REBEL MOON Star Charlie Hunnam Confirms He Turned Down GREEN ARROW Role - And Reveals Why!

REBEL MOON Star Charlie Hunnam Confirms He Turned Down GREEN ARROW Role - And Reveals Why! REBEL MOON Star Charlie Hunnam Confirms He Turned Down GREEN ARROW Role - And Reveals Why!

Charlie Hunnam has long been a fan-favourite choice to play Green Arrow on screen and the Rebel Moon star has now confirmed that, yes, Warner Bros. offered him the role. Here's why he turned it down...

By JoshWilding - Dec 14, 2023 02:12 PM EST
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Papillon and King Arthur star Charlie Hunnam has long been a fan-favourite choice to play Green Arrow on screen. Despite Oliver Queen having a pivotal role in The Dark Knight Returns, the comic which inspired Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the Emerald Archer never made it into the Snyderverse. 

During a recent interview to promote Zack Snyder's Rebel Moon, the actor was asked whether the Justice League helmer ever offered him the chance to suit up as Green Arrow in the DCEU.

Confirming he didn't, Hunnam went on to say that someone at Warner Bros. did! 

"I never talked to Zack about it," he started. "Honestly, I don't remember who. It was some people in suits, who brought the idea to me and thought it would be terribly exciting for me to play Green Arrow and I did not share their enthusiasm."

As for why the role didn't jump out at him, Hunnam added, "I don't know who Green Arrow is so I don't want to offend anyone. I looked at one picture and I was like, 'I'm not sure green's my color and I'm pretty sure spandex isn't my material.' Beyond that, I was like, one image, 'Thanks, not interested.'"

It's surprising to hear that's all it took, especially when you think back to some of Hunnam's other roles; was the prospect of a green super-suit and mask that unappealing compared to the spacesuit he wore in Pacific Rim, for example? Still, it seems Green Arrow ultimately wasn't for him. 

DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn has strongly hinted that he has plans for Ollie moving forward, so we'll see where he fits into the new DCU. However, Hunnam clearly won't be putting himself forward for the role! 

Green Arrow debuted in 1941 and is a billionaire playboy who becomes a vigilante fighting crime with his exceptional archery skills, martial arts prowess, and trick arrows. Co-created by Mort Weisinger and George Papp, Oliver Queen is a founding member of the Justice League and often portrayed as a social justice advocate, with his comics typically exploring themes of activism.

Stephen Amell played the hero in Arrow, while Justin Hartley wielded his bow in Smallville. You can check out what Hunnam had to say about turning down the role in the video below.

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GREEN ARROW: Kyle Gallner Pitches James Gunn On Casting Him As Oliver Queen In The DCU

Charlie Hunnam Shoots Down GREEN ARROW Fan Casting And Superhero Movie Roles In General
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Charlie Hunnam Shoots Down GREEN ARROW Fan Casting And Superhero Movie Roles In General

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GhostDog - 12/14/2023, 2:36 PM
He looked at one pic and said:
dracula - 12/14/2023, 2:41 PM
highly unlikely they would have used spandex

outside of spiderman and the original fantastic 4, what superheroes have actually worn spandex since the superhero movie boom began
Himura - 12/14/2023, 3:04 PM
@dracula - They couldve shown him Arrow and he wouldve realized they could do something that isnt spandex or similar.
Taonrey - 12/14/2023, 3:33 PM
@Himura - showing him Arrow probably wouldn't have helped lol
The1st - 12/14/2023, 3:53 PM
@dracula - I mean it is no surprise he said he has no real interest in the genre
Himura - 12/15/2023, 3:16 PM
@Taonrey - First two seasons of Arrow was some of the best comic book television we've ever gotten. Sure, it aint Daredevil but it's still pretty damn good.
Taonrey - 12/16/2023, 4:56 AM
@Himura - 2 seasons doesn’t make up for that foolery that was s3-8 and even then I’d argue season 1 wasn’t all that as well.
dracula - 12/14/2023, 2:42 PM
Aaron Taylor Johnson would be a good pick

no way Kraven is continuing beyond the 1 movie
Superheroking - 12/14/2023, 3:16 PM
@dracula - they were saying the same thing about venom
dracula - 12/14/2023, 3:43 PM
@Superheroking - at least venom has a strong fan base and a history of solo stories

