CYBORG : The Man Machine

CYBORG : The Man Machine CYBORG : The Man Machine

"Mebbe I gotta look like a blasted robot, but do I gotta talk like one, too?" --CYBORG
Smallville will soon be a memory (either fond or not). It is time to look back at the heroes the show helped brought to life, and know more about their comicbook roots.

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Who is CYBORG?
CYBORG, is Victor Stone. Due to a tragic accident his body was crushed and the only way for him to survive was to meld himself with an experimental technology; his body parts have been replaced with a large arsenal of high-tech gadgets and weaponry, while constantly providing him life support. Stone struggles with his humanity as a machine, his advancements have made him an unstoppable powerhouse. He adopted the name CYBORG, half man, half machine but all hero. CYBORG was created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez, first appearing in DC Comics Presents #26. (1980)

Victor Stone is the son of two brilliant scientists intent on improving mankind, but lacks parental values. They use Victor as a test subject for intelligence-boosting experimentation. The experiment was succesful and granting Victor a genius-level intelligence. Victor's life changed when he visited STAR Labs while his parents were conducting inter-dimensional experiments. The experiment accidentally allowed a protoplasmic creature to pass into the lab. Silas managed to return the creature to its home dimension, but not before it had slain Elinore and severely injured Victor. Desperate to save his son's life, Silas used untested cybernetic enhancements to rebuild and reconstruct Victor's body and making him a CYBORG. He succeeded, but didn't anticipate Victor's horror and anger at what he had done.

CYBORG's adventures started with the New Teen Titans, he joined the team initially for the benefit of a support group of kindred spirits and outsiders, and he has been part of the group on many of its iterations.

Russian Robot
CYBORG incurred severe injuries during the Titans Hunt storyline. His body is soon later found near Siberia in an old Soviet science city. The Russian super-hero Red Star found him and brought him back to be rebuilt by their scientist. But CYBORG’s brain was virtually inactive, he was left little more than a robot.

Although CYBORG's body was repaired by a team of Russian scientists, his mind was not. Eventually, his mind was restored by an alien race, Technis. CYBORG, however, had to remain with the Technis, in return for restoring him, he had to teach them about humanity. He took the name Cyberion, and gradually started becoming less human in outlook.

Cyberion possessed all of CYBORG's memories but none of his emotions, this caused problems with his teammates. They then downloaded Vic's consciousness into the Omegadrome, a morphing war-suit.

New Old Self
CYBORG felt less human than ever before in his Omegadrome suit. Enters Nightwing who evealed he had cloned Vic's body, and by flowing the Omegadrome through the clone, Vic regained his human form, but still had the abilities of the Omegadrome. He often used the Omegadrome to recreate his original look in battle, but afterwards the A.I. of the Omegadrome was deactivated and left CYBORG in his classic look.

Victor would remain a steadfast member of the Titans for a long time, serving not only as a hero but as a primary supplemental tech source for the team. Nowadays, he runs in the big Leagues, The Justice League.

CYBORG appeared in Smallville played by Lee Thompson Young. In this version he is a former Metropolis High School football star. He is involved in a car accident that kills him, supposedly, and the rest of his family. However, he is secretly rebuilt by Cyntechnics who experimented on a group of test subjects. Victor was the only test subject to survive the experiments. In the show CYBORG's cybernetic enhancements are entirely endoskeletal.

Note: Due to the nature of comicbooks being an on-going tale, the character's powers along with his appearance, is in a constant state of flux.

Omegadrome Cybernetics: CYBORG possesses cybernetic enhancements that provide superhuman strength, endurance and durability. CYBORG can also interface with computers. Built into his body-armor were an infrared eye, computer generator, sound amplifier, and special programming adapters that allowed him to interface with other body extensions. Integrated into CYBORG he still controls the Omegadrome, which can morph into different shapes and constructs permitting the following abilities:

Body Transformation: He is able to transform his body into any possible combination of any elements.

Energy Projection': Just as he can change his body into whichever combination of whichever element he can also project these elements forwards and outwards.

Shape-Change: He also has virtually unlimited shape-changing ability, and can mimic even air or space vehicles. He can reshape his entire body or parts of it and can form such complex shapes as a tank a bicycle or even a gun and simple forms as a cloud or a spring.

Body Resistance: The nature of CYBORG's body provides him with natural body armor offering resistance versus physical damage and energy attacks.

Superhuman Strength: At optimal capacity, Vic can lift/press in excess of four metric tons. If he pushes himself, he can even exceed five tons, but not without causing severe stress to his cybernetic components. CYBORG's upper strength limits have fluctuated with upgrades to his systems over time.

Superhuman Speed: He possessed a degree of superspeed and could leap great distances.

Superhuman Endurance
Superhuman Durability: His bones are reinforced with molybdenum-steel.

Computer Interfacing

Integrated Weapons: His arsenal included a finger laser attachment, telescopic eyepiece, sonic disrupter, electric shockers, grappling hooks, and winches.

Sensor Systems

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