'My Crazy The Dark Knight Rises Theory' or 'Why Bane Was The Good Guy All Along'

Title says it all guys. I guess I should say something... It involves Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises more than anything else. Also I just wrote this, so please don't complain about any errors that I missed.

Editorial Opinion

The Dark Knight Rises. I loved it the first time I saw it. I nearly fell asleep while watching it the second time. Out cold before the prison the third. But I managed to stay awake the fourth time, and I have come up with an INSANE theory about Bane, Batman, and the League of Shadows. So, I’m just going to go out and state my theory. Let’s do this baby.

Why would Ra’s use the term legend? I mean, the League of Shadows already has a huge amount of members. Was Ra’s trying to make life the the League seem greater than it actually is? Because if Bruce truly did join, he wouldn’t be a legend. He would be Faceless Ninja #67. But... what if Ra’s was telling the truth? What if Bruce was to be a legend. Batman. Batman was the plan all along.

You see, Ra’s knew that the League was wrong. But he had devoted himself to the League. He was still avenging his wife. There was no going back for him, but Bruce could still change the League. He was training with Bruce for over seven years. Surely he saw Bruce’s compassion, but also his remarkable skill. Ra’s knew that Bruce wouldn’t kill the prisoner, even if it meant his own death.

When Bruce left for Gotham, the plan to destroy the city was already in motion. If Batman stopped the League, then he would prove himself a savior. A... spark that starts a fire, as you see from the copycats in The Dark Knight, and John Blake. Back to the point though. If Batman failed, then Ra’s would be disappointed, but it would be a small loss, as there was no guarantee that the plan of Batman would work.

But Batman did prove himself. That’s why Ra’s accepted his death. Why he was so willing to be destroyed when the train crashed. He was content, as Bruce had started a fire.

But Bruce gave up.

That brings us to The Dark Knight Rises.

Bruce was weakened mentally and physically by the events of The Dark Knight. The fire was dying. Now, you could say that Gotham didn’t need Batman anymore because of the Dent Act. That act is a pile of steaming horse guano. seriously, there’s still going to be crime in Gotham. Batman would still be needed. Bruce GAVE UP. He GAVE UP. He QUIT. Eight years. Eight years Bruce was just like:
“Sorry Gotham, I’m just gonna be sitting in my mansion and letting people mug you and rob buildings and stuff.”
That is sad.

But the fire rises. The uprising in Gotham wasn’t the fire. No, Batman was the fire. Bane had to endanger Gotham to bring Batman back. At their first encounter on the rooftop, Batman did not fight. If it was Joker there, he would have fought. If it was Scarecrow? Two-Face? Ra’s? He would have fought. But he left Bane there. Sure, he had armed men with him, I’ll give you that Bruce, but Batman would have fought.

“But why the prison? If Bane wanted to bring Batman back why delay the return?” you ask.

Batman didn’t fight Bane. Oh, and Bruce was still broken from The Dark Knight. When he did fight Bane in the sewers, he wasn’t ready. He had given up on Batman. He hadn’t actually fought in years. Bane was testing Bruce, trying to see if Batman truly was ready to come back, or if Bruce was going to go back to secluding himself. Plus, Batman relied on his gadgets when he was losing. he didn’t rise up to the challenge, ready to sacrifice himself, and give it all to stop Bane. When Bruce proved that he wasn’t ready to rise, Bane broke him, and put him in the prison.

This is a controversial plot point. This is that there was cable TV in the prison. Bane literally said that it was to torture Bruce. To show that Gotham was dying and that there was nothing he could do. This was just another reason Bruce had to rise up from the prison. The prison actually represented Bruce and his own pain. He trained in the prison, mastered fighting again, and was ready to fight. When Bruce rose from the Pit, he was rising from his fear. He was ready.

Now Bruce is back in Gotham, and ready to fight Bane, using his strength, past, and conquered fear to defeat the brute. Then, when Bane is one his knees, Miranda Tate reveals herself to be the mastermind. See, this is also controversial, but who else would now Ra’s plan. She leaves with the bomb, and Bane says:
“You’ll just have to imagine the fire.”

Why? Well, when Batman does reach the bomb, Talia dies. Her last words are:
“Prepare yourselves. My father's work is done.”

Why? Because the fire has RISEN!!! Okay... calm down. Bane said that Batman will have to imagine the fire because there was one final test. The test to see if Bruce was prepared to give it all up to save Gotham. He was. He flew the bomb out on the Bat. He was ready to sacrifice himself for Gotham.

That was he plan. The fire rose. This is shown at the very end when Blake discovers the Batcave, and is ready to become a symbol. See, Batman cannot die. Bruce was the spark that started a fire by the end of The Dark Knight Rises. Blake rose to the challenge. Now more people all across the world will look at Batman, and then at the city. They will rise. The fire will spread, and Bruce will look on with Selina, both smiling.

So that’s it. That’s the theory. I had just thought of it a day or two ago. Hope you enjoyed. Comment in the regular place.

Until next time,

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