FANTASTIC FOUR: 4 Heroes We'd Love To See Join The Team In The MCU (And 4 Who Shouldn't)

There's a great deal of excitement surrounding the Fantastic Four franchise, but when Reed, Sue, Johnny, and Ben need a helping hand, there are some heroes we want to see in the team...and some we don't!

While Marvel Studios' Fantastic Four reboot still doesn't have a release date, Spider-Man: No Way Home director Jon Watts remains attached to helm the movie, and we're hopeful it will arrive in theaters no later than 2024. By that point, nearly a decade will have passed since 2015's awful reboot, and it's fair to say the MCU debut of Marvel's First Family is definitely long overdue. 

Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, and The Thing should all be key players in this world moving forward, but if Marvel Studios decides to follow the comic books, chances are they won't be the only heroes who fight as part of this quartet. The Fantastic Four has welcomed many characters into their ranks over the years, including the likes of Wolverine, Hulk, and Black Panther.

We may be getting a little ahead of ourselves here, but that got us thinking about the Fantastic Four members from the comics who we do and don't want to see join the team. Some would add a lot to future stories, while others are better off not following in the footsteps of their comic book counterparts.

To see which heroes we'd love to see join the FF (and those we wouldn't) hit the "Next" button!

Shouldn't Join: Miss Thing


Johnny Storm hasn't always been the most reliable member of the Fantastic Four, and when the team had to travel through time, each of them was tasked with finding their replacement. Leaving it to the last minute, the Human Torch turned to pop star Darla Deering, a booty call who he bestowed with the "Thing Rings" (which formed a powerful, protective Thing-like suit of armour around her). 

While we certainly wouldn't be against seeing Darla used as a fully fleshed out love interest to Johnny, having her join the team in any way, shape or form should be off the table. Taking aside the fact that "Thing Rings" are a lazy idea that diminishes the actual Thing's role in the Fantastic Four, there's a reason you often see Miss Thing at the top of lists counting down the group's worst members.

Should Join: Ant-Man


Scott Lang may have started off as a petty criminal, but he's led the Fantastic Four on multiple occasions over the years and was trusted by Reed Richards to take his place on the team. That's not something Hank Pym, the original Ant-Man, can say, and having the MCU's Scott take on a role like this down the line would be a fun way to pay off how undervalued he's often been as an Avenger.

We can't help but think there will come a time when the MCU's FF needs to blast off on an adventure, but still want to leave a team behind who can protect the Earth in their absence. When that day comes, Ant-Man has our vote, and we can only hope his upcoming threequel (which pits Scott and The Wasp against Kang the Conqueror) further cements him as one of this world's mightiest heroes.

Shouldn't Join: Storm


With Reed and Sue taking a hiatus from the Fantastic Four following the events of Civil War, Black Panther and his wife Storm were chosen to take their place. It was a fun idea, but despite T'Challa's storied history with Marvel's First Family, it never quite gelled. Now, without the original Black Panther in the MCU and this divisive relationship unlikely to ever play out, Storm should stay with the X-Men.

It's important to note that we want to see Ororo Munroe make as big an impact in this world as possible. None of the X-Men movies did the God-like hero justice, but it's with her fellow mutants that Storm should shine the brightest. It will be cool to see The Avengers (and Fantastic Four) in awe of her incredible abilities, but let's see her lead the X-Men before joining a team like the Fantastic Four.

Should Join: She-Hulk


We'll meet the MCU's version of She-Hulk on Disney+ later this year, and regardless of whether Mark Ruffalo intends to stick around as The Hulk, it's obvious there are big plans for this hero. Jennifer Walters' debut has been a long time coming, and with so much of Phase 4 about passing the baton to a new generation of heroes, She-Hulk's impact is bound to be felt beyond just that streaming service.

While she'll no doubt assemble with the rest of The Avengers at some point, why not instead focus on her long history with the Fantastic Four? She's taken The Thing's place and even been a key part of the Future Foundation. So, when Ben Grimm is downed or busy elsewhere, it would be a blast to see She-Hulk step up to add some muscle (and her smarts as a lawyer) to this team of superheroes. 

Shouldn't Join: Ghost Rider


When the real Fantastic Four went missing, we were introduced to the New Fantastic Four: Spider-Man, Wolverine, Hulk, and Ghost Rider. This iteration of the team remains incredibly popular among comic book fans, and while we certainly wouldn't be against seeing a temporary team made up of these heroes, Ghost Rider, in particular, is a character we would keep away from Marvel's First Family.

With Moon Knight, Marvel Studios is finally embracing the MCU's supernatural side. Throw in plans for Werewolf by Night and Blade, and it feels like we're about to take a deep dive into some spooky stories, and Johnny Blaze is a character who needs to be at the forefront. Putting him in a Fantastic Four movie is just too strange a fit, and arguably not the best use of him on the big screen.

Should Join: Crystal


Many great female superheroes have joined the ranks of the Fantastic Four over the years, but Crystal is one of our favourites. Taking Sue Storm's place when she was pregnant with Franklin, this massively powerful Inhuman can manipulate forms of matter (fire, water, earth, and air) at an atomic level, making her one of the Marvel Universe's most powerful, and most underrated heroes.

After that dreadful TV series, Marvel Studios appears to be in no rush to reboot the Inhumans, hence why Ms. Marvel is getting a new origin story. However, Crystal could be introduced before the rest of that Royal Family, setting the stage for them to eventually show up as part of the Fantastic Four franchise. After all, there are far too many great Inhuman characters to leave them on the shelf. 

Shouldn't Join: Luke Cage


Luke Cage is an amazing character, and the sooner he's rebooted for the MCU, the better. When that happens, we'd like to see Marvel Studios pick up where Netflix left off, keeping him a grounded, street-level superhero who protects Harlem. We wouldn't be against seeing him lead the Thunderbolts, but throwing him into a zany, sci-fi franchise like Fantastic Four might be a step too far.

In the comic books, Cage has had some fun interactions with Marvel's First Family, including a bizarre clash with Doctor Doom and a stint as The Thing's replacement. Marvel Comics just made Power Man the new Mayor of New York City, but before we get to that point or any team-ups with the FF, let's see Luke and Iron Fist get together and finally establish "Heroes For Hire" in the MCU. 

Should Join: Spider-Man


We're not just saying this because Jon Watts is directing Fantastic Four, but Spider-Man teaming up with Marvel's First Family should be a given. Johnny Storm's best friend and a trusted ally to the entire team, Peter Parker's story started with him trying, and failing, to join the team. He'd eventually gain their trust, though, and even replaced the Human Torch when he was believed to be dead. 

The Baxter Building is the perfect place for Spidey to showcase his intelligence, and we'd have him make an extended cameo appearance in the upcoming reboot (that will be one way to win over any sceptical moviegoers after three bad movies). From there, we have no doubt Peter should one day don the iconic "4" logo on his chest, and how Marvel Studios makes that happen will be part of the fun.


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