Ant man? Seriously?

Why giving Hank Pym a solo film would be the first Marvel Studio flop.

Why?! That is the first thing that comes to my mind. For those of you who follow news about superhero movies on this site and others, you know that for years now, Marvel has planned to give Ant Man his own solo film, just like they have done with Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and the Hulk. This is a mistake.

Now I know I'm going to catch a lot of flack for this piece, but honestly, I just can not fathom why Marvel and Disney would want to rest a solo movie on the shoulders of Hank Pym. Don't get me wrong the character certainly deserves his place in MCU, but that place belongs as part of an ensemble cast in a future Avengers film.

So why do I feel this way. Well, as with just about anything in life, it's about personal opinion and preference. I never liked Pym. I think that his creation of Ultron and then Ultron's creation of the Vision are certainly important moments for the Marvel Universe, but those are really the only things I like. And here is the big question. Why make a movie about a superhero who is most famous for backhanding his wife? Remember the moment in the dance number scene in Spider-man 3 where Peter did that to Mary Jane? Awful. Like it or not, that is a moment that Pym is known for, and for it, is not a hero I can root for. There are other reasons too. Pym is just kind of a nasty guy and always comes off as an authoritarian. He also has major self loathing and self esteem issues, and often cracks under pressure. he also married Janet Van Dyne because she resembled his first wife. Pathetic. The guy has never really came off as a hero to me, and in order to make him seem like one, Edgar Wright would have to completely alter many of these aspects to Make Pym a likeable character, and if that's what needs to be done, then you might as well not make an Ant Man movie.

Also, this film has been in development hell for years. I have a lot of respect for Edgar Wright, but if he is having this hard of a time, coming up with the right take on the character, then maybe it's better to just leave well enough alone. He also seems busy getting distracted with other projects, so how much does he really care?

Look, I get that Marvel's appeal is it's character have flaws, but the flaws of Hank Pym just don't make that great of a candidate to carry a movie.

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