STAR WARS: New Clip From THE ACOLYTE Spotlights An Intense Battle Between Master Indara And "Mae"

STAR WARS: New Clip From THE ACOLYTE Spotlights An Intense Battle Between Master Indara And "Mae" STAR WARS: New Clip From THE ACOLYTE Spotlights An Intense Battle Between Master Indara And "Mae"

Ahead of the show's premiere next week, Lucasfilm has shared another clip from The Acolyte, this time spotlighting an exciting battle between Jedi Master Indara and the titular dark-side warrior...

By MarkCassidy - May 27, 2024 09:05 AM EST
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We're now just eight days away from the 2-episode premiere of The Acolyte, and Lucasfilm has shared another clip from the latest live-action Disney+ Star Wars series.

Last week's sneak peek saw Jedi Master Sol (Lee Jung-jae) engaged in fierce combat with the mysterious warrior he believes to be his former apprentice, Mae (Amandla Stenberg), and here we see the dark-side Force-user try her hand against an equally formidable opponent in Master Indara (Carrie-Anne Moss).

Indara easily evades Mae's initial strikes, but it soon becomes clear that she has been well-trained, and the Jedi's foe manages to land a decent hit towards the end of the fight.

During a recent interview with Empire, The Matrix star spoke about getting the opportunity to join the Star Wars universe and reignite her passion for performing action sequences.

"Leslye [Headland] pitched it to me. I had watched her show Russian Doll, knew her artistry, was blown away by her vision and her ability to execute. I was like, ‘I’m all-in. When do I start?’ I was absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to add Star Wars to my resume. My personal resume – I don't even mean the paper one. Within my soul and my spirit, to get to play this Jedi Master and train for the fight was [an] amazing experience. I really awakened, actually, a part of me that forgot how much I love action. I love it. I personally love being challenged. It's a physical challenge, but it's a mental challenge too. It helps you get into that world of the Jedi Master, with the mind-training."

Check out the new clip below, along with some footage of the multi-talented Stenberg playing a solo violin arrangement of John Williams’ iconic Star Wars score.

In The Acolyte, an investigation into a shocking crime spree pits a respected Jedi Master (Lee Jung-jae) against a dangerous warrior from his past (Amandla Stenberg). As more clues emerge, they travel down a dark path where sinister forces reveal all is not what it seems.

 The series stars Amandla Stenberg, Lee Jung-jae, Manny Jacinto, Dafne Keen, Charlie Barnett, Jodie Turner-Smith, Rebecca Henderson, Dean-Charles Chapman, Joonas Suotamo, and Carrie-Anne Moss.

Leslye Headland created the series, based on Star Wars by George Lucas, and serves as an executive producer along with Kathleen Kennedy, Simon Emanuel, Jeff F. King and Jason Micallef. Charmaine DeGraté and Kor Adana are the co-executive producers. Rayne Roberts, Damian Anderson, Eileen Shim and Rob Bredow are the producers.

Headland also directed the premiere episodes (Eps. 101 & 102). Directors Kogonada (Eps. 103 & 107), Alex Garcia Lopez (Eps. 104 & 105) and Hanelle Culpepper (Eps. 106 & 108) round out the directing duties on the series.

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STAR WARS: THE ACOLYTE Viewership Suggests Negative Fan Reviews Didn't Negatively Impact Interest

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LSHF - 5/27/2024, 9:26 AM
I haven't seen any of this yet.

Can I get a few positive descriptions of this show? What do like about it?

Thank you.
Fogs - 5/27/2024, 9:29 AM
They should speed up the choreography a tad.

I'm not interested in this, but I will concede I enjoy seeing a force user not using the saber against regular foes, being it for mercy (Jedi) or for just not having to (Sith). I thought the Rogue One Vader scene was obviously cool af but veeery out of character because of it.
TheMetaMan - 5/27/2024, 9:32 AM
Not bad. I will watch this show and see how it plays out. Carrie-Ann moss as a jedi is cool ngl.
TheVisionary25 - 5/27/2024, 9:53 AM
@TheMetaMan - I honestly have a feeling that her murder might be the inciting incident and that we’ll see her in flashbacks for the rest of the season.
AlexGSpeaks - 5/27/2024, 10:19 AM
@TheVisionary25 - that's my guess too. It seems like every piece of footage we've seen of her is from this fight or right before it.
TheMetaMan - 5/27/2024, 12:09 PM
@TheVisionary25 - I completely forgot that she gets killed off tbh. Yeah looks like she will feature as part of a non-linear subplot told on flashbacks.
TheVisionary25 - 5/27/2024, 9:43 AM
That was a cool clip , I dug it!!.

