DOCTOR STRANGE IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS Rumored Plot Leak Reveals Some Huge New Story Details

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is one of Marvel's most highly anticipated films, and an apparent plot leak from a trusted source reveals a series of key plot details from the upcoming sequel!

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We know that Reddit isn't exactly the most reliable of sources, but some leaks there are genuine. For example, there's one user who shared a ton of information that was verified by the first Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer as well as Olga Kurylenko being beneath Taskmaster's mask in Black Widow and some key Loki plot details. 

Now, they've shared a bunch of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness leaks which better explain the direction Sam Raimi plans to take the Sorcerer Supreme in when he faces the Scarlet Witch.

Some of this has been previously reported by online scoopers, but there's a lot here we didn't know, particularly when it comes to the role Shuma Gorath and Wanda Maximoff play during what sounds like a downright bonkers journey through the MCU's Multiverse.

In case it isn't already obvious, MAJOR SPOILERS will be found from this point on...

6. Wanda Maximoff's Mission

Apparently, the Scarlet Witch is going to be the Doctor Strange sequel's lead villain with Shuma Gorath only having a small role after being summoned by Wanda to bring America Chavez to her. So, he's probably going to be used the same way he was in What If...?, albeit in his full form. 

It's said that the Darkhold corrupts Wanda and leaves her convinced that her children are in danger somewhere in the Multiverse. However, she can only reach them through astral projection and needs to travel to their reality in her own body, hence why America  - who is able to travel between timelines at will - is the solution to her problems.

Demons summoned by Wanda destroy America's reality, and Shuma strikes during Christine Palmer's wedding. Ultimately, Wanda figures out she can actually control the bodies of her alternate reality counterparts...

5. Meet The Illuminati

The Sorcerer Supreme defeats Shuma Gorath and after talking to America, he tracks down Wanda and a fight ensues. Strange attempts to bring her back to her senses, but it doesn't work, and the Scarlet Witch heads to Kamar-Taj and destroys it while hunting for America. 

She and Strange hop between realities while on the run from Wanda, going to "a lot of crazy places" in the process. Meeting a Mordo Variant who is the Master of the Mystic Arts in his reality, they're tricked and imprisoned by Ultron bots.

Why? Mordo is part of a Multiversal Illuminati, a peacekeeping force in the Multiverse led by Sir Patrick Stewart's Professor X! Needless to say, you can probably understand why they'd put Strange and America behind bars for the chaos they're causing jumping through these timelines. 

4. Scarlet Witch Strikes

The Scarlet Witch has figured out how to take over the bodies of the other Wandas scattered throughout the Multiverse, and the one in the reality this Illuminati is based on is just a normal housewife with her two children. 

Despite that, she falls under the Avenger's control, and this Wanda is used as a vessel to tear through the Illuminati, killing many of them in the process. Just as she's about to reach America, Professor X intervenes and attempts to get the Scarlet Witch to see what she's doing is wrong.

It sounds like he's ultimately defeated, but when Wanda does finally find Tommy and Billy...well, she's in for a surprise. 

3. A Tragic Twist

Tommy and Billy want their "real" mother back. They were never in danger, and the Darkhold pushing the Scarlet Witch down a dark path is what caused all this madness. 

We do wonder if a greater threat is manipulating her, but things get a little muddled at this point because it's said that after the revelation that her children don't want her, she "does the same thing she did in WandaVision but this time to the whole Multiverse." Presumably, that means sending some sort of energy blast throughout these realities. 

When Strange and America return home, the Multiverse is in total chaos, and it's suggested this could be what leads to Tommy and Billy being aged up and becoming Speed and Wiccan.

2. Some Extra Intel

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness reportedly takes place two years after the events of WandaVision, with Strange's story arc primarily revolving around whether to save the Multiverse by ending the Scarlet Witch's life or by abiding by his Hippocratic Oath and dooming reality in the process. 

The MCU's Mordo is killed by Wanda, but Captain Carter - a member of the Illuminati - manages to survive the attack. Evan Peters' Quicksilver won't return, while the Christina Palmer we spend most of our time with will be from that team's world rather than the MCU. For whatever reason, that Mordo betrays the Illuminati to help the Scarlet Witch. 

Oh, and Adam Hugill plays Rintrah. He'll join Strange, America, and Wong in their quest to stop Wanda.

1. About Professor X

There's quite clearly a lot missing from this plot leak. However, we do have a few extra bits of information on Stewart's return as Charles Xavier. 

As those leaked pre-viz images revealed, he'll be in a comic accurate wheelchair (perhaps suggesting he's from X-Men: The Animated Series or the comic books) and isn't the Professor X from Fox's X-Men movies. He's a Variant, so here's hoping the film is able to explain that to anyone who skipped Loki!

Oh, and he never tries to kill the Scarlet Witch. Instead, the X-Men leader is just looking to free that reality's Wanda from the villain's control. Intriguing, eh? 

h/t Reddit

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