The Real Problem with the staff of CW's Arrowverse Shows

Years have gone by and the shows regarding Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl have become nothing but frustrating since 2016, last year, and this in many different ways.

Editorial Opinion
Marc Guggenheim and all the irritating stuff he did

First with Arrow featuring so much controversy on changes with the characters regarding Oliver Queen's main love interest, Prometheus and Vigilante's true identities, and for not having an actual member of Team Arrow literally killed off by Chase in the season 5 finale. Not to mention turning down potential Flashpoint opportunities that involves making Malcolm Merlin resurrect his son in the wake of Laurel's death by Damien Darhk as well as not having her doppleganger escape apprehension under Zoom's command that Guggenheim chose to be a fecklessly reluctant scumbag.

wrongs of Andrew Kreisberg

Next there's The Flash, since last year in February, the producers started throwing all their potential for exciting action in the Gorilla Invasion arc away by making Grodd hesitate from leading the Earth 2 telepathic gorilla into invading Earth 1 Central City sooner and they wouldn't even have him trash several buildings (at least about 12% to 25% of the city) while having Team Flash succeed on preventing the fallout from happening. Then they start getting irritating when they chose to make Savitar, the speed god trying to kill Iris in season 3 a twisted future version of Barry instead of Eddie Thawne resurrected in the past or Ronnie Raymond having survived getting obliterated by the black hole and ending up in the future seeking revenge against Barry for putting his wife in danger to Zoom. Next they purposely brought Barry back from the speed force too god damn early instead of waiting a few episodes longer all because they get too attached to things like him being the Flash when they still have Wally and then making Barry let Eobard Thawne escape instead of trapping him in the speedforce to make sure the void doesn't bleed lightning again. What a bunch of callous, arrogant and ignorant psychos they chose to be.

Why Todd Helbing is Faulty

And now because they wouldn't kill Cisco off in Flash season 5's third episode and chose to make its title a complete slander . . . just to complete some stupid phrase out of the first three episode titles of this season instead of getting more serious on supporting the major possibilities of what Nora's actions of changing the time line would lead to and obviously not because of what he and the staff wanted to explore on Cicada's blade because if that was 100% true, they would have done that with Nora or Ralph. Therefore, Todd Helbing and the rest of the staff have gone too far with their TV twist and turns plot device antics that he is only becoming more and more CORRUPT the longer he holds onto every core character he's had on the show since the start of the series as well as not straightening up for crying out loud! Just like Andrew Kreisberg. Especially for copying so much plot related contexts from Arrow like having Eddie Thawne die in the season 1 Flash finale like Tommy Merlyn in Arrow as well as making Barry come back to the team right away in the first episode of season 4 just like Oliver coming back to Team Arrow in the season 4 premier.

CW ignoring the Alien big bad and doppleganger limits

Finally there is Supergirl. Queller and the staff are getting too far ahead with such as introducing so many new characters rather than slowing down and bring back those we haven't seen in a while. 

Is Russia Meddling Election the reason for bringing black kryptonite supergirl into the show

Worst of all is that after having the first three seasons of Supergirl feature main villains that are Kryptonian and interstellar based such as Non, Rhea and Reign and even if Agent Liberty is the main villain of season 4, it's that the show runners had to go and make the cliffhanger of season 3 feature Supergirl creating her evil Russian doppelganger just from touching the black kryptonite. All because of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his people meddling with our presidential election in 2016, they ended up radicalizing our show runners into ripping us off with more alien heavy contexts by going with the Red Sun storyline for season 4. Even if they purposly wanted to make black kryptonite supergirl happen after season 3 just to spite Putin and his people for their international crimes across the world, they're wasting time and just blowing the DC fans from their country away. And now because some of you find it very frustrating is for Queller to cast Jon Cryer for Lex Luthor of herself being a huge fan of him instead of having Michael Rosenbaum reprise his role from Smallville, then you should be able to understand my point by now.

the corrupt CW officials

It's no wonder the ratings on these shows are dropping from time to time and why things have become so irritating all because the show runners of the three refuse to straighten up at times when big things like changing the timeline happens as well as constantly resorting to more irritating garbage and not making use of potential opportunities thinking that they can do whatever they want with their own self interests while being in charge of producing these shows. This shows just how pride, arrogance, and free will corrupts people like them on the logical perspectives that enough boring, feckless, and reluctantly irritating stuff over such excuses is enough! Plus their thing with racial diversity is becoming more and more of an obsession because they have done too many race changes on some major characters and it's keeping them from letting go of some who have been around since the beginning. Of course, there's nothing wrong with diversity. Also, whatever their reasons of lacking reconsideration are on changing season episode plots, and having some stars make their return to each of the shows other than scheduling conflicts are, it MUST. STOP. NOW! Look, the reason I know that many of you won't believe me and others that are bothered by all the surprises the show runners have been putting us through with is because you people don't feel in your perspectives that they've done enough irritating stunts already. Even if they're just TV shows or if it's just to support the Network's slogan "Dare to Defy" that's no reason for them to keep pissing us off with their crap. Before anyone asks, it's not that I don't like what they're doing to the shows. It's that they are being completely FAULTY on plotting things down just by making things get completely out of control when they should be planning things completely original compared to other shows instead of copying off them in different ways and if you think they have the right to keep upsetting us with their constant plot twists and turns and keep holding back from letting go of one core character who's been around for more than 4 seasons, YOU'RE WRONG! It's rude and disrespectful whether you believe me or not. Yes I know that the show runners are against Trump with their propaganda and diverse casting, but they becoming just as callous as him the longer they keep this up. And believe me, the real reason some of you won't admit that I'm right is not because you don't care or because of all this being a TV show. It's because . . . you just don't feel it deep down as others including myself do. It's precisely why we must stand up to the show runners of Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl, tell them to stop being so reluctant to letting go of core characters (even if some fans love them so much), to stop ignoring the chances of bringing other stars long time not seen back on the shows, and that they need to stop screwing around with so many aggravating twists and turns after pulling off ENOUGH! Because if we don't, these shows would only and eventually become new products of provocative tensions, which would eventually lead to some serious consequences in some public places. Trust me guys. If we are to find ease from all this, it's that we act together and tell the show runners to give us what we want and not what they want all the time. Even if we have to talk some sense into Greg Berlanti to do so! Now for those of you who are against this article, understand this. It doesn't matter what their excuses are on why they won't listen to us of what we want whether it's because of their lousy TV production policies or their own rights to choose because with show runners in charge of producing these shows, its time for them to stop ignoring us once in a while and start LISTENING TO WHAT WE WANT WHEN THEY'VE ALREADY DONE ENOUGH OF WHAT THEY WANT THEMSELVES and just save what they originally got in mind next for later and not waste time with surprising us in many different ways. Even if it means setting up protests to get their attention in mass numbers to show that we're not joking around to wake them up from their pride. Otherwise, these three top DCCW shows are dead to us stressed out fans, especially those who refuse to listen and help do the right thing to end this aggravating conflict with the CW staff and despite their knowledge of what's real and fake, they are lost for not caring for anyone but themselves because their ongoing disagreements on this matter proves that they are just as callous as Donald Trump because you never want to give something a chance once in a while.Even if you do understand where I'm getting at or not, you lack reconsideration because you lack heart. But if some of you wish to prove me wrong thinking I'm crazy, then prove it. instead of arguing, insulting, or putting up with me with irritating remarks and retorts of such sarcasm. PLEASE just this once, help put a stop to this constant madness and I promise you, the shows will do better next year.
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THE FLASH Showrunner Teases Green Arrow's Emotional Return And Reveals How They Got Stephen Amell To Return

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