Also said the same about Morbius
TheNewYorker - 12/14/2023, 5:08 PM
@Superheroking - those venom’s are trash.
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 12/14/2023, 2:42 PM
James Gunn right now after planning on having Green Arrow in Superman: Legacy

ProfessorWhy - 12/14/2023, 2:46 PM
@THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - Sean will do it
garu - 12/14/2023, 2:43 PM
Absolute W, the brand isn't strong enough right now so he made a smart bet atm.
Nomis929 - 12/14/2023, 2:44 PM
Useless Trivia: When Green Arrow was revamped by the Late great Neal Adams in 1969 he based his bearded look on actor Ty Hardin.

LiteraryJoe - 12/14/2023, 2:56 PM
@Nomis929 - Why does he look so much like Tom Welling to me in this picture?
Nomis929 - 12/14/2023, 3:00 PM
@LiteraryJoe - uh...I don't see it, but hey, that's me.
MisterDoctor217 - 12/14/2023, 3:07 PM
@Nomis929 -

Damn that’s one gorgeous man and a sweet beard!

Well they basically just drew him as the character then !
grendelthing - 12/14/2023, 5:50 PM
@Nomis929 - Checks out.

Shivermetimbers - 12/14/2023, 2:49 PM
Honestly hunnam looks perfect for the role, but I like his reason for turning it down being that he doesn’t know the character. The green/tights part was silly, but I respect his reasoning otherwise. I’d rather have people who are passionate fans of these characters in the roles.
MotherGooseUPus - 12/14/2023, 3:34 PM
@Shivermetimbers - couldnt agree more
TheVisionary25 - 12/14/2023, 2:51 PM
That’s unfortunate since I feel he could have done well in the role…

Wish he had gone beyond the surface level and read about the character but doesn’t seem like he had much interest in the first place , sigh.

Oh well , my pick is either Wyatt Russell or Austin Butler for the DCU version.

Repian - 12/14/2023, 2:57 PM
@TheVisionary25 -
TheVisionary25 - 12/14/2023, 2:59 PM
@Repian - I was going with actors in their 30’s

Skarsgard could work but he’s 47
ModHaterSLADE - 12/14/2023, 3:04 PM
Bummer. The guy has charisma and even resembles the character.
Himura - 12/14/2023, 3:07 PM
I guess he doesnt realize that he's been fancasted as Oliver since forever and plenty of people think he fits the look. My concern would be him actually playing a more comic accurate version of the character and not Batman-lite like in Arrow.
TheVisionary25 - 12/14/2023, 3:19 PM
@Himura - yeah , that’s true

I see him playing a more Arrow-esque version of the character rather then Comic Book Green Arrow
MisterDoctor217 - 12/14/2023, 3:09 PM
If he actually had accepted I’d have watched that movie and I don’t even know the character that well either !!
He’s daddy lol

Last year I would have said Marvel should have scooped him up for the MCU , he’d be a cool sentry , but in the state things are in over there , maybe not lol

Although he’s been in his share of flops tho, so it wouldn’t be new to him haha
Nolanite - 12/14/2023, 3:13 PM
Too bad so sad.
His career went downhill after SOA anyways.
He's recycled garbage
Nolanite out.
DudeGuy - 12/14/2023, 3:22 PM
He was decent enough in SOA even though his accent snuck through sometimes. Never really felt the need to follow his career beyond that. Would have checked out a GA movie with him though.
Izaizaiza - 12/14/2023, 3:27 PM
Got to respect his position, but he sure looks the part!
dagenspear - 12/14/2023, 3:34 PM
Why assume it's spandex?
MotherGooseUPus - 12/14/2023, 3:39 PM
gotta respect his reasoning and at least he's honest about it. 100% spot on for green arrow lookswise, but not upset he turned it down. Hope to see him in some more stuff, dudes a pretty decent actor imo

Origame - 12/14/2023, 3:45 PM
See, is it that hard to just not take a role you don't know/respect?
JFerguson - 12/14/2023, 9:40 PM
@Origame - please tell Crhis Pratt that.

He's been disrespecting animated characters left and right lately
DR3D - 12/15/2023, 5:11 AM
@JFerguson - animated characters? And if the movie makes a billion, the studio doesn’t care.
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