You could definitely some more of the wuxia influences in that fight such as Mae and Indara going up to the level above which felt kinda Crouching Tiger , Hidden Dragon-esque.

Also I’m intrigued by Mae seemingly going after Indara’s lightsaber here as she did with Sol in the previous clip , is it just for it to be a trophy or something much bigger than that?.

Anyway , I think I might have liked the Amandla featurette more since I didn’t know that she was an accomplished violinist along with being a singer…

She did well in that clip and her enthusiasm felt genuine which is good so happy for her!!.
lazlodaytona - 5/27/2024, 10:10 AM
All this time Trinity was always a jedi. man, what a surprise.
Origame - 5/27/2024, 10:16 AM
Yeah, remember when maul wouldn't take on a knight or a Padawan without a lightsaber? Now we got this chick taking on masters with a butter knife 🙄
AlexGSpeaks - 5/27/2024, 10:25 AM
@Origame - Cad Bane took on Jedi with blasters in Clone Wars which was by Lucas, so the precedent is there already for other weapons. I think it's an interesting departure since constant lightsaber duels can get a bit old.
Origame - 5/27/2024, 10:38 AM
@AlexGSpeaks - ...cad bane wasn't trained as a sith or jedi. He's a bounty hunter. He used the best weapons he was trained to use. Mae here is supposed to be sith. She should be using a lightsaber. And it's dumb that she isn't.
DSAC294 - 5/27/2024, 10:49 AM
@Origame - right because for example Ninjas would never use a weapon other than a katana when battling a samurai.

The real question is do you like anything? Anything besides bytching, whining and complaining?
Mrnorth1921 - 5/27/2024, 10:57 AM
@Origame - she is seeking train to be a sith apprentice. And even only those who are powerful can really use force lightning.
Origame - 5/27/2024, 11:26 AM
@DSAC294 - yeah, but ninjas legitimately have other weapons at their disposal with uses that differ from a katana. All she has is a knife, which only really benefits from stealth (which she isn't using), while the jedi is using nothing at all.

And I've talked about the sh!t I like so often to people like you trying to discredit my points there's no point repeating. You'll just ignore it and pretend I only hate sh!t. Can't believe we're at the point not liking disney star wars was necessary or you just don't like anything 🤣
Origame - 5/27/2024, 11:28 AM
@Mrnorth1921 - never did I mention force lightning. And again, darth maul became an apprentice with his lightsaber before even fighting a padawan. Meanwhile she's not even bothering with that before taking on the absolute best of the jedi, the masters. Anyway you rationalize this, it's just dumb.
DSAC294 - 5/27/2024, 11:43 AM
@Origame - there is nothing in my comment saying you have to like Disney or Star Wars, project much? I’m not much of a disney Star Wars fan myself. But as always your talking sh!t starts from a point of your disliking it no matter what.

To your point. You don’t know that’s the only weapon she has at her disposal. You don’t know if that weapon exploits a weakness of the Jedi. All you know is you have seen a short clip. If she used a light saber, you would have b!tched about that too.
Mrnorth1921 - 5/27/2024, 12:08 PM
@Origame - maul was handpicked by Palpatine after he sensed his immense potential. Perhaps greater than his own. Maul was the child of mother Trazyn or something. A very powerful witch.

The goals of the sith in usual case are to find a candidate that is worthy of continuing the rule of 2. He or she must find someone who could potentially surpass them in power or can offer a suitable skill along to further generations. The rule of 2 is like selective breeding. You seek out the best of the best to carry out the line.
Origame - 5/27/2024, 12:58 PM
@DSAC294 - well, considering your standard used in this comment section is to like disney star wars...

Oh wait, you must've forgotten the acolyte is disney star wars.

And if they give us something good maybe I'd start giving them the benefit of the doubt.

And on point, if there are other weapons, why isn't she using them? Also, wtf are you talking exploiting jedi weaknesses? It's stopped by the force, and there's no way that small a$$ blade is doing anything against a lightsaber. And why would I b!tch about the sith using their weapon?
Origame - 5/27/2024, 1:02 PM
@Mrnorth1921 - dude, you're missing the point so hard you're actually proving my point. Maul was incredibly powerful, picked by Palpatine, and still he waited until he was an apprentice with a lightsaber to fight a Padawan. Yet an acolyte who by your own admission is unproven with no access to a lightsaber is being sent after f@#$ing jedi masters? That sounds normal to you?
DSAC294 - 5/27/2024, 2:06 PM
@Origame - sorry for the slow response; was skimming the pool and bbqing for the holiday. again your reading comprehension either struggles or you obviously see everything through a have to love or hate Disney lens. Disagreeing with your dumb @$$ assumptions and non stop b!tching about everything doesn’t equate to defending Disney.

