Rumored Update On Plans For Captain Marvel After THE MARVELS Underperformed; Valkyrie Could Be Key In THOR 5

Rumored Update On Plans For Captain Marvel After THE MARVELS Underperformed; Valkyrie Could Be Key In THOR 5

We have rumoured details about Captain Marvel's MCU future, specifically in regards to whether plans for her have changed since The Marvels flopped last November. There's also some new Valkyrie intel...

By JoshWilding - Jun 07, 2024 10:06 AM EST
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Source: The Cosmic Circus

The Marvels was released last November to so-so reviews (it has 61% on Rotten Tomatoes) and a dismal $206.1 million at the worldwide box office.

There are plenty of possible reasons why the sequel bombed, but after Captain Marvel made over $1.1 billion in 2019, its dismal performance greatly surprised the majority. While Captain Marvel 3 is likely off the table, plans for Carol Danvers supposedly haven't changed.

According to The Cosmic Circus, "Carol Danvers' role in the Multiverse Saga moving forward has not been diminished, nor will it be toned down due to The Marvels underperforming."

As for what role the hero will play, it sounds like she's devoting her time to investigating the Quantum Bangles, their origin, and whether they're capable of opening a doorway which can bring Monica Rambeau back to Earth-616. Photon was left stranded in an unnamed alternate reality with the X-Men and this very much sounds like the groundwork is being laid for an Incursion.

For what it's worth, with frequent Brie Larson collaborator Destin Daniel Cretton back at the helm of the Shang-Chi sequel, we've heard there may be a place for Captain Marvel there due to the Ten Rings' apparent ties to Kang and the bangles. 

The site was also asked about whether anything is in the works with Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie. We last saw her in The Marvels too, though it's widely believed Marvel Studios cut any hints of romance between the two characters for fear of backlash. 

"As for King Valkyrie, I haven’t heard much about what role she will have to play in the Multiverse Saga as of yet, but there is something I heard through the grapevine about Thor 5 and her connections to Valhalla," the site explains. "So I’d suspect her story to continue there."

We caught a glimpse of Valhalla in Thor: Love and Thunder's post-credits scene; if this is handled well, it could lead to the return of Odin, The Warriors Three, and even the Mighty Thor. 

Last November, Larson said "there is still so much inside of Carol" to explore in future movies. 

"I feel like getting to be on this team just cracked her open in a way that she hadn't been and I really loved that for her," she added. Asked specifically about any future MCU project she will appear in, the Oscar-winner responded, "I don't want Marvel to come for me. But there is something. There is definitely something, to answer your question, that I would want to say, but I am not going to."

Stay tuned for updates as we have them.

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Evansly - 6/7/2024, 10:45 AM
She has definitely worked better as a supporting character than the lead. That could be due to the creative team behind End Game but definitely enjoyed her more there.

Just focus on a good story and quality writing
Evansly - 6/7/2024, 10:54 AM
Also, please have Rogue take her out!

User Comment Image
mountainman - 6/7/2024, 11:35 AM
@Evansly - Came here to say this. Larsen seems over the role and it just hasn’t landed with the audience. Give her the tragic ending when Rogue is introduced.
CaptainMexico - 6/7/2024, 2:02 PM
@mountainman - does that happen in the comics? I must not be up to date with that story…
marvel72 - 6/7/2024, 3:10 PM
@Evansly -

User Comment Image
CasualFanatic - 6/7/2024, 5:11 PM
@CaptainMexico - It probably is in the comics, but it’s definitely part of the X-Men cartoon. Rogue is flying all over the place and you don’t get told until much later that she absorbed all of Carol’s powers
mountainman - 6/7/2024, 5:50 PM
@CaptainMexico - Rogue obtained her flight and strength originally by absorbing Carol Danvers’ powers (when she was Ms Marvel). It didn’t kill her, but it put her in a coma and she lost her powers for a long time.
CaptainMexico - 6/7/2024, 9:26 PM
@mountainman - how did I not know that?
IAmAHoot - 6/7/2024, 10:48 AM
If there's one rumor we want to hear about Thor 5 first before anything, it's about Valkyrie...
HashTagSwagg - 6/7/2024, 11:01 AM
@IAmAHoot - I like to hear about Valkyrie's offscreen death
YouFlopped - 6/7/2024, 10:49 AM
THATS great to hear! She still got a billi to her name. The most powerful avenger.

Even during a historic Hollywood strike with little to no promo they stood beside the art.

It’s films released after the strike doing worse than this with all the promo in the world 😂

Round of applause to KF and company for keeping her character in tact for the foreseeable future ❤️

Her and BP are the only characters in Superhero history to make a pure billion off their intro film. No inflation needed.
Origame - 6/7/2024, 10:51 AM
@YouFlopped - she got a billion by marvel making people think she was gonna be super important to the most hyped movie ever.
Fogs - 6/7/2024, 11:02 AM
@Origame - exactly. Noone I know cared about her tbh.

