X-MEN '97 Team On Third Season, Villainous Debut, Post-Credits Scene And [SPOILER]'s Potential Return

X-MEN '97 Team On Third Season, Villainous Debut, Post-Credits Scene And [SPOILER]'s Potential Return X-MEN '97 Team On Third Season, Villainous Debut, Post-Credits Scene And [SPOILER]'s Potential Return

Following Wednesday's highly eventful season finale of X-Men '97, the show's creative team has weighed in on the events of "Tolerance is Extinction - Part 3."

By MarkCassidy - May 18, 2024 07:05 PM EST
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The season 1 finale of Marvel Studios' acclaimed animated series, X-Men '97, hit Disney+ this past Wednesday, and it's fair to say the events of "Tolerance is Extinction - Part 3" left us with a lot to discuss.

If you haven't watched yet, beware of major spoilers from this point on.

In the closing moments of the drama-filled finale, the team managed to defeat Bastion and prevent Asteroid M from destroying the planet, but the heroes somehow ended up being transported through time in the process.

Xavier (Ross Marquand), Magneto (Matthew Waterson), Rogue (Lenore Zann), Nightcrawler (Adrian Hough), and Beast (George Buza) find themselves in Egypt in the year 3,000 B.C., where they encounter a younger En Sabah Nur (Adetokumboh M'Cormack). Jean Grey (Jennifer Hale) and Cyclops (Ray Chase) land way into the future in the year 3960 A.D. where they meet a younger version of their son, Nathan Summer, aka Cable, leaving Storm (Alison Sealy-Smith), Wolverine (Cal Dodd), and Morph (JP Karliak) unaccounted for.

However, it's the post-credit scene that really got fans talking.

In Genosha (or what's left of it) in the present-day timeline, we see Apocalypse standing by Gambit's grave, holding one of his signature playing cards. "So much pain, my children," says the villain. "So much...death."

In the comics, Gambit winds up becoming one of the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse. This seems like a pretty blatant hint that Remy Lebeau is somehow going to return as Death in season 2, but the show's creative team aren't about to confirm anything just yet.

"Oh, did something happen with Gambit in the comics? Oh, that's cool," head director Jake Castorena tells EW. "Nothing is happening by accident. Everything is meticulously planned."

"What's fun is the animated series has always done its own adaptations, so you don't know what you're going to get," adds director Chase Conley. "But our writers definitely put it there to make people think. Every single word in the series is very intentional and combed over four times."

"It was always part of Beau's pitch to bring Apocalypse in at a certain point," says Marvel's head of television Brad Winderbaum of the powerful baddie, "but season 1 was always going to be Magneto and Sinister with Bastion being the surprise villain in the second half. Apocalypse was never really on the table for season 1, but he was always top of mind as we thought about the future."

The show has already been picked up for a second season, but a third is also highly likely - although if the series does continue, it will be with a new heard writer after Beau DeMayo was fired just before the premiere.

"It feels like a lot of pressure on all of us at the studio as we're cutting season 2, as we're figuring out our plans in the future," says Winderbaum of the show's success. "It is exciting and has taught us a lot of great lessons for the franchise. It definitely has kickstarted season 3 in a massive way."

Winderbaum went on to confirm that the team "will have a new head writer for season 3," but notes, "We are honoring Beau's ideas for the second season."

"So much of the visual storytelling of this show comes from him and our amazing directing team. So it does feel like there's a consistent voice. The mantra is the same, the goals are the same, and the source material is the same. As long as that's our guiding principle, that we're honoring the comics and the original show, that's the core to the creative pursuit."

What did you make of the X-Men '97 season finale? Drop us a comment down below.

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marvel72 - 5/18/2024, 7:24 PM
Gambit did become Death in comics, it would be interesting to see The Hulk as War.
Malatrova15 - 5/18/2024, 7:41 PM
OHMY GOD THAT CARD!!! The Jonkler is coming baby ! BO Demayo you are the man!
AnthonyVonGeek - 5/18/2024, 7:41 PM
I was thinking Wolverine coming back as Death. Not complaining seeing Gambit return would be as awesome. I did like the look of Wolverine as Death more than Gambits S&M type look 🤣
User Comment Image
User Comment Image
mountainman - 5/18/2024, 8:00 PM
@AnthonyVonGeek - What if Apocalypse forms his Horsemen all from mutants that died at Genosha?

