ATLAS: Jennifer Lopez's Netflix Sc-Fi Adventure Hits Rotten Tomatoes With 10%

ATLAS: Jennifer Lopez's Netflix Sc-Fi Adventure Hits Rotten Tomatoes With 10% ATLAS: Jennifer Lopez's Netflix Sc-Fi Adventure Hits Rotten Tomatoes With 10%

Brad Peyton's sci-fi actioner Atlas starring Jennifer Lopez is now streaming on Netflix, and the reviews have been pretty bad so far...

By MarkCassidy - May 24, 2024 01:05 PM EST
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Source: Via SFF Gazette

Atlas is now streaming on Netflix, and the review embargo lifted late last night - shortly before the movie hit the streamer.

Though not always the case, this is usually not a great indicator of quality, and sure enough, the reviews have been pretty dire so far.

The Brad Peyton-directed sci-fi action flick stars Jennifer Lopez (Hustlers, Cell) as Atlas Shepard, "a woman fighting for humanity in a future where an AI soldier has determined the only way to end war is to end humanity. To out think this rogue AI, Atlas must work with the one thing she fears most — another AI."

The A.I.-centred plot is appropriate, because Atlas feels like it was generated by ChatGPT.

We didn't review the movie in full, but It's basically a hodgepodge of well-worn tropes and ideas that have been executed a lot better in other films, further let down by a by-the-numbers script, atrocious dialogue, and an unconvincing lead performance.

Some have come out in defence of Atlas, but positive verdicts are scarce on Rotten Tomatoes, where the movie currently sits at an abysmal 10% with 31 reviews counted.

Check out some reactions and review links below, and let us know if you plan on giving this one a shot in the comments section.

The official synopsis reads: "Atlas Shepherd (Jennifer Lopez), a brilliant but misanthropic data analyst with a deep distrust of artificial intelligence, joins a mission to capture a renegade robot with whom she shares a mysterious past. But when plans go awry, her only hope of saving the future of humanity from A.I. is to trust it."

Atlas also stars Simu Liu, Sterling K. Brown, Gregory James Cohan, Abraham Popoola, Lana Parrilla, and Mark Strong.

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DocSpock - 5/24/2024, 1:43 PM

Likely a sh!tty movie.

But I'd still do her.
TheMetaMan - 5/24/2024, 1:56 PM
@DocSpock - I have to agree. No matter what she’s still Jenny from the block.
DocSpock - 5/24/2024, 3:30 PM
@TheMetaMan -

Still makes my pants wanna dance.
marvel72 - 5/24/2024, 4:06 PM
@DocSpock - If there isn't a shot of her ass, then the movie is a complete failure.
DocSpock - 5/24/2024, 8:01 PM
@marvel72 -

Truer words were never spoken.

ComicBandit - 5/25/2024, 8:19 AM
@DocSpock - Actually watched it. Had the makings of a pretty good movie TBH. Her acting though. My God. I'll say this: It's far better than that Rebel Moon bullshit.
ComicBandit - 5/25/2024, 8:32 AM
@marvel72 - There's a shot of her ass at the very end.
DocSpock - 5/25/2024, 11:32 AM
@ComicBandit -

That is a low bar indeed.
ComicBandit - 5/26/2024, 1:15 PM
@DocSpock - I agree.
Malatrova15 - 5/24/2024, 1:44 PM
I hit 1000%
harryba11zack - 5/24/2024, 1:45 PM
User Comment Image
Cleander - 5/24/2024, 1:45 PM
"Jennifer Lopez walked into the Egyptian Theatre to a standing ovation at the premiere of her sci-fi movie ATLAS" - Borys Kit lol!
ComicBandit - 5/25/2024, 8:20 AM
@Cleander - It's not a bad movie. Her acting was terrible though. Okay in some places.
vectorsigma - 5/24/2024, 1:46 PM
Confirmed. Folks at cbm are not netflix paid shills because they are not twisting the article title to look good unlike the Disney ones.
MarkCassidy - 5/24/2024, 4:05 PM
@vectorsigma - Disney's last cheque didn't clear so they're on the list now too.
bobevanz - 5/24/2024, 5:23 PM
@MarkCassidy - hehehe
vectorsigma - 5/24/2024, 10:28 PM
@MarkCassidy - i honestly enjoy these retorts of yours 👍
WruceBayne - 5/24/2024, 1:47 PM
I wonder if the script for this movie was actually created by Ai and Hollywood is keeping that under wraps because it bombed. If Atlas had performed well then it being written by Ai would’ve been “leaked” in a month or so.
TheMetaMan - 5/24/2024, 1:55 PM
@WruceBayne - That’s an insult to AI. Surely AI is capable of crafting a better script then this. 😅
TheVisionary25 - 5/24/2024, 1:55 PM
@WruceBayne - possibly but it does have 2 writers credited…

