Green Lantern Plot Update & Cameos

A reliable source has given a rough draft for the upcoming GL movie...

Well whether fans like it or not, Ryan Reynolds is Hal. Now, all we can hope for is a decent plot and script.

Empire is reporting this bit of information...

Here's what we know about the plot - at least from early drafts of the script. Our man Ryan Reynolds will play the second incarnation of Mr Lantern, namely, Hal Jordan, a one-time test pilot who is given the all-powerful Ring and its charger - a lantern - by crashed and dying alien Abin Sur. The alien was attacked by supervillain Legion, and has to appoint a successor by giving the ring to someone "honest and born without fear" (in the comics; but that sounded too much like Daredevil, so it was later retconned to "someone who would overcome great fear"). We'll see a love interest in the form of his boss, Carol Ferris, with whom Jordan was on-again, off-again for a couple of decades. The Lantern who preceded the famous Jordan (actually the second incarnation of the character), Alan Scott, is rumoured to appear in the film working for the government, so that's nice too. Regular sidekicks Thomas Kalmaku, alien Tomar-Re and most of the Green Lantern Corps, an interplanetary group of heroes, are also set to appear.

First it was set to start shooting in September, then November, but now we are reliably informed that it will start production in January 2010, with a reported budget of $200 million big green dollars. Reasons for the delays are many and varied, but the nub of it is Reynolds' new interim role in the Rodrigo Cortes indie 'Buried', filming in Barcelona, the premise of which involves a kidnapped man waking up in a coffin. After that, he'll be ready to go flying about the universe.

A release date is currently set for June 17, 2011 - which makes for a fairly tight schedule but should be do-able. That sets it a full month after Marvel's Thor, two weeks after Kung Fu Panda: The Kaboom Of Doom and a week before Cars 2 according to current release forecasts.

Plus the rumour of a superman cameo is still intact but in the form of Clark

At least it looks like they are gonna try and have some continuity

Heres hoping, Teabag

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