Jen's transformation was a result of an accident, but we'd be interested in seeing this character overhauled and potentially turned into one Bolivar Trask (no, they're not related).

If this Intelligencia is also made up of the world's "greatest" minds, then he'd be a perfect fit for the group. Trask, who created the mutant-hunting Sentinels in the comics, having a vested interest in She-Hulk's blood is not outside the realm of possibility, especially if he's working for someone else. After failing here, perhaps he'll ditch the forums and start making robots?

3. Todd


Despite the fact that She-Hulk: Attorney at Law was billed as a comedy from day one, there are many fans who are still upset about it. Regardless, it might be a good idea to prepare ourselves for the possibilty that this show's villain might not be a game-changing character from the comics, but Todd, the creepy guy She-Hulk went on a date with. 

He was clearly fascinated by Jen and even asked what could penetrate her skin. After referring to her as a "specimen" at one point, it's highly likely Todd is this show's definition of an angry guy who can't get a girlfriend and decides to use a woman for his own means against her will. Plus, c'mon, he looks like an internet troll!

The character was credited as "Hulk-Todd" after his first appearance, so we're guessing he's a rich guy who eventually gets her blood and becomes a Hulk. Some of you might think that's a tad underwhelming, particularly when Todd isn't anyone from the comics, but we're pretty sure that, if he is the Intelligencia website's "HulkKing," someone is pulling his strings. 

2. The Leader


Todd might want to become a Hulk, but we don't think he's smart enough to outfit The Wrecking Crew with Asgardian tech or do much more than angrily hate the world on a forum devoted to bashing the Jade Giantess. He may be bankrolling the operation, but we believe Marvel Studios tipped their hat a little too soon at D23.

It was there we learned that The Leader will return in Captain America: New World Order, and it's since been rumoured that he'll pit a number of Hulks against Sam Wilson. The likely creator of the Power Broker's Super Soldier Serum, we'd bet his plan is to turn everyone into a Hulk, with a World War Hulks movie eventually telling that story.

We'd be shocked if Red Hulk doesn't factor into Thunderbolts, and it would make perfect sense for this series to end with The Leader's return and the reveal that he's used his smarts to weaponize the internet and finally get his hands on the blood he needs. He also leads the Intelligencia in the comics. Still, there's one more possibility who is every bit as likely...

1. Abomination


We know Emil Blonsky will return at some point in the next few weeks, with promos for the series suggesting he sets up some sort of rehabilitation clinic for his fellow former supervillains. That could just be the role he plays in the MCU moving forward as a hero of sorts, but are we really buying his new status quo?

Again, we'd bet that The Leader is somewhere high up the food chain, but Abomination could be the one who wants She-Hulk's blood in order to create more monsters like him. The website could be a red herring, with Emil's plan all along to create an army powerful enough to finally allow him to take his vengeance on the man who put him behind bars, Bruce Banner.

Those villains could even be recruits to what will prove to be an ineffective Masters of Evil or something along those lines, but Abomination is going to be a character worth keeping an eye on. If nothing else, we could see him being manipulated into breaking bad, as he is a villain who has been easily controlled over the years...

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