X-MEN & LOTR Star Sir Ian McKellen Hospitalized After Stage Fall - But Is Expected To Make A Full Recovery

X-MEN & LOTR Star Sir Ian McKellen Hospitalized After Stage Fall - But Is Expected To Make A Full Recovery

X-MEN: THE LAST STAND Star Kelsey Grammer Reflects On Learning He Was Being Dropped As Beast
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X-MEN: THE LAST STAND Star Kelsey Grammer Reflects On Learning He Was Being Dropped As Beast

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Doomsday8888 - 5/20/2024, 6:13 AM
As long as he doesn't try to hijack/takeover Marvel, lol.
DrReedRichards - 5/20/2024, 6:41 AM
@Doomsday8888 -

The DCEU was headless at the time. The MCU is anything but that, perhaps to a fault.
bkmeijer1 - 5/20/2024, 7:31 AM
@Doomsday8888 - that's not gonna happen. No way he's gonna enter another shared universe franchise if he can't take over (and change the hierarchy of power or something).
bobevanz - 5/20/2024, 8:46 AM
deadpool tickets now!
Arthorious - 5/20/2024, 9:40 AM
@Doomsday8888 - the hierarchy of power will change. Apocalypse will be an anti hero and only want to fight Sentry (or Hyerpion)
Arthorious - 5/20/2024, 9:40 AM
@Arthorious - Hyperion*
S8R8M - 5/20/2024, 6:19 AM
Better than Isaac's Apocalypse. I do feel they should do with that character like they did with Thanos. CG.
bkmeijer1 - 5/20/2024, 7:31 AM
@S8R8M - Thanos really looked believable. Dude even had small hairs on his head for detail
marvel72 - 5/20/2024, 7:40 AM
@S8R8M - Yes exactly right more like Thanos but could end up like M.O.D.O.K

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S8R8M - 5/20/2024, 8:04 AM
@marvel72 - That's true. I hope Marvel learned a lot from that.
marvel72 - 5/20/2024, 8:11 AM
@S8R8M - and again I agree.
FireandBlood - 5/20/2024, 6:26 AM
Here me out

User Comment Image
DrReedRichards - 5/20/2024, 6:40 AM
@FireandBlood -

Haven't seen enough of him on screen, but he's definitely got the voice.
WruceBayne - 5/20/2024, 6:41 AM
@FireandBlood - I’m ok with this. Can you hear him calling Professor X, “boy”? Sheesh!
UniqNo - 5/20/2024, 6:51 AM
@FireandBlood - With that voice for sure, i'd much prefer him that Johnson.
KennKathleen - 5/20/2024, 7:09 AM
@FireandBlood - User Comment Image
bkmeijer1 - 5/20/2024, 7:26 AM
@FireandBlood - Marvel
User Comment Image
Cass - 5/20/2024, 9:11 AM
@FireandBlood - Now that you’ve said it, he really does seem a great fit. Give his voice a metallic edge to it as well. Perfect.
Izaizaiza - 5/20/2024, 9:58 AM
@FireandBlood - Who is that?
Dtx - 5/20/2024, 10:45 AM
@FireandBlood - Is that Teal'C?
FireandBlood - 5/20/2024, 10:46 AM
@Izaizaiza - Kratos’ voice actor
Izaizaiza - 5/20/2024, 1:20 PM
@FireandBlood - Gotcha. Awesome
DravenCorvis - 5/20/2024, 6:28 AM
Tried to hijack the DC movies, and he failed.

Tried to hijack WWE, and he failed - which one of Rock's stooges is trying to downplay now.

Would make sense, I guess, to go for Marvel next.
IAmAHoot - 5/20/2024, 6:29 AM
He's certainly become enough of a jackwagon to fill the role.
DrReedRichards - 5/20/2024, 6:44 AM
Marvel on screen may be trying to find a steady footing again, but they're nowhere near as desperate as to employ this self-centered jackass.

Try elsewhere, Dwayne.
DrReedRichards - 5/20/2024, 6:45 AM
Nifty artwork though, NGL.
grouch - 5/20/2024, 6:44 AM
lol no
UniqNo - 5/20/2024, 6:48 AM
User Comment Image

That's all.
KennKathleen - 5/20/2024, 7:19 AM
I believe the Rocks undefeatable clause may work in his favor here.

Seeing Bishop try to prevent the horiffic future on Mutant genocide, only to have the Age of Apocalypse ensue behind careful planning/follow through, could potentially rival the "snappening".

Having Mr. Johnson fall by the hands of the entire MCU coming together may be a perfect payoff for not taking past L's in cinematic combat. 🪙🪙

TheVisionary25 - 5/20/2024, 7:20 AM
Honestly , if he can channel some of that “Final Boss” aura and air of superiority about him to the role then I can see him pulling it off honestly..

User Comment Image

However if the reports are true , dude would need to keep his ego in check off screen and not try to takeover shit again.
TheMetaMan - 5/20/2024, 7:41 AM
@TheVisionary25 - dude are you a wrestling fan??
TheVisionary25 - 5/20/2024, 7:50 AM
@TheMetaMan - yes sir , have gotten back into moreso recently.
clintthahamster - 5/20/2024, 9:55 AM
@TheVisionary25 - Same here. Started getting back into it around 2017, and when AEW hit, I was all in (pun only slightly intended.)
TheVisionary25 - 5/20/2024, 9:56 AM
@clintthahamster - yeah

I would check it off an on but I think it’s been like around late last year that I really got into it again
clintthahamster - 5/20/2024, 11:46 AM
@TheVisionary25 - It's a good time to be back. WWE is on an all-time hot streak, and AEW is starting to rebuild after the losing most of their top roster to injuries.
FinnishDude - 5/20/2024, 7:42 AM
Terrible actor, with huge ego.
TheMetaMan - 5/20/2024, 8:13 AM
@TheVisionary25 - Nice. I’ve been a wrestling fan for almost 25 years now. There was a point where I fell out of love with it, got bored and partially moved on but then disaster struck! The Benoit murders. When that happened I was hooked. I couldn’t turn away from it. I find pro-wrestling fascinating because there’s this underbelly of darkness, savagery, satanism, tragedy, drama and politics. It’s the backstage politics that keeps me hooked. Nowadays I watch various documentaries and podcasts (highly recommend Renee Dupree’s podcast on YT) that keep me invested. Most non-wrestling fans are naive, they’re still stuck on the cliched argument that “wrestling is fake”. Yes it is but they have no idea what goes on behind the scenes. It’s undeniably mortifying and horrifying! 😱 For instance the recent Vince McMahon/Janel Grant sandal. Have you read the text messages??? My lawd it’s really bad. The world of professional wrestling is truly something else man. I hope you liked Wrestlemania 40? For me it was cinema.
Cleander - 5/20/2024, 8:19 AM
How does anyone go to the cinema to watch this man in a movie? I hardly ever waste my money and time on wrestlers who pivot to acting. I can't suspend my disbelief. I can't.
YouCray04 - 5/20/2024, 8:27 AM
Anyone who wants the Rock to play Apocalypse can't be trusted
tvor03 - 5/20/2024, 8:51 AM
Scorpion King, Black Adam, En Sabah Nur. People know he’s not Egyptian, right?
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