Bp also came before IW, which everybody was anticipating
RegularPoochie - 6/7/2024, 1:18 PM
@YouFlopped - Rage Hulk/world war Hulk and Thor would kick her ass.
Batmangina - 6/7/2024, 2:00 PM
@YouFlopped - She got a billy then lost 400 milly 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Origame - 6/7/2024, 10:50 AM
Yes, because why would they diminish her role? She is a strong independent wahmen after all.
Gabimaru - 6/7/2024, 10:53 AM
She's not a movie star. It's not going to happen. Forget it.
Origame - 6/7/2024, 11:02 AM
@Gabimaru - it will happen only because marvel is delusional.
AlexGSpeaks - 6/7/2024, 10:59 AM
Doesn't matter what Marvel Studios cuts. Some folks already believe Carol and Valkyrie are in a lesbian relationship and will A: hate every second the are on screen together for "throwing it in our faces" or B: accuse Disney/Marvel of being cowards for backing away from relationship if they don't put them together.
HashTagSwagg - 6/7/2024, 11:03 AM
@AlexGSpeaks - People aren't particular fans of either of those characters in general, shipping them or keeping them about isn't going to change that.
Origame - 6/7/2024, 11:30 AM
@HashTagSwagg - and let's not forget, the only reason that was cut was because they wanted to avoid the south park meme.

But seriously, all that scene would've amounted to was saying there was a gay couple in the mcu. Nothing about the characters themselves since this was literally the first time they shared the screen together. Character development be darned. We need lesbians.
JonC - 6/7/2024, 11:33 AM
@HashTagSwagg - CM went over well with women, and that's what she was wrote for in the comics.
Goldboink - 6/7/2024, 11:41 AM
@AlexGSpeaks - Yea, that makes sense except for one thing.

User Comment Image
ImNotaBot - 6/7/2024, 11:02 AM
The only thing they can do to make this character more interesting is bringing Rogue to the MCU and making a Rogue vs Cap Marvel type of movie.
HashTagSwagg - 6/7/2024, 11:05 AM
@ImNotaBot - I'd hate to see a movie of that, give me a 15 second flashback showing how Rogue got her powers and I'm good.
ObserverIO - 6/7/2024, 11:59 AM
@ImNotaBot - If they do an AvX movie we could see Rogue (maybe even Anna Paquin) put Captain Marvel in a coma. That could be a moment.
ImNotaBot - 6/7/2024, 2:24 PM
@ImNotaBot - That would be amazing. The only thing they can do with Carol now is make her a supporting character for Kamala and making Rogue kick her ass.
ImNotaBot - 6/7/2024, 2:28 PM
@ObserverIO - That would be amazing. The only thing they can do with Carol now is make her a supporting character for Kamala and making Rogue kick her ass.
DocSpock - 6/7/2024, 11:05 AM

She is a powerful woeman and can still be an excellent MCU character. The Marvels was horrible, but it happens. Just move on from that and do something that makes sense with the character.

I hope we get more serious Thor, but don't diminish him further by overplaying triple box check Valkyrie.

I would kinda like to see something that incorporates Captain Marvel & maybe Thor with the Eternals.

TheVisionary25 - 6/7/2024, 11:05 AM
I’m glad to hear that about Carol if true , both the character & Brie get too much hate…

Plus didn’t The Marvels do much better on streaming?.

Anyway , I enjoy her so I’m glad that she will still apparently have an important part to play!!.

Also in regards To Valkyrie & Valhalla , I could see her possibly lead her fallen sisters from there into battle alongside a new member in Jane aswell.

User Comment Image
eagc1995 - 6/7/2024, 1:13 PM
@TheVisionary25 - I mean given alot of people skipepd it on theaters, i am not surprised if it did better on D+, as it would consist of a bunch of people that decided to skip it and wait for streaming.
MrDandy - 6/7/2024, 11:21 AM
It is a shame the character of Captain Marvel never took off. Brie Larson is a good actress but both her movies gave her nothing. Captain Marvel is just a boring, wooden character in the MCU. Not everyone should be a quippy personality....but there needs to be a personality.
NGFB - 6/7/2024, 11:25 AM
Wasn't Valhalla destroyed in Thor Ragnarok?
HashTagSwagg - 6/7/2024, 11:52 AM
@NGFB - Valhalla was that shit where Jane met up with Elba at the end of Love and thunder.
ObserverIO - 6/7/2024, 12:01 PM
@NGFB - You would think so, but then Jane went there at the end of Love and Thunder. So I guess Valhalla is in an other-dimensional afterlifey kinda plain or something, instead of in Asgard. Or maybe Jane went to Hel.
eagc1995 - 6/7/2024, 1:13 PM
@NGFB - That was Asgard. not Valhalla, Valhalla is the Asgardians afterlife
BobbyDrake - 6/7/2024, 11:25 AM
They could just make movies that people could enjoy rather than trying to teach everyone some kind of racist and perverse message ya know!!!
bkmeijer1 - 6/7/2024, 11:30 AM
Think they should leave the bangle and the rings as threads to be tied up in Avengers 5 and/or 6. Think they could be the McGuffins the plot could revolve around.

As for Captain Marvel, Valkyrie and Thor, I rather see them together with Nova and Rocket's Guardians in an Annihilation movie in Phase 7.
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