one of which worked on the likes of Heroes ,Star Trek Discovery & Locke & Key.
WruceBayne - 5/24/2024, 2:48 PM
@TheVisionary25 - It may not be this movie but I’m sure Hollywood will try and slip an Ai produced movie in on us if they already hadn’t.
WruceBayne - 5/24/2024, 2:49 PM
@TheMetaMan - 😂🤣
TheVisionary25 - 5/24/2024, 3:04 PM
@WruceBayne - yeah , I’m sure that will happen haha.
TrentCrimm - 5/24/2024, 10:48 PM
@WruceBayne -

I legitimately think Madame Web, at least parts of it, were written by AI.
ComicBandit - 5/25/2024, 8:21 AM
@TheMetaMan - No. When it comes to writing scripts, AI is dumb as shit. And if they've been using it already explains why Hollywood is going down the drain.
TheMetaMan - 5/25/2024, 8:55 AM
@ComicBandit - Dude it was a joke. 🙄 Jeez I guess sarcasm is dead these days.
TheMetaMan - 5/25/2024, 9:01 AM
@ComicBandit - I fear the day AI is smart enough to write scripts that are as great aa the scripts humans write themselves. Maybe by the year 2049….
ComicBandit - 5/26/2024, 1:14 PM
@TheMetaMan - Um. I was responding to WruceBayne. And I've never been serious in comments section about anything enough to be mad. They have already tried to .ake a movie with AI.
ModHaterSLADE - 5/24/2024, 1:49 PM
I'd be surprised if JLO didn't do a forgettable flick nowadays. Regardless she' still Milf status.
GhostDog - 5/24/2024, 2:02 PM
User Comment Image
MyCoolYoung - 5/24/2024, 2:08 PM
@GhostDog - with an orange drink if you know you know
RolandD - 5/24/2024, 2:12 PM
@MyCoolYoung - Lol.😂
LSHF - 5/24/2024, 2:45 PM
@GhostDog - What block?
GhostDog - 5/24/2024, 4:13 PM
@MyCoolYoung - LMAO!!!
JFerguson - 5/24/2024, 2:16 PM
Sheesh that poster is ugly. Also blue and orange color posters will forever be the generic go-to. JLo still beautiful tho.
SATW42 - 5/24/2024, 2:18 PM
It's starting to seem to me that Netflix is essentially one big insurance scam. We know they are capable of putting out good products, with movies like Marriage Story, Maestro, Russian Doll, but then they put out absolute garbage like this. Still has good names attached, still has good creatives attached, still awful.

It has to be on purpose
dracula - 5/24/2024, 2:23 PM
I was forced to watch that music video/biopic/movie thing a while ago

Worst thing ive ever seen
dracula - 5/24/2024, 2:24 PM
This generations barb wire/tank girl
TheVisionary25 - 5/24/2024, 2:25 PM
That’s unfortunate but it did look mediocre at best from the trailer so not surprising (especially since the director behind this did San Andreas & Rampage)

User Comment Image

Also in regards to it being “Pro-AI” , I personally think A.I should never be a replacement for artists or people in general but it can be a tool that works with us in concert in doing the tasks that we need to do (which seems to be the message here and one i agree with).

Maybe it’s naive for me to say but I don’t think it’s an inherently bad thing but can be misused like anything else.
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