SHAZAM! FURY OF THE GODS - An Early Plot Breakdown Has LEAKED Online - Here's What You Need To Know!

Shazam! Fury of the Gods is the latest upcoming DC blockbuster to have its plot revealed courtesy of test screenings, and it sounds like David F. Sandberg has some crazy plans for Billy Batson and company!

COVID has led to many hotly anticipated blockbusters being delayed, but in the case of Shazam! Fury of the Gods, the sequel was moved forward when Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and The Flash slipped from 2022 into next year. 

Test screenings have been taking place for a while now, and a resurfaced plot leak for the Shazam! sequel has found its way online from the same YouTube channel responsible for accurately revealing the stories of Godzilla vs. Kong, The Matrix Resurrections, and even The Flash in advance of their release. 

It's an early cut, but one that offers a basic idea of what to expect, including some shocking plot developments, a massive DC cameo, and a couple of sure-to-be widely-discussed plot twists. 

You'll have already figured out that we're heading right into spoiler territory with this breakdown, but if you're at all curious about what to expect from Shazam! Fury of the Gods, keep on reading...

5. Shazam Steps Up

Quite a bit of time has passed since Shazam! was released and, inevitably, that means this franchise's child actors have grown up. As a result, the sequel begins with Billy Batson turning 18 and wondering about his future and whether he'll continue to have a place in his adoptive family. 

The Shazam Family, meanwhile, has spent a few years saving lives by this point, though public opinion appears to be divided similar to how Superman was perceived in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The Wizard is back and warns Billy that they need to get serious about being heroes and says it's time for Shazam to step up as a leader. Later, Billy thinks he's met his crush, Wonder Woman, only for her to turn around and have The Wizard's face (that may sound like a weird gag, but it will be important later on). 

Before we get to Shazam! Fury of the Gods' villains, it's worth pointing out that Mister Mind seemingly has no presence here despite being teased in Shazam!'s mid-credits scene. 

4. Atlas' Daughters

Rachel Zegler's character is indeed the sister of Helen Mirren's Hespera and Lucy Liu's Calypso, but bonds with Freddy Freeman when she comes to Earth. 

They end up being kidnapped, and we learn that the sisters have stolen an artefact that can power up the staff once used to kill Atlas. The Greek God doesn't appear in the film, but he's their father, and both Hespera and Calypso are looking to take revenge on anyone with Shazam's power seeing as a previous Shazam struck the fatal blow to their deal old dad.

As Billy and his fellow kids head into action to save Freddy, it's revealed that Calypso is the sequel's true villain and very much the driving force behind this mission (with her sisters forced to come along for the ride). 

Freddy is eventually rescued, and Shazam - with the help of a magical pen called "Steve" - manages to contact Hespera in an effort to call a truce. 

3. The True Villain Revealed

Meeting at a hamburger stand of all places, Shazam and Hespera talk and the latter reveals that she wants no part of Calypso's plan; she simply wants to honour her fallen father. 

The villain arrives riding what's described as a "dragon-like" creature, attacking Shazam and her own sister. The rest of Billy's family shows up, helping him finally realise that they really do care for him (it sounds like his foster parents also get involved, so they presumably learn what the kids have been up to). 

Calypso kills Hespera, and Billy goes to confront the villain. 

It's at this point the movie takes something of an unexpected turn, and the battle kicks off in a nearby baseball stadium, Calypso's staging ground for an attack that will lay waste to the Earth...

2. Death Of A Hero

Billy confronts the villain and tells her that he's going to give his all in this fight because he'll do anything to protect his family. This is a major turning point for Shazam, as he matures and learns to find acceptance with his foster parents and brothers and sisters. 

However, as Billy matures, so too do his powers. It's said that he unlocks higher levels of power and new abilities as Shazam! Fury of the Gods progresses, leading to an epic battle that sees him deal with that dragon and Calypso. As he charges up to almost unbelievable levels, they both touch the staff and it's destroyed, meaning the good guys win the day. 

However, Billy also dies. It sounds like the staff's destruction kills him as well, meaning this movie ends with a heroic sacrifice and the death of its lead character. 

Don't fret too much, though, as there's still one final twist...

1. Wonder Woman Returns!

Zegler's character is still alive and suggests they take Billy's body back to the realm she and her sisters hail from. He's buried in a serene spot in what sounds like a heart-breaking moment. 

However, it's then the real Wonder Woman shows up - played by Gal Gadot - and she takes the staff and uses her powers to repair it and bring Billy back to life. Shazam appears to be immortal, though it's unclear whether that really is the case or if this was a one-time deal due to the power left in the weapon. Either way, Diana Prince brings Billy back to life in a comedic moment.

Later, Billy is shown happily spending time with his family, Freddy has a new girlfriend in Zegler's God, and it's all happily ever after. 

No post-credits scenes were shown at this test screening, but we'd bet on Black Adam somehow factoring into them seeing as his movie comes out just a couple of months before this one!

h/t WorldofGeekdom (via Reddit)

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