Is this a left over childhood disappointment or anger because your parents never took you to Disney?
Origame - 5/27/2024, 2:19 PM
@DSAC294 - does when you're points are in favor of disney. "I'm not defending disney. I'm just saying you're point about this disney thing being stupid is wrong" 🙄

And har har har. But no. I loved disney growing up. And star wars. And marvel. This is from modern disney not living up to any of them.
Mrnorth1921 - 5/27/2024, 2:30 PM
@Origame - to prove herself. An acolyte is disposable. They aren’t an apprentice. You must earn the spot to become his apprentice. That’s whole idea. Kill some masters and I might consider you worthy to train. They were a dime a dozen back then. The high republic had thousands of masters.
DSAC294 - 5/27/2024, 2:43 PM
@Origame - in logic terms your thinking is referred to as fallacy of association. It’s starting to make sense why you act the way you do on here and go in circles.

You constantly complain due to your emotional disappointment about Disney and Star Wars not meeting your perceived standards and expectations and the rest of us are trying to have a logical reasonable conversations with you. Have a good one and enjoy the holiday 🫡
Origame - 5/27/2024, 5:48 PM
@Mrnorth1921 - you must earn the spot of an killing a master?

This is like saying you have to beat an NBA superstar 1 on 1 to play high school ball.
Origame - 5/27/2024, 5:48 PM
@DSAC294 - if it were good I'd be having a different tune. Case in point, andor.
Origame - 5/27/2024, 5:50 PM
@DSAC294 - also, what logical reasonable conversation? You're completely ignoring my actual points to make this about me in general. You wanna talk about fallacies? Ever hear of ad hominem?
Mrnorth1921 - 5/27/2024, 6:44 PM
@Origame - yes. You have to prove yourself to be worthy. The sith are all arrogant a-holes. They want someone strong to succeed them.
Origame - 5/27/2024, 6:57 PM
@Mrnorth1921 - ...dude, literally the first example of a sith didn't even fight f@#$ing Padawans until getting his lightsaber and becoming an apprentice. This is not how they operate. And you're ignoring lore to pretend it does.
Origame - 5/27/2024, 6:59 PM
@Mrnorth1921 - also, classic argument for stupid writing decisions. Just say they're arrogant.
Mrnorth1921 - 5/27/2024, 9:45 PM
@Origame - what lore? Nothing exists now. And even in the old books. Or some of them, this was how it was done. Acolytes had to prove their world. Most times killing Jedi.
Mrnorth1921 - 5/27/2024, 9:47 PM
@Origame - but they are arrogant. Always have been. Yes, these sith aren’t as stupid as their predecessors but they are arrogant. We saw this will maul, when he could have killed obi and he didn’t. We saw this with anakin against obi wan. And heck, we saw it with palpatine twice.
Origame - 5/28/2024, 4:55 AM

I swear. One ear and out the other with you.

And I never mentioned ANYTHING wrong with her killing jedi. It's being sent after jedi MASTERS when she's unproven and UNTRAINED that's the issue.
Origame - 5/28/2024, 4:56 AM
@Mrnorth1921 - arrogant does not mean you fight someone you're clearly outmatched with, to a ridiculous degree.
Origame - 5/28/2024, 4:57 AM
@Mrnorth1921 - and...that maul obi wan scene was also dumb and is cited as such. Again, thanks for proving my point, you disney shill.
grouch - 5/27/2024, 10:40 AM
try hard star wars stuff is so cringe.
PaKent - 5/27/2024, 11:04 AM
Master Trinity vs Covid Ninja
GeneralZod - 5/27/2024, 12:37 PM
@PaKent - They even use Matrix-inspired music.
PaKent - 5/27/2024, 3:55 PM
@GeneralZod - Music, hairstyles, kung fu fights, everything
GeneralZod - 5/27/2024, 7:39 PM
@PaKent - it’s a cross between The Matrix and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. People actually got paid at LucasFilm to come up with this creatively lazy drek.
Gabimaru - 5/27/2024, 11:15 AM
No matter how they try to spice things up. trying new things in Star Wars. it doesn't feel as impactful since force awakens and mandalorian season 1
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