Gambit, Sebastian Shaw, Madelyne Pryor and Banshee could be a good roster for him.
marvel72 - 5/18/2024, 8:00 PM
@AnthonyVonGeek - Archangel is still the best, if you ask me.
AnthonyVonGeek - 5/18/2024, 11:00 PM
@mountainman - I like that idea 👍
AnthonyVonGeek - 5/18/2024, 11:00 PM
@marvel72 - me too!🙌
TheMetaMan - 5/19/2024, 1:17 AM
@AnthonyVonGeek - This is one of the reasons I love the X-men it’s because of the artwork like this. Sick!!!
Reeds2Much - 5/20/2024, 8:50 AM
@AnthonyVonGeek - Well, they did the adamentium extraction of Fatal Attraction so the next step is Boneverine, followed by the unfortunate Caverine, which lead to Deathverine erasing that skidmark from existence.

So, two or three seasons possibly.
campblood - 5/18/2024, 9:39 PM
Gambit gonna come back and be a cuck some more?
JFerguson - 5/18/2024, 9:59 PM
Cyclops gonna try to recruit Apocalypse at the end of the season like he tried to do Bastion?
PatientXero - 5/18/2024, 11:25 PM
It was a decent show. They rushed through a lot of stuff, and the whole morph thing was just for the alphabet people. The Rogue/Magneto thing was dumb. I think they should have pulled the trigger and done Onslaught, instead of revisiting Apocalypse. But maybe that’s where this is leading.
TheMetaMan - 5/19/2024, 1:49 AM
@PatientXero - Rogue and magneto’s romantic relationship derives from the comics no? This was merely an adaptation of it but I see what you are saying. A subplot that led to nowhere. Morph catering to the alphabet people as you call it was a necessary move if you ask me. X-men is all about diversity, equality, discrimination, segregation and oppression. It’s always been the M.O. of the franchise as a medium or concept. To ignore such things would be to contradict what the X-men are at their core. You kinda have to approach and adopt such ethics into the story, it’s just a case of how those themes and tropes are executed.
marvel72 - 5/19/2024, 8:25 AM
@TheMetaMan - I think they were a thing during a Savage Land story and Age Of Apocalypse.
PatientXero - 5/19/2024, 10:59 AM
@TheMetaMan - I don’t care if it was part of the comics or not. It was one of several things they shoehorned into the show. Like the Madelyne Pryor and Bastion stuff too. They tried to cram too much into a short period of time. And the Morph thing I get, but I don’t have to like it. They completely changed his character. Not once did he look like that in the old show. They easily could have taken a couple minutes from an early episode and had him say something like ever since being experimented on he doesn’t feel like himself the way he normally looks and change into that nonbinary form. Instead of just having him look like that with no explanation, and everyone acting like it’s normal. Plus he never acted like he was gay and in love with Wolverine b4.
Tonic24k - 5/19/2024, 2:00 PM
@PatientXero - "Just for the alphabet people"?... Yeah, we don't need any of that homophobic shit here. Go be a bigot somewhere you can't hide behind the internet.
McMurdo - 5/19/2024, 7:30 PM
@PatientXero - morph literally serves zero function as a character
PatientXero - 5/19/2024, 8:10 PM
@McMurdo - I agree, other than for cameos of other heroes.
TheManWithoutFear - 5/19/2024, 2:45 AM
Maybe let Wolverine actually do something next season. You get Cal Dodd back, the GOAT, and barely have him say or do anything.
ObserverIO - 5/19/2024, 4:59 AM
I loved X-Men '97, but...

"What's fun is the animated series has always done its own adaptations, so you don't know what you're going to get,"

No. Sorry, but this is the one aspect where X-Men '97 differed greatly from the original show. You don't get to act like you're adapting things the same as the show has always done.

X-Men '97 rushed through things at an alarming pace. And it adapted a few moments, but basically reworked everything and told an original story that featured certain moments from certain storylines all mashed up.
Whereas the original show basically took the comics as a first draft script and then merely adapted it to the characters on the team and tweaked a few things here and there to fit the universe.

One is loosely based on, one is essentially the comics come to life.

One of the main reasons fans loved the original show as much as they did was how faithful it was to the comics. Whole episodes adapting whole issues.
Fogs - 5/19/2024, 6:51 AM
@ObserverIO - it was great, much better than the other things MCU.

But yeah, Inferno being only hinted like that was painful. Loved the saga and it deserved much more.

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